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#RiAnsh #Fan Fiction #Ishq Mein Marjawan #Naagin 5 #Part – 12 Her Saviour

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Almost after drive of half hour Veer and Vansh reached to club and after entering Vansh started cursing himself to idea of clubbing while Veer started searching most attractive girl for Vansh but instead of searching one he ended up seeing Bani  at the bar and next moment he pulled Vansh in corner and surprised Vansh looked at him and speak

Vansh: What happened? I know I am looking handsome but till I know you’re pretty straight guy. 😆😄

Veer: I am still now nothing changed its just that I saw someone. 🧐😏

Vansh: Must be some of your ex girlfriend. 😝🤣

Veer: No it’s Bani. Bani is here at the bar. 😐😳

Vansh: Then why are you hiding go and talk to her she might be upset because of the way you behaved. 😳😲

Veer: What if she is angry right now? 😐🥺

Vansh: Still you need to talk to her. 🤨

Veer: But I’ll ended up creating more mess. 😔

Vansh: Veer you’ve to face her and handle this situation so instead of running away you should go and talk to her. And you never know what future have store for you it might work in favor of your relationship. 😣😐

Veer: Interesting mighty Mr. Raisinghania is talking about relationship and all. 🥺😱

Vansh: Interesting, very interesting Mr. I am in love with Bani singhania is interested in having conversation with me then Bani. 😬😬

Veer: Not at all. I am going because you told me to do so so later don’t blame me for ditching you today. And if… 😐😵

Vansh: If you won’t be out of my sight within seconds then I’ll for sure create mess which will ended up having divorce papers signed by Bani. 😬😬

And throwing dagger through eyes at him Veer left from there while Vansh choose a secluded corner.

Both Bani and Riddhima were enjoying Tequila but after a while Bani felt someone’s pat on her shoulder so she stopped and looked at the person who was patting her and seeing the person she sobered up immediately out of shock and she spoke

Bani: What are you doing here Veer? 😳

Veer: Following you sweetheart. 😍😜

Bani didn’t said a word just rolled her eyes at him and next moment again she started enjoying her shots but seems like Veer is in no mood to leave her today he immediately hugged her from behind and speak

Veer: I missed you so much sweetheart, don’t be angry now. Give me one chance to make it up for everything. 🤓🤩🤪

Bani was trying to come break hug and before she can reply anything to him Riddhima spoke

Riddhima: And that’s why she is mad at you. 😝

And finally Veer noticed someone else apart from Bani and looking at Riddhima he spoke

Veer: Hello, we never met before who are you? 🤨🧐

And before Riddhima can reply Bani interrupt and answered

Bani: She is my best friend Riddhima. 😏

Veer: Oh hi Riddhima, I hope you don’t mind… 😉😜

But before he can complete his sentence Riddhima spoke

Riddhima: I don’t. And today you guys need to have quality time at some peaceful place then here so I suggest you both to go from here. 😍🤭

Veer: Thanks Ridz, you’re quite understanding. I am impressed. 🤭🤩😎

Bani: (Catching both of their attention)
First,only I can call her Ridz and second leaving her here alone we’re not going anywhere. 😐😐

Riddhima: Bani Singhania let me have attention of all the boys here and you go and have fun with your husband. 😉

Bani to wanted to have some quality and alone time with Veer so with bit hesitation she agreed and after saying proper bye to Riddhima and handling over few important things (😉) she depart from there. And meanwhile Veer texted Vansh (that he is leaving with Bani) who is waiting for him in secluded corner.

After seeing Veer’s text Vansh was bit happy and he patted himself for pushing Veer to have conversation with Bani.

Meanwhile some random boy approached Riddhima for dance but she denied and started enjoying her drink which interrupted by bar attender forward a glass and even signalled towards a gentleman indicating he offered it to her and Riddhima decline it too and to calm down her flustered nerves she went to washroom.

And once she is back to her normal self she was about to move out from there but she found her way blocked by two girls and before Riddhima can excuse herself one of them gesture to puke and Riddhima freeze on her place and she closed her eyes but before she can feel anything she felt someone pulled her and she opened her eyes to find herself in arms of a man.

Once the girls out of their sight Riddhima  moved out from man’s arm and said

Riddhima: Thanks Mr. 🧐

Man: Ansh here. 🙂

Riddhima forward her hand in his direction and speak

Riddhima: Thanks Ansh for saving me today. 🙂

And Ansh take her hand kissed it instead of shaking and speak

Ansh: Anything for you lady. 😍

Riddhima felt her cheeks burning hearing this and a current pass through her body as soon as his lips touched her hand and she thanked club’s deam light so he won’t able to see crimson red on her cheeks and giving one of best smile of her she left from there.

And as soon as she reached bar again one more random jerk show up against her and asked for a dance which she denied but he keep pestering her and before things goes out if hand an voice catch both of their attention and they turned their head in direction of voice

Voice: Stay away from my lady. 😠😡

And seeing rather to say feeling intensity of voice and vibe around voice owner that boy flee from there within second and smiling Riddhima speak

Riddhima: You saved me again Ansh. 😇

Ansh: Seems like today I am here to save you from mishap and unwanted person.😄

Riddhima just smiled at him and said

Riddhima: Can I buy you a drink? 🤗

Ansh: That should be my line. 😁😉

Riddhima: Oh come on it’s not like that it’s just my way of thanking you. 😒

Ansh: I know. How about today is my treat as I saved a gorgeous like you that too twice. And later,some other time you treat me. 🧐🤓

Riddhima again felt her cheeks burning and it turning red and instead of speaking anything she just nod.

And soon both started chatting and drinking and within hour or so Riddhima  started feeling like she knows him since so long and seeing her drunk Ansh said

Ansh: I think we should leave now we’re done for today. 🤔

Riddhima: Nope I still want to stay here. It feels good to be here with you without any worry any tension just happiness and you. 😍🥰

Ansh: You know what I know better place then this trust me and I’ll be with you there too. 😄😇

Riddhima narrowed her eyes at him and then with wide smile she speak

Riddhima: Then what are we doing here?🧐🤔

And soon clearing bill they started moving towards exit and Ansh who have continue with drinking from one drink only was much more sober then Riddhima so he helped her getting settled in his car.

Okay done with update. I know I was supposed to update by noon but I was not able to sorry for that and for this update you might find it boring but it is leading blast trust me 😉

So done with update now all of your work starts so drop comment and share with friends. 🙂

Precap: Riddhima digged her nail in his back out of pleasure 😍
Vansh: I want all damn information of this girl as soon as possible.

And as usual stay happy and safe with family and friends. 😇






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