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Love after arrange marriage Ep-28- Riansh (Ishq Mein Marjaawan 2)

Love after arrange marriage Ep-28- Riansh (Ishq Mein Marjaawan 2)

Hii Guys , I hope you are fine …

Episode starts with..,

While they are sleeping , Riddhima turns and suddenly Riddhima fells down from bed ..She screams ..Vansh wakes up and screams,”Riddhima..” He runs towards her ., and holds in his arms and makes her lie on the bed …Vansh says,” Riddhima, how do you fall, are you a kid? You know it can cause harm to your baby ..” He calls doctor.. Doctor comes, , he checks up and says,”Both are  fine , but you need to take care ..She needs at least 1 week proper rest..” Riddhima says,”1 week ?? I can’t stay alone here for 1 hour even ..No, I will not ..”  Vansh says,”Riddhima, this is for your health , ok …” Riddhima says,”No…” Vansh says,”Doctor, she will be here.Thank you ..” Doctor leaves .. Riddhima says,”But..I won’t..” Vansh says,”You would, I will sit with you most of the times…” Riddhima says,”Then fine …” Vansh says,”So now what we will do ?”

Riddhima : Hmm…

Then , Siya, Sejal, Kabir and Angre enter..

Siya : Bhabhi , lets play some game ..What say?

Kabir : Yes …Riddhima what say ??

Vansh : Hmm..which one??

Siya : Did anybody asked from you ??

Vansh  : Hey…

Siya : Bhai , you never stayed with me like that.. I won’t talk to you ok?

Vansh : Siya…I may had work ..

Siya : Today you don’t have right ?? Even for a week no work …hm ??

Vansh : She is my wife, she will give me my child..

Siya : Wow ..And me aren’t your sister …

Kabir: But you wouldn’t give him baby right ??

Siya : Hehe …

Vansh : Can we play game ???

Siya: Ypp …

Angre: Yes ..

Sejal : Hmm ..

Riddhima : Which one ??

Vansh : Never have I ever ?

Siya : Okk..

Sejal : In Round 1 , I would ask ..

Vansh : Ok ..First let us prepare placards…

They prepare placards …

The game starts—

Sejal : Round 1 starts ..Here’s the first question – Never Have I Ever spied on neighbours..

Riddhima – I have…

Vansh: I have ..

Angre : I have never

Kabir : I have

Siya : I have never ..

Sejal : 2nd ques –  Never Have I Ever loved someone ..

Riddhima-  I have

Vansh : I have

Kabir : Me too I have

Angre : I have

Siya : I have

Sejal : Oo So all have ..hmm.. Round 1 finishes..Now narrate the story… Firstly, Riddhima tell how do you spied ??

Riddhima : A boy , his name is Sunny , he kept staring me …

Vansh : Where??When ?? Still ..?

Riddhima : Oh!! When I was of 20 ..

Vansh : Ok …Continue ..

Riddhima : I spied on him , to know about and after 3 days he came to me and proposed me …I told no , I can’t … He got back …But still he calls me and asks that will I accept !

Suddenly Riddhima’s phone rings ..,

Riddhima says,”Again that Sunny ..” She puts phone on speaker ..

Sunny : Hii Riddhima ..

Riddhima : Hello ..

Sunny : Will you marry me ?

Vansh gets angry ..He holds phone

Vansh : She’s married with me ..

Sunny : Who’s this mad ?? My Ridz can’t do this …

Vansh : I am Vansh Rai Singhania ..And Now she’s not your Ridz ..

Sunny : You are kidding ??

Vansh : No , she’s Riddhima Vansh Rai Singhania…

Sunny : What ???

Vansh : Yeah!! I love her ..

Sunny : Ridz ..

Riddhima : Yes, Sunny ..Vansh is right ..

Sunny : What ..???

Sunny cuts the call …

Vansh : Now don’t pick up his call ..

Riddhima : Hmm..

Sejal : Vansh and Kabir you ???

Vansh : Meri aadat hai logon pr spy krna ..

Everybody laughs …

Kabir : I loved to spy , so I did !!!!

Everyone giggles…

Siya : So, we ‘ll meet after 2-3 hours and will continue …

They leave .

Vansh : Riddhima , do you love Sunny

Riddhima : Obviously not ..

Vansh : Hm …

Precap : Riddhima and Vansh to get married …

I know it was a little boring …but tomorrow’s will be awesome …


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