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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 12th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Vibhuti learns Singhanias truth

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 12th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Angoori says I gave sleeping pills to Tiwari, Vibhu asks how, Angoori says I told him I came here to give you ladoo open your mouth, and when he did i gave him sleeping pills, Vibhu says oh my god, Angoori says i know i am wild, Vibhu says i never thought you would do this for me, Angoori says i know but i felt like coming, Angoori starts dancing and singing for Vibhu.

Vibhu trying to feed Tiwari soap, Tiwari shooks him and says what are you doing, Vibhu says god i was dreaming of feeding Singhania Ladoo, Tiwari says so did he like them, Vibhu says he didnt eat them, Tiwari says i hope they like it, anyways update is ladoo are ready when will Tampo arrive, Vibhu calls Prem, Prem says i am in meeting with Singhania i cant talk, Prem is at tea stall, Tiwari asks what is the update, Vibhu says Prem is in meeting he will send tempo when he is free.

Anu leaving, Vibhu convincing her to stay says don’t leave me, Anu says i feel suffocated here, Vibhu says i will also come with you, Anu says you cant you are a bad man, you cant manage i am different, Vibhu says baby you cant go, Anu pushes him and go.

Vibhu walking around a man asks for donation says i feel like having pizza, Vibhu says who are you and what is this, who are you, he says i am Singhania from steels the owner i got bankrupt yesterday, i lost case yesterday, and shows him news,Vibhu calls Prem, he insults Vibhu.

Tiwari, Angoori and boys waiting for tempo, Vibhu walks to them, Angoori thanks him and Boys cheer for him, Vibhu starts crying says i dont deserve it, Vibhu says Singhania wants 1000kg ladoo, all get excited, Master and Gupta walk to them says all decoration is done just 2-3 more, Angoori asks why haven’t you done decoration in Vibhutis house, They say because he didnt pay, Tiwari says i will pay go decorate.

Vibhu calls Prem, Prem acts as if he is with Singhania, Vibhu walks to him with Singhania, Singhania greets him, Prem sayz i have to go, Vibhu asks why did you lie, Prem says i didnt want to expose him, Vibhu says buy all Ladoos now, Prem denies, Vibhu hits him, Tiwari keeps calling Vibhu, Vibhu says i am busy, Prem and Vibhu keep fighting, Singhania picks Tiwari’s call, Singhania about to tell him about ladoo, Vibhu stops him.

Boys making ladoos, Vibhu walks in, and says i am here to tell something important, boys keep praising Vibhu, Vibhu says i am guilty let me speak please, order is cancelled, Angoori and Tiwari in shock, Vibhu says i am bad luck, actually Singhania is bankrupt, Angoori starts crying, says i cant live like this and picks gun and shoots herself.Vibhu stops imagining

Gupta dressing Vibhu, Vibhu says i fought with Prem and these wounds are punishment to my deeds.

Pre cap: Tiwari meets Singhania, Singhania tells him he is bankrupt

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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