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Shaadi Mubarak 11th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Preeti is tensed

Shaadi Mubarak 11th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with KT coming to the kitchen. He sees the hot kadai. He tries to get the Kurchan. Kusum sees him and smiles. Ik tara….plays….. She thinks he didn’t go to kitchen in his house, he is happily getting the kurchan like a halwai for Preeti. KT says how shall I feed this kurchan to Preeti. Rati switches off the lights.

Preeti goes to check. Kt thinks how did the light go, its right chance to feed her the kurchan. He goes to Preeti and says its Rabdi kadai kurchan, you like it a lot, I know you like it a lot. She asks how do you know. He says I know, have it. She eats it. Rati thinks they are having a date unknowingly, I have to get them in front of everyone. Preeti eats and says thanks KT ji, I like it a lot. KT says I never had it. She asks did you not live a big happiness, have it now. He tastes it and likes it. She says you didn’t like it. He says no. She says your face shows it. He jokes. She goes to check light. Rati puts nosepain on his collar. He says I felt like an insect has bitten me. Light comes. Preeti goes back to everyone. Kt signs Preeti to clean the sweets from her lips.

Rati asks where did your Nath go. Preeti looks for Nath. Kusum says maybe it got stuck. Buasa says find it, it would be fallen. Baldev says I don’t think something is wrong, lights don’t go in village, I heard someone murmuring. Preeti says sorry Buasa, you gave me Nath with love. Buasa says you are so busy in work, its fine, find it. Rati thinks they are not seeing KT’s collar, I have to do something. She asks KT….. Kusum says I thought its the Nath. Rati thinks Kusum always fails my plans. Preeti sees her Nath on KT’s collar and thinks how did it go there, if anyone sees it, it will be a big issue. Buasa goes to KT.

The nath falls from the collar into his pocket. Preeti thinks I got saved, I will take it later. Kusum says don’t worry, you will get it. Buasa says I will ask them to clean the place, you will find it. Kusum says Preeti had the kurchan. KT says yes, she had much happiness in her eyes. She asks how did you see her smile in darkness. He says she smiles less, when she smiles, it appears in her eyes and voice, it makes my day. Kusum says she eats Kurchan and gets happy, and it makes your day, don’t hurry, go Udaipur and we will talk in detail about this. She goes. Preeti calls KT. Kusum asks her to eat kurchan.

Preeti says I don’t want. Kusum says you had it when KT got it, you are not having it now. Preeti says your KT sa is strange. Kusum says yes, he got kurchan for you. Preeti asks what was the need to do this, he doesn’t understand, if anyone saw him, it would be a big issue, I asked him to stay away. Kusum asks what’s there to worry, he did it for your happiness. Preeti says who does it, just a lover or husband does such things. Kusum says really, what did you say. Preeti says nothing, we are business partners, he is happy in his marriage. Kusum says he is your business partner, why are you getting his marriage status in between. Preeti says its truth. Kusum says if he wasn’t married, then would you regard him more than business partner. Preeti asks her not to joke. Kusum smiles and says I can see something weaving.

KT goes for bath. Baldev comes there. He sees Preeti’s nath in KT’s sherwani. Preeti and Rati look on. Preeti gets tensed. Rati says thanks, just Baldev can ruin Preeti’s image. He shows the nath to Buasa. He says I got this in KT’s clothes, now you know how lights went in the function, so that they have their partnership in darkness, snatch Preeti’s freedom and bound her with customs again, I don’t like her work at all. Rati thanks him. Preeti thinks how shall I make Buasa believe me now.

Buasa says I want to make this day special, by giving honour to Preeti. Rati asks her to come to see Preeti. KT and Preeti fall on the bed. Baldev and everyone come in and get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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