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Apna Time Bhi Aayega 11th November 2020 Written Episode Update

Apna Time Bhi Aayega 11th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Veer says fire her. Rajeshwari says you’re fired. Leave this house with your brother. Rani sits in her feet. SHe says Rani sa please I need this job for my dad. Please.. I beg you. Rajeshwari says full stop. It was Jai’s kindness that he stopped me. I would have punished you. Rani says I would tolerate anything don’t fire me. Rajeshari says I don’t have time. You will get your salary. Go now. Rani says I wanted one chance to make you happy. I have never worked in the house. I won’t have done this mistake. Thanks for what you did for my dad, I will repent never winning your trust. Sanjay says how can we trust an outsider after Hari? Who will manage tomorrow’s function? Kumud says I will manage everything tomorrow. Rajeshwari says it’s a huge responsibility would you be able to do it? She says yes Rani sa. Vikram says to Veer you got her fired. Ramo is in jail. Veer says I won’t let his case be affected by this. Vikram says you have changed.

Shanti says to Rani I told you to stop thinking about your degrees. Champa says I am happy. She would get us all fired. Champa says she would put slippers on the interviewers face? Pinku says don’t say that. Rani says she isn’t wrong. Pinku says don’t worry. Rani says I am worried about babu ji. I lost this job. If Rani sa takes her lawywer back, how will we pay the fees?

Scene 2
Ramo eats lentil and says it’s good. Vijay says you always ate spicy food. You have to say what you feel. Like the truth of this crime. There’s another proof that will prove your innocence and tell why your daughter’s trust will win.

Scene 3
Rajewshwari welcomes Kiara’s family. The function starts. Rajeshwari says I am very happy, Kiara is going to be the part of our family. Rajesahwari says she looks so pretty. Kiara says Nandani your mehndi looks so pretty. Nandani says special mehndi artist is called for you. Dadi says yes for our sweetest DIL. Rajeshwari says where is this Kumud? She had to bring the artist. A servant gives gift to Rajeshwari. She reads a note in it. It says you don’t pick up my call? If you don’t you will see what happens. There’s a rope inside. Champa says you look worried. Champa says go and find the mehndi artist.

Vijay says why don’t you tell the truth? Ramo says I already did. Vijay says I will meet Rani sa and find out how is this related to Rajawat family. Ramo says stop please.

Kumud asks Shanti to call the mehndi artist. Shanti says Rani give me the number I gave to you. Rani says I didn’t call her. I forgot. Shanti says I will lose my job. Rani calls the artist. The girl says I can’t come. Shanti says please come. Rani sa will kill me. The girl says then I will come in 30 minutes. Rani says someone can sit in her place for 30 mintues. Shanti says but who? Rani says I have an idea. Pinku says no.

Kiara says everyone’s mehndi is done. Where is the artist? Rajeshwari says don’t worry. Artist is coming. Kiara’s mom says where is Veer? Veer comes. Rajeshwari says here he is.

Vikram says to Veer if Rani were here it would be fun. Veer says I don’t want any drama here. Rajeshwari says where is the artist? Kumud says she’s here. rani comes with ghunghat on her face. Rajeshwari says ask her to perpare. Shanti says to Rani just manage for 30 minutes. Rani says I am so scared. Shanti says go ahead. Vikram says go sit with Kiara. Veer says she’s after me to write her name on with mehndi. Vikram says on your heart? Rani comes. She collides with Veer. He holds her hand but doesn’t see her face. Kumud says careful. Take off this ghunghat. Rani holds her hand.

Episode ends.

Precap-Kiara says let’s start the mehndi. What are you doing? Rani says where am I stuck. Rani tries to make a design. Kiara says what design is this? Rani sa.. Rani is scared.

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