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Excuse Me Madam 11th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Sanam tries to celebrate Karwa Chauth with Madam

Excuse Me Madam 11th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Scene 1
Sanam and Addu pretend to be husband and wife in front of Madam. Sanam waits for Jugal to bring out the fake moon. Jugal calls Sanam and shows him a man. He says his name is Chand. Sanam says I didn’t ask for this moon (chand). Jugal says I can’t fool madam like this so this man will do it.

Madam is taking photos with Addu as Kranti. She says you must be tired. Addu says not at all. Madam says you should pose with pooja’s plate. Madam asks to call Sanam and asks him to bring it. Addu calls Sanam and asks him to bring the pooja plate. Sanam says I have trouble bringing out the moon, so fool Madam and run from there. Addu tells Madam that I will have to bring the pooja plate, he leaves.

Amar and Kranti come in the porch and wait for Sanam and Addu. Addu is hiding in the bushes dressed as Kranti. He changes his clothes and comes out. Amar says what were you doing in the bushes? Addu says I lost something so searching for it. Amar asks him to go and change the clothes. He leaves.

Sanam comes to Madam and says I couldn’t arrange the pooja plate. Madam says you are making your wife run here and there, she has a fast and went home to get pooja plate? You are a fool. Sanam says I will go and bring her. Madam says don’t be a fool, I can come to your home and we can do the pooja there only. Sanam gets tensed.

Scene 2
Addu gets Sanam’s call. Kranti says tell him to come home. Sanam tells Addu that you have to take Kranti and Amar somewhere. Addu says how can I? Sanam says do something, he ends the call. Addu tells Kranti and Amar that we should do the pooja on the balcony. He takes them from the porch and says we will see the moon from here better. Amar says just shut up, I am going to the porch. Sanam brings the madam to the porch of his house. He asks her to not come inside, I will bring Kranti here. She says okay, let’s wait for her. Bhaisa comes there and asks Sanam if she didn’t bring Mishti? He says she didn’t come. Sanam says I will call Kranti. He leaves. Madam tells Bhaisa to not eye Mishti, he will not get her.
Kranti and Amar see the moon coming out. Sanam comes there in the balcony. They are about to do the pooja but clouds come in front of the moon. Sanam hints at Addu. Amar and Kranti go in the house. Sanam tells Addu that Madam is here, she is out on the porch. What to do? We can’t let Kranti and Amar go out.

PRECAP – Sanam tells Madam that Kranti is not feeling well that’s why she is not coming out. Kranti tells Addu that let’s go to the porch as Sanam is here. Addu gets tensed.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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