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Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose 11th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Swadesis Plan To Assassinate Kingsford

Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose 11th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Subhi returns to his room and cries after Janaki scolds him. Suresh says he warned to get out of that place, but he didn’t and bore baba’s scolding. Subhi says he was afraid that baba will scold him when he didn’t study, but Baba understood him and didn’t scold, he is sure baba will understand him even now; he has to take a stance and oppose injustice. Suuresh says he is speaking like Sarath. In living room, Prabha asks Sarath if he doesn’t think her compatible to share what is in his heart with her. He asks why is she saying that. She asks why did he cancel his wedding with Vibha, if he didn’t like Vibha, he would have informed her before, Ashok himself came and explained whole issue to Janaki. Janaki says Sarath wants to get rid off his studies, so he is finding excuse in politics. Sarath says if he would have seen Susheel Sen’s torture, he would have supported him; he cannot see injustice and wants to serve nation. Janaki continues scolding him and says they will return to Cuttack tomorrow and he will go to Akshay’s house before that and refix alliance as nobody can stop this marriage at any cost. Prabha asks Sarath if he will also leave his mother like Ananth. Sarath consoles him and thinks he cannot hurt mother.

Satish scolds Sarath and asks if he didn’t think once about Vibha, they both liked each other. Sarath says he wants to serve nation and cannot think of wedding. Their discussion continues, Satish says he should think about maa atleast and walks away. Subhi walks in and asks Sarath if they can take a dead tree home to rejuvenate it. Sarath agrees. Subhi asks if he loves him a lot. Sarath asks if he has a doubt. Subhi says badi didi says he pampers him a lot. Sarath says its indulgence. Subhi says he wants to learn Hindi first to protect his people. Sarath asks if he can do that, he has to grow up differently to help people and take responsibility, can he. Subhi says he can.

Aurobindo Ghose returns to Swadesi hideout and informs that British left him as they didn’t find any evidence against him after Bipin denied to speak and was sent to jail for 6 months. He suggests Khudi and Susheel to be strong to serve the nation and not make any mistakes. Susheel says they have planned to assassinate Kingsford when travels. Aurobindo Ghose holds bomb and says they will assassinate Kingsford with it. They hear door knock and opens it. Anu walks in and says she brought sweets for them. Susheel asks her to give it to him first. Another Swadesi rushes in and says Susheel’s father is severely ill and wants to meet him once. Susheel says he will assassinate Kingsford first and then show his face to baba. Aurobindo Ghose says there are many other son of motherland to serve her, so he should visit his father. Ananth takes Anu out and asks if she is going to Cuttack, can she visit Khudi’s sister as he thinks Khudi will assassinate Rocksford. Anu says is very small, how will she explain it to his sister. Ananth says he knows, Khudi is very brave and he himself will go. Anu says Khudi is like a son for his sister. Ananth asks her to just tell her that her brother is very brave.

Janakinath returns home with Vibha and Ajith after refixing meeting Akshay and refixing Vibha and Sarath’s alliance. Subhi sees Vibha and says good she came to meet them as they are going to Cuttack tonight. Ajith takes Subhi in. Sarath apologizes Vibha and tells her that he was angry after seeing Susheel’s torture, he loves his family and loves them equally, he shouldn’t have gone to her house and cancelled alliance and is apologetic for that. Vibha says her respect for him never decreased. She slips. He holds her and carries her tiffin along. Anu returns and asks if something happens. Sarath asks where had she gone. She says she went to meet Ananth before returning to Cuttack, he need not worry as she didn’t bring any weapon, she felt proud seeing Susheel today. He says Subhi is determined to serve nation.

Precap: Subhi tells Rono that he will request principal to let him learn Hindi.
Charles taunts that Hindi is a native primitive language. Subhi requests principal to let him learn native language.

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