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Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 11th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Authorities deploy force in Satara

Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 11th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Bhima sits down in the fields and cries thinking about the brutalities that he and people from his community have been experiencing because of the caste system.

Ram ji tells his men to create a fear, a threat in the mind of the upper community. You can set fire outside their homes in order to threaten them but make sure that they are not hurt. Authorities will have no option but to deploy force to maintain peace in the area. Everyone agrees.

People from the lower community execute the plan as told by Ram ji. People from the upper community approach the authorities for help.

One guy informs Ram ji that an order has been passed. Entire Satara will be filled with police by morning. Everyone claps. Ram ji asks Bhima where he was. Bhima says you taught a lesson to the upper community and I spoke to Maharaj ji at length. He relates everything to him. Bala says Maharaj is very powerful nd you went there all by yourself. Ram ji asks hik why he had to go now. Bhima says you only say that those who get afraid are bound to lose. Ram ji sit ls down quietly. Bhima asks him if he thinks it was wrong. Ram ji denies. You are my son. I get afraid sometimes. What has happened was bound to happen. Things might become better by tomorrow.

Police starts patrolling everywhere. Mangesh is still asking his men to make the walls asap. Ram ji asks Kaka why police has not arrived here yet. They charge at Mangesh and his friends but police intervenes. They tell Mangesh and his men to go home. Mangesh tries to make him understand that they are building this on their land. Officer stays put. One guy refuses to leave and gets arrested. Mangesh and his friends request Officer to leave the guy. We will leave right away. Officer lets him go. He tells Ram ji and others to go home now. Kaka says let’s go and check on our wells now.

Mangesh informs Maharaj and Dhansukhlal about everything. They see Ram ji and others from his community going towards the well. Maharaj thinks of Bhima’s words.

Dhansukhlal glares at Kaka. He has become the new leader. We have been told that he has been supporting Ram ji and Bhima in this mission. Mangesh says we were planning to throw them out of Satara but it feels like we will lose. We wont be able to see each other eye to eye in that case. Maharaj suggests them to kill Kaka. It should break their courage. They will never be able to face us again. Everyone likes the idea.

People from lower community are finally able to get water. Bhimbai feeds water to all her sons and Bhima feeds water to her. Ram ji takes a sip as well. They share a family hug.

A lady thanks Ram ji, Bhima and Kaka for helping them win this battle. Kaka says this isn’t over yet. We have to do a lot for our future too. What will happen when police will go back? Puranjan says we should become the police and take law in our hands if need be. Kaka gives him water to calm down. Don’t act in haste or you will lose a lot in life.

Precap: Kaka tells Bhima he is going to be a thing of past while Bhima will become the tomorrow. Will you fight? Bhima agress. He bends down to pick some dirt when few men attack Kaka. One guy covers Bhima’s mouth and the others beat Kaka brutally.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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