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Vighnaharta Ganesh 11th November 2020 Written Episode Update – Devi arundhati gets married to rishi vashisht.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 11th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The episode starts with sandhya asking her three wishes from narayan who told her to ask & she tells him i will be a very devoted wife to my husband & will help him in his spreading of devotional knowledge also & also won’t behave weird seeing any man & getting attracted.
Mata laxmi explains ganesh good deeds always blesses person with good fruits in his life to achieve.
Sandhya asks narayan if I’ll be blessed of husband as rishi vashisht in next birth then allow me to sacrifice my life now & narayan tells her that you will get this to do near rishi meghatithi’s yagna which he is performing & you will get the next birth through him itself & you will become ultimate devotional woman to set goals in this entire universe as very devotional woman to her husband.
Sandhya goes near rishi maghatithi who is performing yagna & she gets into his fire unknowingly to him while sun god helps her to take birth as a girl child from his yagna by which rishi gets delighted holding her.
Rishi meghatithi gives her name as arundhati & sends her for her upbringing in swarg lok. As she grows up tridev’s bless arundhati & perform her marriage with rishi vashisht which is attended by all other gods happily.
Devi laxmi tells ganesh this way her marriage took place but in future arundhati went to become more devotional than rishi vashisht for him.
Once tridev’s, for testing her devotion, go to meet arundhati when rishi vashisht was away for his meditation while she is trying to bring water but couldn’t & she sees them & they bless her. She tells them i can’t find water to fill this pot so please can you help me & they try to fill it but they too fail & they tell her you only have that power if you wish & she tells them i have power only of my pure devotion towards my husband so I’ll try this way & it gets filled by her powers of devotion & they pray her asking will you accept us as your students who has such great devotion towards her husband which is tremendous. She tells them who are itself gods so how can i teach them who already spread their knowledge to this entire world & they all bless her & leave.
Devi laxmi tells ganesh this way arundhati was tested by tridev’s of her ultimate devotional behaviour which she spreads in this world to learn to see how much she is able towards her husband rishi vashisht.
Once rishi vashisht had to go to a distant place for his meditation while arundhati was given responsibility to handle ashram but suddenly the place becomes dried without water & ashram people started becoming restless without water so became unconscious & she fell in confusion what to do so she decided to sit doing meditation for long long years of mahadev & he got impressed by him & went towards her in disguise of a troubled Brahman.
Mahadev arrives in her ashram while she is in deep meditation so he is continuously asking for help to give something to eat due to dying in hunger but she isn’t breaking her meditation then mahadev says is nobody here to help this hungry person & warns of leaving while arundhati comes out of meditation hearing & stops him so he asks her why you got out of your meditation & she tells him what’s the use of such meditation if anybody is going hungry from this ashram & also I never knew how I got lost in meditation. She searches if anything is there to eat & she tells him i have only this much but he tells her that’s its enough for me to become stable & she provides him food after cooking & as he eats then all over the place greenery emerges & water starts pouring from mountains by his powers. All people also become conscious & mahadev emerges in his form to bless her as arundhati gets delighted seeing him & prays him.
Devi laxmi tells ganesh this way mahadev blessed her making the place to be known by her devotion of arundhati’s ashram while rishi vashisht also arrives praying mahadev & he blesses him too.
Mata laxmi & ganesh reach arundhati’s ashram & ganesh thinks that i should not make voice of my steps or her meditation will get disturbed but instead she realizes & says that both are welcome in this ashram & ganesh is surprised. Ganesh asks her how could you realized & she tells him how can i not understand mahadev & mata paravati’s son arrived & he appreciates her.
Mata laxmi asks permission from her to perform sadvi’s ritual of haldi kumkum with her & she allows her gladly which will bless her ashram too.

Precap : Narayan shouts devi laxmi when she was trying to pray him that i was going to enjoy dance & throws plate from her hands. Devi laxmi goes to pray mahadev & mata paravati while brahmadev is angry watching narayan’s attitude.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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