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Shakti 11th November 2020 Written Episode Update

Shakti 11th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Virat taking Heer to the bed. Heer looks at him and says sorry for keeping her hand on his hand and says sorry. Virat says I am fine and kisses on her forehead. Heer asks Virat to stay there tonight. She says you are husband and can sleep here. Virat says you are my wife, but I have some helplessness. He goes out and closes the door. Heer comes to the door and says why I got everything incomplete since childhood, Parents’ love, Gulabo’s support, independence of a daughter, happiness of bahu and now rights of wife also incomplete. Virat hears her from outside the door and says I can’t change the past, but you will get your husband’s love fully. He says you are always complete for you as a God can’t be incomplete for a human. They sit down on the other sides of the door.

Next day, Heer wakes up and thinks today she has wake up early. She finds flower petals on the way from her room to the hall. She starts walking…..Tu hi mera khuda plays……

She comes down and calls Virat. Virat comes there and says Good morning Gulabo. Heer says Good morning Virat. Virat says these flowers will be everywhere, I don’t want your injured feet to get even a bit of pain. Gurwinder comes there and says which husband does this, for his wife. Heer tells that if all the husbands are like Virat then all wives will get their feet injured. Parmeet scolds Virat and says you have never done this for your sister. She tells Heer that she was smiling while walking on it. Heer tells Virat that she will not walk on it. Virat says Maa is teasing you. Parmeet says no, this difference is brought by Preeto. Preeto says she has to keep the condition as heer’s inlaws are such. She says you knows well that Heer’s feet is hurt, then also you refused to let her walk on the flower petals. Parmeet says she wants to become daughter and have the wish of Maharani. Heer comes there and asks why did you come here? She says even floor looks like thorn with her arrival here. Preeto tells that she came to take Heer and Virat for pagphera ritual. A lady comes there holding her stuff and says what do you know about rituals and says you got your son marry a kinnar.

Preeto looks at her. The lady tells Preeto that a grand daughter shouldn’t have been raised by a kinnar than her mother and says you had also accepted Kinnar bahu. Heer asks who are you to badmouth about my Gulabo? The lady asks if you are a kinnar like Soumya. Everyone are shocked. Heer asks who are you and what are you saying? Virat says she is my bua. Parmeet touches her feet and takes her blessings. Virat says I would have come to take you. He asks Heer to touch her feet. Heer apologizes and says I didn’t know that you are Virat’s bua ji. She touches her feet. Parmeet asks her to bless her, but Bua ji refuses to bless her, as they hurried for marriage. Simran says Virat had jumped down from the valley and that’s why we hurried for marriage. Bua asks what is in her that you was desperate for marriage. Virat tells that what Heer is having, none of the girl are having and he can jump in the valley for thousand’s times. Bua says what about her family, I enquired about her family’s history and geography. She says this Preeto got married twice and her son got married to a kinnar. She asks Parmeet if she couldn’t enquired about their family. Preeto says even I have your history and says you comes here every three months, your son is in jail, it is a wonder that in Police family, a criminal is also there. Bua says you have spy on us. Preeto says I got knowledge about you, I know that you spit poison.

Bua says I will spit poison and will kick you out from this house too. She holds Preeto’s hand to throw her out, but Heer holds Preeto’s hand and stops Bua ji. She says you can’t insult Preeto, she is my Dadi. Bua ji says I have forgotten that she is your Dadi and asks her not to forget that she is Bua of Virat, Sant Baksh’s elder sister and rules in this house. She asks Heer to get the tattoo made in her hand that everything will be done as per her wish. She pushes Preeto out of the house and walks inside. Parmeet smiles. Virat and Heer look in shock. Bua asks Heer to stay in limits and says if you can’t then leave with your Dadi. She then challenges Preeto to take Heer to pagphera if she has courage. Preeto tells Heer that it is not late, come with me. Heer goes to Preeto and tells that this is my house and I am happy here. She asks her not to come again. Bua ji stops Heer and says you have proved that you are a good daughter in law, by not going with your Dadi. She gives her Kanha’s idol to Heer and says very soon…you will have kanha and taunts Gurwinder. Parmeet tells that their marriage is incomplete and rounds are also incomplete, so how kids will be born. Preeto are walking back home and imagines Heer as a kinnar, clapping and asking her why she didn’t her that she is a kinnar and was like her Gulabo. She says people told me, but why you didn’t tell the truth of my identity. She says I wouldn’t had fell in love and got married. She asks why didn’t you tell me? Preeto keeps hand on her head and faints on the road.

Precap will be added when available.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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