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Hamariwali Good News 11th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Renuka decides to help Navya

Hamariwali Good News 11th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Sumitra saying you had hidden this from me, Indu got the file, why didn’t you tell me, what’s this. Renuka sees Navya’s patrika. Sumitra says you didn’t tell me the Kundli dosh, Navya will face troubles in getting a child, does Mukund know this, Indu call him, he will tell the truth. Renuka says don’t call him, he doesn’t believe in all this, I made this because we believe in it. She lies to Sumitra. Navya looks on. She thinks Renuka is lying a lot to hide my weakness.

Renuka worriedly makes the food. Adi comes and says dad is shouting, he wants you to come for puja. Renuka says your dad just shouts all the time. She gets her hand burnt. He says you got your hand burnt. She says its fine. Mukund shouts. Adi asks her to come fast. Mukund says Renuka doesn’t value time, she knows there is puja at shop, she has no time, I m going to Sumitra’s house. Adi and Renuka come. Mukund asks Renuka to do puja. Renuka does the puja. Mukund takes sweets for Sumitra. Navya is sad. She asks why did you not go there. Renuka says I want to stay away from Sumitra till we find a solution, don’t cry, I tell everyone that you are my strength, Prathna told me that we should keep trying, we will find some way, its diwali today. Adi smiles. Renuka gets a call. She says Rachna got an attack, I will go to hospital and see her, you do preparations for puja.

Navya prays. She says don’t know if Renuka and Adi’s decision is right, the family shouldn’t get punished. Adi comes to her and cheers her. He apologizes. She says its not your mistake. Mujhme tu….plays… Mukund comes and asks where is Renuka. Navya says she went to hospital. He says ask her to come for puja. He goes for bath. Adi calls Renuka. Renuka says we are coming. A boy gets hurt. An old lady says I m his mum. Kusum says baby in this age…. Renuka comes home. She does the puja. Mukund says I got this gift for Navya, she gave us good life, Sumitra asked me to gift this. He gives the gift to Navya.

Renuka says you should make the idol have a milk bath first. Mukund says fine. Renuka does the rituals. Mukund asks Renuka to keep the Bal Gopal in Navya’s lap from her lap. Renuka gets thinking. She thinks Bansi wale was showing me this way, I couldn’t understand, I have to fulfill Navya’s dream. Mukund gives the bal gopal to Navya. Renuka thinks I will give birth to Bal Gopal for Navya. Mukund says its Sumitra’s video call. Sumitra wishes him happy diwali. He says happy diwali, I got a bal gopal for Navya. Sumitra says great.

Everyone wishes happy diwali to Sumitra. Renuka also wishes her. Mukund says everyone’s mistakes are forgiven today. Renuka stops Navya. Mukund says this year, diwali looks good. Renuka smiles. Mukund goes. Navya says we will tell truth to Mukund. Renuka says come with me. She takes Navya with her. She says I have found a way, listen to me. Navya says we have to tell the truth. Renuka says we have a way, Bansi wale gave me signs, I didn’t understand. Pandit ji predicted that child will be born in this house, we couldn’t talk to Preeti and Alok to get a child, Prathna blessed me instead you, Bal gopal showed me the way, why can’t I become a mum, if any old lady can become a mum, I can fulfill your dream, I can put a child in your lap. She cries. Navya is shocked. Mukund and Adi light crackers. Navya says this can’t happen, how can you become a mum. Renuka says why, do you have another way. Navya says I got this thought, but…. I left this thought.

Kusum asks Mukund to practice it, he will play with kids soon. Gautam says Mukund is going to become a Dada. Renuka asks why didn’t you tell me. Navya says you have many responsibilities. Renuka says I m just 45 year old. Navya says I can’t be so selfish. Renuka says don’t worry for me, I had two children by normal delivery, I have much strength, you can get my checkup done. Navya says its strange, we live in this society…. Renuka says leave the society, Bansi wale will help us, you get happy, you will become a mum. Navya says Adi won’t agree. Renuka says I will talk to Adi. Navya says if anything happens to you. Renuka says nothing will happen, are you with me or not. Navya says no. Renuka says you worry for my health, we will get tests done tomorrow. Navya says Adi won’t agree. Renuka says we will tell him later, look around, there is lights in this darkness, like the world is happy for us, what sign do you want. Renuka smiles and holds Navya.

Renuka says how can I do this, how will I convince Mukund. Mukund scolds her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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