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Two selfish lovers – Ragsan (pt 31)

Let’s begin….

Ragini was breathing heavily

While swara was enjoying seeing her condition

When she suddenly felt a pull she was shocked to find sanskar

Swara tries to run
But he pressed her neck tightly

While the nurse comes immediately and on’s the oxygen machine

And sanskar sees ragini
Taking this as a chance swara pushes him

Swara runs from there and nurse alerts guards

While sanskar moves to Ragini who is fine now.
Sanskar:thank God…
And he turns to nurse:she is fine?
Nurse nods

At the time the same doctor comes who shifted sanskar here

And nurse informs him about the incident

Guards tells that she have managed to escape

And doctor informs them to take the help from cctv

Sanskar was caressing Ragini’s hair, for a moment he was blank

Doctor:don’t worry she’s alright.

Sanskar looks at him

Doctor:bohoth pyaar karte ho na tum apni biwi se(you love your wife so much don’t you?)

Sanskar smiles a bit

Doctor:if my memories are right you Sanskar right?

Sanskar looks at him confused

Doctor:i am shlok
He smiles

Doctor:you didn’t identified me right..?

Sanskar:you know me?

Doctor :fortunately yes, i know you especially your wife

Sanskar gets confused

Shlok:okay don’t be tensed some other day we will talk about it

He checks Ragini

Shlok pats her a bit

Sanskar:what are you doing?

Shlok:she is Anastasia whenever patients doesn’t wake at it’s time we need to pat them wake them up

Ragini slowly opens her eyes, which was blurred and her vision gets cleared

She was still in the affect

Shlok:so how are you feeling Ragini?

She couldnt speak due to effect

Sanskar held her hands:Ragini how are you feeling?

Shlok:it will take sometime for her to realise, i will shift her to normal ward in some minutes!

Sanskar nods

Shlok:and you

Sanskar:when ragini is not here what i am going to do here?

Shlok smiles:alright then…

Later both of them were shifted to normal wards

Ragini was been checked by doctors

And there comes the gadodia’s and sanskar’s friends

Shlok comes out after checking her

Shekar:how’s my daughter?

Shlok:she is alright but…

Dadi:but what doctor?

Shlok:now she is the victim of amnesia and she doesn’t remember her past

This came as a shock for everyone out there

Dadi:what are you speaking my laado…

Shlok:i can understand your pain but we can’t do anything

Swara masking herself being innocent:is there no other chances to bring her memory back doctor?

Shlok:you can’t force her to remember anything. It may take some days… Months or years or never. She is in the delicate condition now. You need to take care of her while talking. Don’t force her!!

He goes

Karan:now what will we do? How will we say about this to sanskar? How much pain he will bare?

Aarav:but we need to tell him!!

Here gadodia’s enter the ward where Ragini was looking everything blankly

Ragini looks at them blankly

Dadi cries:laado


Ragini:who are you?

Swara:i.. I am your sister!

Ragini:why don’t i remember anything?
She held her head and tears were rolling down her cheeks

Shekar cries standing at the corner!

Sharmishta:it’s ok.. (she side hugs Ragini) don’t stress yourself!

Ragini:are you my mother?

Sharmishta nods being teary

Ragini hugs her and cries as filling some pictures in her blank mind

Soon she cries out of pain

Nurse asks all of them to go out as Ragini needs some rest

And here sanskar was desperate to talk to Ragini

When his friends enters his ward

Sanskar:what happened? Did you people meet Ragini

All friends looks at eachother as they witnessed Ragini’s reactions and what they will speak

Karan:first you take rest, then will talk about it!

Sanskar pouts:i want to talk to her

All were feeling so bad for him that how will he react about listening Ragini’s memory loss

Here swara was too happy regarding Ragini’s memory loss:when will this laksh come? The surprise awaits you laksh.

Here someone slowly enters Ragini’s room
And Ragini looks at the person blankly!

Here laksh and maheshwari’s arrives the hospital

When sharmishta stops him

Laksh:aunty what happened?

Sharmishta :Ragini…

Laksh gets worried:Ragini what?

Sharmishta :Ragini is suffering from amnesia

Everyone are shocked

Laksh:what are you talking aunty?

Swara from behind:ma is telling the truth laksh

And when they enters the room

He was about to hold her Ragini push him

She closes her eyes due to pain

Ragini:don’t come near me!

Laksh was shocked

Ragini closes her eyes
She gets the flashes of a girl standing in the mid road

Laksh:Ragini i am laksh

Ragini cries

Swara moves to her

Ragini immediately hugs her and cries

Swara consoles her:laksh please!!
But inside she was happy but somewhere she was sad for Ragini

All of them goes out

Laksh was shocked and was moving here and there…

Sanskar who was for Ragini with his friends sees Laksh moving here and there being tensed and hurt was shown in his face

Sanskar:why is he moving like a mad devdas? Did Ragini refused to identify him o what?

While all his friends were shocked listening

Aarav:hey don’t say like that?

Sanskar:first of all tell me what happened? (he again looks at laksh) looks like i can have second chance!

Nikhil:bhaai tu ek minute chup reh

Sanskar:arey.. Ok i would have gone by myself to o2 but looking at me he may think me as a dhobighat

Aarav:sanskar it’s not the time for joke yaar

Ragini to dadi:who is sanskar?

Dadi was shocked as how she managed to remember sanskar

Swara was even shocked

Ragini:where is he? Is he the same guy who came to meet me?who is he to me? She said he is my husband. Say…

Dadi:who told you all this?

Ragini points to the direction

Everyone looks at that side.

To be continued…

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