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Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 11th November 2020 Written Episode Update

Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 11th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Amber coming home. Guneet asks why did you go to Kabir? Amber says he thought what is right. Guneet says I asked you to talk to Nia and asks how this siyappa will be solved. Amber says he is going to office. Guneet asks him to sit and asks what we will do. Amber tells that he talked to Kabir, but he didn’t agree. He says Nia will not agree until she realizes it. Guneet is worried for her. Amber says you are very worried for her. Guneet says you are a good parent and doubts if she will be a good parent. Amber tells that when a baby is born, then parents are born too and do mistakes while parenting. She says we will do the mistakes together. Amber says yes and smiles.

Kajal comes to Kabir and tells that weather is good. Kabir asks why did you come here? Kajal says to catch up. Kabir says he is fine. She asks if your cabin changed? Kabir says no. I am leaving wenet. Kajal is shocked.

She asks why and when? Kabir says yes, I am going home to Lucknow for a year. Kajal says so you won’t be in Delhi and asks when did he decide? Kabir says I have a flight tonight. Kajal asks if he talked to Nia. Kabir tells that he will not talk to Nia and don’t want to get rejected again. He says even I have self respect. Kajal folds her hands and asks him to talk to Nia once. Kabir thanks her and leaves.

Pammi comes to Amber and tells that she was thinking to get their good news published in the newspaper in their pind. Amber says I will not get photo clicked again in marriage clothes and tells that the expenses was much. Pammi gives hair dye and asks how will you look in white hairs infront of baby. Amber refuses. Pammi asks him to agree for atleast the baby and tells that he is looking old and asks him to do exercise and focus on his health. She asks him to look at his face. Amber looks at himself in the mobile camera.

Guneet asks Nia why you didn’t go to office today and asks her to confess her feelings to Kabir. She says may be Kabir will agree. She asks her to think. Amber comes there wearing wig and tells that his hair will be like this in black color. Nia reminds Guneet of her own words. Guneet asks if Maa asked you? Amber says I was thinking to dye my hair for a day to look young in photo. Guneet says you will be baby’s father in white hairs too. Amber says he thought to keep Pammi mummy’s heart. Nia smiles and imagines Kabir coming there. (imagination scene) kinnaa Sona plays…..They hug.. Actually Kajal came there and asks Nia what happened? Nia goes to room. Kajal tells them that Kabir is going to Lucknow in the evening. Guneet asks Nia to go and talk to Kabir. Nia says what is the use, he is leaving. Amber sits down and tells Nia that Kabir loves her a lot and bear her arrogant father also, from bitter coffee to hospital etc. He asks will you let such guy go. Guneet says you have completed our love story and asks if she will let her love story incomplete. Amber asks her to decide about his importance in her life. She recalls his words and runs out. Amber says I will also come. Guneet says we will wait here. Amber takes Nia to the office on his bike. Nia calls Shri and asks where is Kabir? Shri says he left one hour before. Nia asks where? Shri says he didn’t go to Lucknow, but didn’t tell before going. Nia is walking out. Shri tells that Kabir gave letter for her. Nia reads it and gets emotional that he had done a mistake and knows that she will never love him, he can’t be her friend always and that’s why he is leaving from her life.

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