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Ram Pyaare Sirf Humare 11th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Ram’s mom kicks Dulari out of house

Ram Pyaare Sirf Humare 11th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Scene 1
Dulari comes to Koyal’s place. Koyal says first taunt now food? Dulari says I got you food. No one should stay hungry after the fast. Koyal says no thanks. I don’t need a favor. Dulari says I cook for all women here. You can decide if you want to eat or at night. I am just being a good neighbor like I am a good wife. Koyal says if Ram were mine I would have been good as well. Dulari says I know what Ram did wasn’t okay but what you’re doing isn’t right either. If you listen to me, you should leave this area. I won’t let anyone take Ram from me. Koyal is about to throw the food then says I am a problem with Dulari not food. She eats it.

Dulari says to Ram everything is okay. I have questions, I know why Koyal came here. But tell me everything. He says I am sorry. I can’t share. I know I did wrong with Koyal. I lost my family already. I can’t afford to lose you now. You are my whole family now. There are somethings I can’t even share with you. Dulari says in heart I know it’s about your family. I will bring the past to the present. I will unite you with your family.

Scene 2
Koyal calls someone and says I thought after knowing the truth Dulri will be super mad at Ram but their bond got stronger. Anyway, I won’t give up. My plan failed, so you make a new plan now. I am depending on you now. Koyal says I have to make Ram mine this Diwali.

Dulari prays. She says Mata Rani I have to take this woman out of my area and Ram’s life. She says stay with me. The candle blows. Dulari gets worried. The arti falls from her hand. Dulari is shocked. Dulari says Mata Rani, it could be due to wind. This doesn’t mean I can’t have another thali. Please keep me blessed. Ram shouldn’t ever go away from me.

Dulari comes to Koyal’s place. Dulari says Koyal I will kick you out of this area forever. Dulari opens the door. There’s no one inside. Dulari says there’s no stuff. She can’t leave without drama. Is this Mata Rani listening to me? I should tell Ram this good news.

Koyal comes home. The door is locked. Dulari says I left the door open. Koyal opens the door. Dulari says how dare you? What are you doing in my house? Koyal says this is my house. Dulari says the first husband now property? Move away. Koyal doesn’t let her in. Dulari says Radha? Hit her. How did you let her in? Radha says Devi you shouldn’t force to enter this house? Dulari says you’re taking her side? And asking me to leave my house?
Radha shakes head. Dulari says where is Ram? A woman says who is doing this noise? Ram’s mom comes and says who is this? Dulari is shocked to see her. Dulari says who are you? She says this house is mine. I am Ram’s mom. Sushela. Durali says mummy ji.. I so wanted to invite you here of Diwali. You came already. Give me blessings. Sushela says you’re not my DIL. Koyal is. Dulari is shocked. Dulari says Ram is your son. Ram got married to me so I am your DIL. This Koyal must have created confusion. Let me call Ram. Sushela says don’t try to ruin my son’s married life. Dulari says this Koyal is coming between me and Ram. This is my house. Everything is mine here. Patang says it was. I have packed your stuff. Dulari says let me call Ram. When he finds out he will fix everything. Patang says he already knows. Dulari is shocked. This is all happening as per his wish.

Episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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