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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 11th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Gehna And Anant To Help Gopi

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 11th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Anant asks Gopi if Ahem cannot come back in her life. Gopi says a son can come back in a mother’s life though. She says sometimes they have to think keeping themselves aside, they think they are learning from life, but instead life teaches them a lot. Kanak sees them and thinks Badki Gopi is not bothered about her MIL’s anger, what she was doing in outhouse disguised, she will find out and expose her in front of everyone. Gehna tells Gopi that Guruji is coming tomorrow and she heard from Baa that he is a scholar, so they can seek his opinion. Anant asks if she will ask in front of everyone. Gopi says Kanak had brought maa today to outhouse, looks like things her slipping from her hands. He says he will help her, Gehna says even she will, he says they together will bring back Ahem’s memory. He asks if she has any plan to get Ahem in front of Kokila.

Next morning, Gehna decorate Devimaa’s idol while Kanak and her team plan in their room. She draped bandage around her and Hema acts as ill, says Baa will ask them to work even this time but they will not. After morning pooja, Praful gives money envelopes to his his grandchildren Sachi and Piyush and then Gehna. Gehna asks what will she do with money. He says he is giving only 501 rs shagun. Kokila tells she should respect her Bapuji’s love and should use this money to buy books. Gehna says she just needs her elder’s blessings and love. Hema tells Chetan that 501 rs from 1 crore are gone. Chetan says she will not deny if 1 crore is given. Kokila gives envelope to Gehna and says elders’ love is in their blessings and says Guruji must be coming, so let us go and start arrangements. Gopi tries to speak, but she ignores her and walks away. She then speaks to her husband over phone. Kanak walks to her and asks how is she feeling after seeing her DIL’s affair. Kokila says it fell off. Kanak asks what. Kokila says Kanak’s self respect and walks away. Kanak thinks she will expose Gopi’s affair in front of whole family and will destroy Kokila’s self-respect.

Gopi explains her plan to Gehna and Anant again that she will sing Bhajan for Guruji and Anant should fix speakers near main door and keep the doors open so that Ahem can listen to her bhajan and come here. Gehna says she will make sure Gopi kaka doesn’t get out of outhouse and come here hearing her bhajan. Gopi says Ahem will be her Gopi kaka forever. Gehna walks to Gopi kaka and tells him that there is an inauspicious time till 3 p.m. and he shouldn’t go out. He asks not even to akhara. She asks if he cannot listen to her one request. He agrees.

Kanak and Hema tell Jamna that they are ill and cannot serve Guruji. Jamna says they need not worry as Gehna will take care of arrangements. Once she leaves, Hema praises Kanak’s plan. Kanak explains her plan that Sagar will bring alcohol and mix it in guruji’s kamandal/pot, Guruji will angrily hit kamandal on Gehna’s head, and Anant will be blamed for bringing alcohol home. Jamna praises Kanak in front of Kokila. Kokila says she is right, but sometimes dear one inflict pain to them purposefully and never apologize, pointing at Gopi.

Guruji walks in with disciples. Praful greets him and tries to put garland. Guruji stops him and asks to put it on Devimaa. Everyone sit in front of Guruji. Guruji says he wants to see whole house and asks males to accompany him. Everyone walk away with him. Kanak and Hema signal Sagar. Sagar tries to put alcohol in kamandal when disciple stops him and says Guruji ordered not to let any animal leather around kamandal including leather jacket and takes kamandal away. Pankaj tells Sagar that his plan failed. Kanak says it will not.

Precap: Gehna sees alcohol in kamandal and gets tensed. Kokila meets Ahem and insists him to take him along or she will do. He walks away saying she can die. She walks towards him and a speeding truck heads towards her. Gopi stands shocked.

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