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Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 12th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Guddan is pregnant

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 12th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Agastya says to Guddan can’t stay away anymore. He comes close to her. Agastya says you’re the most beautiful girl, my Guddan. They get close.

Guddan wakes up next morning. She looks for her glasses. Guddan recalls what happened last night. Guddan says it’s 8. She runs. Agastya says where is my good morning kiss? Guddan says it’s 8 already. Guddan says sorry I got late. Pushpa says you’re my daughter as well not just DIL. Stop saying sorry all the time. Guddan says thank you Lord Krishna for giving me a husband like Agastya. Pushpa says in heart my mission is going to be a reality soon.

Scene 2
Guddan prepares for Diwali. He says should I help? Guddan says I like doing Diwali things myself. You can light the dias. He says sure. Guddan says you made everything perfect. Guddan says help me make the laddus. Guddan kind of faints. Agastya says are you okay? Guddan says got tired. He says let me call a doctor.

The doctor checks Guddan. She says congratulations. Guddan is pregnant. You have to take care of her. Guddan and Agastya are shocked. Agastya says thank you for giving me the best happiness of my life. Guddan says DJ said a woman is born thrice. When she is born, when she gets married and when she becomes woman. I was incomplete without you. Thank you for coming to my life.. This Diwali is so special. I will decorate the whole house. He says you only have to take care of yourself. Let me tell ma. She will be very happy. Guddan looks at Guddan’s photo and says your Choti will be a mother now. I will do everything like you did. I will protect my baby always.

Scene 3
Niya looks at the flower and says see the thorns with it Choti. Your biggest happiness will become your curse on Diwali. See how your life is ruined.

Guddan is decorating rangoli. Agastya says you have made my life colorful like this. Agastya says I will do everything except for changing the diapers. Guddan says we both will do it. Pushpa comes in playing drums. She’s very happy. Pushpa says you did this to show your anger, I am doing this to express my happiness. I am so happy. Shona distributes our most expensive sweets in the city. She dances with Guddan. Everyone is happy. Guddan felt like there was someone upstairs. She says let me check. Pushpa says I have to do your arti. Wher are you going? Agastya you prepare for the langar.

Agastya orders the best flowers. He says love is the most beautiful thing. Every day is Diwali when you’re in love. Arushi comes. He says what did you do? The flowers fell. Arushi says nothing is right at home. Agastya says Guddan knows everything now. Arushi says no, Guddan is still in dark. She doesn’t know anything. Maa changed the letter. She tells him everything. Arushi says she sent me to London so I don’t tell you anything. She doesn’t know anything. Agastya runs home in shock.

Guddan prepares for Diwali. Niya says stop all this. Stop living in this misconception. This house is mine. Guddan says mummy ji this Niya came here again. Ask her to leave. Pushpa says how can I ask my DIL to leave the house. Niya is my DIL and Agastya’s first wife. Guddan is shocked.

Precap-Pushpa says for the baby in your womb, we did all this. We planned all this. Saru says you have no one with you Guddan. Agastya says I am with Guddan. Trust me. Guddan shouts trust? You fooled me on every stage. Why? Guddan cries.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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