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Mere Sai 11th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Naina delivers a baby boy

Mere Sai 11th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

All the kids come to school. Sumati meets Srikanth outside. He asks about Ashok. Whatever happened is very painful. Ashok is my best student. It is very important that he gives these exams. Sumati asks him how they can help him do that. Srikanth says I could have taught him at Sarkar’s place but he does not like me at all. He has already missed school for 2 days. He will fall behind if he will not study. He can atleast study at home. He is smart and can catch up. Sumati tells him that Sarkar has taken his books away. Srikanth offers to bring new books for Ashok tomorrow. Sumati is worried that he might lose his job because of this. Srikanth says Ashok wont be able to give exams this year if he is unable to study or I fail in giving him books. Sai says it isn’t good to accept defeat before even putting up a fight.

Ramveer ji tells the driver to drive fast. He tells Ramveer ji to chant Ram’s name. everything will be fine. Ramveer agrees. He talks to the driver about Sai. He is selfless and cares about everyone. Humanity is the biggest religion for him. If only we can learn it from him then we will all become good human beings. I have become like this because of him only. How far are we now?

Srikanth tells Sai that Sarkar will never let Ashok study and that’s the most important thing for him right now. Sai smiles. He asks them how a man will cross a river without boat and when he does not know how to swim. Srikanth says it isn’t possible without a boat. Sai nods. He tells Sumati to be the boat for Ashok. Sumati gets confused. Sai reminds her of her dream of becoming a teacher. You will come and study here from Srikanth when you will come out to collect fodder. You can then teach Ashok. Sumati asks him how she will collect the fodder then. Sai tells him to do what’s right for Ashok. You will find out the rest later. Srikanth smiles.

Naina is in pain. Ramveer ji is still on his way to Naina’s home.

Sai is cutting grass.

Sumati studies with the kids in school. Prahalad is happy to see Sumati in the class.

Sai collects fodder for the cows. Chandu notices him working and asks him about it. Sai says I promised someone. Chandu offers to do it but Sai politely denies. Chandu says there is so much to learn from you. I believe this life wont be enough to learn all that. You do so much to help your devotees. Sai suggests him to go home and rest. Chandu leaves.

Ramveer ji reaches Naina’s home and hears Naina’s screaming. Am I late? The driver denies and calls him Bapu Ram ji (like Sai). You are on time.

Naina’s husband tells Chandorkar ji that Naina has passed out. Sai gets tensed.

Ramveer ji thanks the driver who tells him that he is only following Maalik’s order. Ramveer ji says Sai talks in the same way. Driver says I only have the duty to bring people to their destination. Right now my Maalik is Nanasaheb has he ordered me to bring you here. I will feed water and water to my horses now and head home. Ramveer ji starts chanting Jai Shree Ram as he heads to the door.

Chandorkar ji and his SIL go outside to see who is at the door. Ramveer ji gives the udi to Chandorkar ji. Am I late? Chandorkar ji says Sai can never be late. I knew that he will be me. He takes the udi and thanks Sai. He runs inside to give udi to Naina. Ramveer gives gratitude to Sai. You make everyone feel blessed for helping others. I got lucky too today. Thank you, Sai. Sai smiles.

Srikanth ends the call. He tells the kids to revise at home as exams are near. They agree. Sumati thanks Srikanth for the lesson. Ashok does not have books or slate to study / practice. Prahalad tells her not to worry about it. I told Baba and he agreed to bring them for Ashok. We have also found a hiding spot. No one will be able to find them there. Sumati and Srikanth thank him. Prahalad leaves for home. Sumati says I must bring fodder from jungle now. They step outside and see Sai holding fodder. Sumati gets teary eyed. You brought it yourself?

Radha ji mixes udi in water and gives it to Naina. Naina wakes up. She shares that she feels as if she has the strength to fight every problem now. Chandorkar ji smiles in relief. Sai has sent this udi for you himself. Naina screams in pain. The midwife asks the men to leave. It is time. Radha ji and the midwife help Naina deliver the baby. Naina delivers a baby boy.

Sumati says devotees serve God but what kind of God is this who helps his devotees. I wonder what good we have done in our life that we got blessed to be born here. Srikanth says Sai does magic. He fed milk to 10 kids from a small mug yesterday. I cannot understand how he did this. It felt as if that mug contained milk of 10 cows. Sumati realizes the coincidence. I knew that this was done by you. What happened at Sarkar’s house wasn’t a coincidence. I am reminded of Vitthal ji today. Ajji used to tell me stories about him. Sai says it is only Vitthoba ji who is doing all this today. I am just a source. No one’s devotion and faith should go in vain. Om Sai plays. Sai keeps the fodder on Sumati’s shoulder, and she heads to Sarkar’s house.
Precap: Chandorkar ji tells Ramveer ji that they wouldn’t have been able to save Naina if he hadn’t come here on time. Ramveer ji says this was made possible only because of the cart that you sent to pick me up. Chandorkar ji shoots him a confused look. I had no idea you were coming. Ramveer ji says why did that driver told me it was you then. They decide to ask the driver to find out the truth and see him leaving as soon as they reach the door. They see Sai manning the horses.

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