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Qurbaan Hua 12th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Neel returns in the middle of Chahat-Baleq wedding

Qurbaan Hua 12th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Naveli comes to the room where Baleq was ready with his groom’s dress. Naveli congratulates Baleq on his wedding. She held a kerosene oil cane. She hands the cane to Baleq and says she is not stupid enough to burn herself for that Chahat. She knows Baleq’s intentions and knows what Baleq will do to Chahat. This is a gift for his bride to be. Baleq was happy. He tells Naveli to give the medicine to Chahat every six hours till wedding. Naveli goes to give a tablet right away. Baleq laughs he is not crazy to marry this idiot while being married to Chahat.

Chahat wakes up in the room when Baleq comes there. Baleq shows love for her and grateful that she accepted to marry him. Chahat was still drowsy. She says she is not ready to marry and must speak to Viyas Jee. Naveli comes to the room then with juice. She asks Chahat to have this juice, it will get her energy.

Jamuna brings the Goddess idol. Viyas Jee says Diwali is a celebration. He asks Jamuna to do the pooja tomorrow, he does not have a will to celebrate when there is darkness all around his house and life. Naveli brings Chahat and requests Viyas Jee’s permission to apply henna on Chahat’s hand. Viyas Jee asks Chahat’s wish to marry Baleq, once again. Naveli moves Chahat’s head with her hand from behind. She goes to apply henna on Chahat’s hand now.

Godambari calls Naveli in the kitchen. They laugh together that Chahat will die in a week or two, why celebrate her henna then. Baleq comes to silence them. They hear a smashing sound and rush outside. Chahat fell faint on the couch, henna thaal spread across the room and the patter on her hand spoilt. She wakes up calling Neel. Everyone takes Chahat for some rest. Viyas Jee was worried why Chahat feels Neel’s presence around herself.

At night, Viyas Jee finds a scarf of Neel in the garden. He recognizes it as Neel’s, which was made by Saraswati. This means Chahat is right. Jamuna comes outside. Viyas Jee says he has to go to the factory, may be Neel is alive. If Neel is dead, he wants his body. He leaves, instructing Jamuna not to let the wedding take place until he returns.

Jamuna comes to the room. Godambari sits with Chahat and feels pity for her. Jamuna tells everyone that Viyas Jee doubts Neel is alive. He instructed to stop the wedding preparations till his return. Baleq comes to the room faking a call with doctor. He tells Jamuna doctor says Chahat’s condition is weak, they must conduct the wedding as soon as possible. He promises to speak to Viyas Jee himself and asks Godambari to prepare for wedding.

In the factory, the teams take samples. The inspector tells Viyas Jee it is impossible for any remnant of body to survive if this molten lave spilt over it. Viyas Jee asks if there is a way to find out any particles of body on this burnt steel. The inspector tells him that samples are being taken for DNA testing. Viyas Jee prays for some signal that Neel is dead or alive.
Chahat was brought in Mandap. Jamuna suggests them to think again. Baleq says Diwali is the best time to marry. Chahat silently prays to Allah for help, she does have enough energy to speak.

A man carried God’s idol to Viyas Jee’s house. A young man passes by and takes the idol, as he is going there.

Baleq holds Chahat’s hand for Pooja, and signals Naveli to help Chahat stand up for Vermala. Chahat was weak and semiconscious. Jamuna was upset.

Viyas Jee was in the car. He reads the report that molten lava has no remnants of Neel’s body. Viyas Jee thinks this shows Neel is alive. He must stop Chahat and Baleq’s marriage. Chahat is only his Neel’s wife.

The wedding vows had begun. Someone stops the wedding. Chahat weakly looks towards the main door. A young man’s face was hidden behind the idol. He says the girl he is marrying is my wife. Godambari asks who he is, and why he has covered his face. The man reveals his face, half covered in mask for being burnt. He asks Godambari if she did not recognize him, he is Neel. Chahat gains the energy at once, she runs to Neel and hugs him forcefully. Chahat says she knew he will return. Neil hugs her back. She faints. Neil holds her in his arms, remembering his past with her.

PRECAP: Baleq complains to Viyas Jee that this stranger calls himself their Neel. Viyas Jee announces that Neel is alive. Godambari pulls the mask off Neel’s face. Everyone was shocked to see his burnt face.

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