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Falling In Love Again @RiAnsh #11 Who Is The Mastermind?

All I can say is… I am sorry for being such a horrible writer…

Ragini: Don’t worry mom! We will get what we deserve! And because that woman cheated you, we deserve revenge! It’s not about money mom! I can make money on my own! It’s about the betrayal she gave you!

Anupriya: I still can’t believe it! My sister! My life! She snatched my love from me! I loved him! But now, I don’t! He never understood my love! How could he choose her over me!? I deserved him! He cheated me! I was so lucky to find your dad! He supported me! He loved me! I have already taken revenge from Arohi! Now, it is Deep’s turn! But how did this Riddhima stay alive!

Ragini: So mom, basically, Bhai fell in love with Riddhima who turns out to be Arohi aunty’s daughter? (Your brother the ‘lover’ fell in love with your cousin!!! Poor Kabir! What would happen when he knows!!)

Anupriya: Ya! Well… Riddhima is his cousin… since Arohi and I once shared a sister-like bond, but I hate Arohi! I killed her! For god’s sake! I have no ties with her now!

Kabir: WHAAAAAAT!!!!? RIDDHIMA IS MY COUSIN SISTER!!!? ( There it goes!! He only heard the sister part! Not the murder one!! And he didn’t even think whom his mother was talking to! Hilarious! Poor poor poor Kabir! His ex who is marrying his enemy turns out to be his cousin!! Guys make sure you all don’t hit your head somewhere while laughing! Day before yesterday, when I got this idea, I accidentally hit my head on the headboard on the bed!!!)

Anupriya: Kabir?

Kabir: Seriously, mom? Please tell me you were joking! Riddhima can’t be my cousin! (But she is!!! Thanks to me!!)

Anupriya: Well…

Kabir: Oh! Lord! And you killed her mother? (Finally! You noticed?)

Anupriya: She betrayed me Kabir! She and Deep Raichand betrayed me! I was going to marry Deep! She took me place and Deep supported her!

Kabir: Mom! It doesn’t feel right! And whom were you talking to? Who is so close to you that you can’t tell your son about your past but you can tell that person?

Kabir looks hurt. Tears are non-stop flowing from his eyes. But, his eyes have rage… not for his mother but for all those people who did injustice to her.

Anupriya: I’ll tell you everything… but please please support me!

Kabir: Mom! Of course I’ll support you! You’re my mother!

Anupriya: Kabir… Ragini and I had made a plan to take revenge from Deep and Arohi… She started getting close to Vansh… She could’ve gone for Rakshit, but Vansh was richer… and she and I planned to get their property and my revenge from Deep and Arohi… I killed Arohi… Deep married Tara! I couldn’t complete my revenge… I was devastated! I called Ragini… We were talking and Vansh heard us… He broke up with Ragini… So we decided to take your help… Ragini did the suicide drama so that you take revenge from Vansh… Yes, my child, your sister is alive! (Kabir stands there too shocked to speak) And then, we could kill Deep and put the blame on Vansh somehow… or we could kill Vansh and put the blame on Deep… but now, Arohi and Deep’s daughter turns out to be alive and I thought we could use it against them… She is the main link that connects the families now… Vansh’s fiance and Deep’s daughter… If anything happens to her, then both will be affected… We were going to talk about this, but you turned up and heard me… she… she was on the call…

Kabir: Ragini is alive!? My doll is alive? My baby sister! Where is she?

Ragini enters.

Ragini: I am not a baby, Bhai!

Kabir: Ragini! My sister! (Don’t take me wrong… I think, good person or bad… everyone deserves some happiness… so I’ll give these idiots a proper reunion… don’t mind!)

Ragini: Sorry, Bhai! I had to hide from you! I am so sorry! I can’t tell you how much I missed you! (As if! You are happily using him!)

Kabir: My baby doll, Come I’ll feed you with my own hands!

They have breakfast. Anupriya watches them teary eyed.

9:30 AM

At Raichand Mansion

Deep: Rakshit! Sejal! Where is Riddhima?

Tara: She hasn’t woken up, I think.

Deep: But she always wakes up on time!

Tara: Ya! She must’ve slept late.

Deep: I’ll go wake her up!

Deep goes to Riddhima’s room.

Deep: Riddhima… My child, wake up!

Riddhima (sleepily): Vansh! Not now! Go! Someone will see you!

Deep smiled mischievously.

Deep: No! Now! I won’t go until then!

Riddhima: You pervert! We are not even engaged! And you are asking me for a kiss in the middle of the night! Go! Somebody is coming!

Deep suppresses his laugh.

Deep: Riddhima!!! Wake up!!!

Riddhima jerks and sits on the bed.

Deep: Go get ready, bachcha! We are going to VR Mansion after breakfast.

Riddhima: Really? Why suddenly, papa? (oops! I need to prepare his ‘gift’)

Deep: Just like that! And we have to discuss the plan too… there are some- (And you have to give the gift to your Vansh too!)

Riddhima: Daddy! I told Vansh yesterday! We can’t talk about this! No one should know of the plan! It could jeopardize the entire hard work we put into the planning! Do you know how difficult it was to stay away? We can’t put the plan to risk! (Daddy! Please stop teasing me!)

Deep: Okay! Okay! But, by the way, how come you overslept?

Riddhima: Umm… umm… I was watching the moon… and I… uh… I was talking to the moon… I was just not feeling sleepy…

Deep: Well, then, now that we are going to the VR Mansion… tell your moon to have some patience… you’re gonna live with him the entire life *winks* (mischievous dad!)

Riddhima’s eyes were about to pop out the sockets. Deep leaves laughing.

11 AM

The Raichands arrive at the VR Mansion.

Vansh goes and stands near Riddhima and starts whispering.

Vansh: Where’s my gift?

Riddhima: Shut up! Daddy came to know that you met me last night!

Vansh: Does it matter? He won’t stop me!

Riddhima: He did! He asked you to have patience because I’m gonna live with you my entire life…

Vansh: Not fair! I’ll go and talk to him!

Riddhima: What!? Are you out of your mind!?

Deep: No! Otherwise I wouldn’t let you marry him!

Riddhima… expressionless…

Vansh and Deep start laughing.

Riddhima gets irritated and goes and stands near Sejal and Ishani. She sticks out her tongue to them.

Deep: I think she really got angry at you!

Vansh: Uh Oh! I think I gotta do something!

Deep: Think? You have to do something! Believe me! She and her mother! So difficult to convince!

Vansh: Any tips?

Deep: Don’t plan a date! It’s too predictable… She likes surprises… like me… and she loves plants… gardening, etc. and pottery! She does pottery when she gets angry! Maybe she’ll do that now… 

Vansh: Okay… I will convince her somehow!

Deep: All the best! And you desperately need it!

Vansh: Thanks… for scaring me!

Deep:  Haha! Go, my son! You can do it!

Vansh sighs and goes to Riddhima.She ignores him and goes to Daadi who is plucking flowers. She starts plucking flowers and asks Daadi to go inside and rest. Daadi goes. Riddhima is holding a basket in one hand and angrily plucking flowers using the other one. Vansh starts helping her. She does not let him keep the flowers he plucked in the basket. So, he puts a flower in Riddhima’s hair, to which she gets irritated, and then showers the other flowers on her. She angrily throws the flower in her hair and stomps on it. She hands the basket to Vansh and starts going away…

Precap: Vansh convinces Riddhima.

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