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RadhaKrishn 11th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Radha’s Ardhnarishwar Avatar

RadhaKrishn 11th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Sam walks to Achyuta and Radha and greets them reminiscing getting chakra from Mahadev and thinking he cannot kill Krishna, but can kill Achyuta instead. He apologizes Achyuta for coming late to class. Anirudh asks where had he been. Sam says they were all thriving for entertainment, so he arranged vanvihar/jungle sports for them. He seeks permission from Achyuta and says its good if there is food there. Radha says she will accompany them and prepare kheer for them. Sam says he loves kheer like his father and feeling powers like him. Rishi Sandipani asks where are they going. Radha says Sam has arranged Vanvihar for all students. Sam asks Achyuta if she will not accompany. Achyuta walks away saying no.

Sam takes all students to vanvihar, and they all gets busy playing while Radha prepares kheer for them. He prays Mahakal and plans to kill Achyuta who insulted him always. Achyuta reaches there and thinks innocent Radha doesn’t know about Sam’s wicked plan. she tells she can also surprise her students and sends them all down the cliff with Radha. Sam returns and asks where all the students. Achyuta says they went down. Sam gets his chakra and says he will kill Achyuta for insulting him repeatedly. Achyuta suggests him to drop his anger and arrogance. Sam asks her to apologize him and accept that he is superior than Krishna and everyone in the world. Achyuta says she can’t and continues pleading to stop, but doesn’t listen and throws chakra towards him. Skies darken. Rishi Sandipani notices that and heads towards venue. Radha also notices it and walks in front of Achyuta. Sam asks why she is protecting Achyuta. Krishna stops Radha from revealing that he is disguised as Achyuta and says Sam will think wrong and hate him more. Radha says Achyuta is her friend and she will protect her. Krishna and her conversation continues, and he suggests her to seek sudarshan chakra from him to destroy Sam’s chakra to stop destroyal of this world. Radha seeks sudarshan chakra from Krishna. Sam laughs saying when Krishna didn’t give him sudarshan chakra, why will he give it to her. Sudarshan chakra arrives on Radha’s finger, leaving Sam in shock. Radha throws sudarshan cakhra towards Sam’s chakra and destroys it. Raha shows her Ardhnarishwar avatar. Krishna salutes her followed by Mahadev and Gauri mata. A huge explosion appears. Rishni Sandipani and students notice it. Rishi asks where are Sam, Radha, and Krishna. Anirudh says they are on mountain.

Sam is shocked and asks how can sudarshan chakra destroy his chakra which was more powerful. Achyuta says because Radha’s intention was love and Sam’s intention was hatred. Rishi Sandipani with students reach there and ask what happened here. Achyuta says Sam created explosion in sky and he destroyed it. Anirudh asks to do it again. Achyuta says its not good. Rishi thinks Achyuta is hiding something. Radha asks everyone to have kheer.

Precap: Sam says either Krishna or he can be alive on earth. Krishna asks what is he doing. Sam throws trishul towards Radha and says either Radha will die or Krishna will fight with him.

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