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Gupta Brothers 11th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Amba instigates the brothers against Shiv

Gupta Brothers 11th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Amba asking Alok and Veeru to wash Shiv’s feet and drink water. She tells that he has loved you so much, more than his own brothers. She says you are accusing him in his own house and asks them to die. Ganga asks what did you do? Amba says I shouldn’t have done this sin and says how can such words came out from my mouth. She slaps herself and tells Ganga that she shouldn’t have told her this and blames her. Everyone is shocked. Ganga is about to go to Shiv, but he signs her to stop. Alok and Veeru ask Shiv to tell truth to Amba kaki. Veeru says I get angry on her for such reasons and asks why is she lying? Shiv says Amba kaki is saying truth. He says you are my step brothers. Veeru keeps his hand on his head and asks him to say. Shiv says yes. Veeru says you have hidden this big truth from us. Shiv says you are more closer to me than the real brothers. Alok says you have hidden from us. Shiv says I love you more than anything then why should I tell you this nonsense thing. Veeru and Alok blame Shiv. Alok says you have made us do things, says you made us as your Servants. Shiv slaps him and asks what did you say? Veeru says you got married without telling us, you stayed as Owner and made us stay as Servant. Shiv slaps him too. Veeru says beat us, we will bear everything. He says you have raised hand on us for the first time, infront of us. He says you used to say right thing, that house breaks due to a woman. He says I will not leave her and is about to slap Ganga, but Shiv comes infront of Ganga, asks if they have gone mad, says she is your bhabhi, I have married her. He says I have never let anyone raise their finger on my brothers and says he will not let anyone slap his wife. Jaya and her father ask them not to fight.

Amba suggests Shiv that she will take them to her house, and asks Shiv to calm down till then and take care of Ganga. She takes Alok and Veeru to her house. Rajat cries in Amba’s home. Alok says he called him here from Mama’s house. Amba asks Jaya to make something for them. She tells Alok and Veeru that Shiv never behaved like a step brother and tells that now his wife came, your relation will get distanced. Ganga gives water to Shiv. Amba says how did Ganga come to know about this truth? Ganga tells Shiv that she told Amba when she had gone to storeroom. Shiv says I never thought that they will take other meaning of this truth. He says it was very unexpected. She asks him to bear Ganga and tells that Shiv loves you a lot, but his love is divided now with Ganga. Ganga tells Shiv that she shouldn’t have come here and tells that his family is his responsibility. Amba says Shiv must be alone, and then says Ganga is with him and must be handling him.

Ganga tells Shiv that she can’t bear to see him like this and that’s why she will leave from here. She asks him to let her go. Amba asks Alok and Veeru to have food. Alok gets up and says he needs to talk to bhaiyya. Amba says what will you tell Shiv and gives them ideas of slapping Shiv, asking for partition.

Precap: Veeru and Alok come home and asks Shiv to choose between Ganga and them. Shiv says Ganga will not go anywhere. Alok says then partition will happen. Veeru draws the line in the house.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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