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At mid night alarm clock keep ringing. But  didn’effect on twinkle sleep. Due to this kunj sleep break.

Kunj:Twinkleeeee.. your alarm wake up.

Twinkle:hmm.. Kunj wake up he looked at twinkle who still sleeping peacefully.

Kunj:this girl really a sleeping queen I’ll go and prepare something for her.. he went downstairs and goes in kitchen make something for twinkle and he used whatever Usha send for twinkle in sargi he makes dry fruits kheer for twinkle at in room due to alarms clock twinkle wake up and stretch her arms..

Twinkle: uff babaji I’m sleepy but I’ll keep my karwa chauth for my kunj. She looks at time and get shocked than on kunj bed side didn’t find him..where this sadu went haa.She went in washroom and get freshen up. While Kunj entered in room place all things on table twinkle come out of the washroom and see kunj.

Kunj:chalo come and have your food..

Twinkle:hmm why you bring this I’ll do na.

Kunj:so what if I’ll help you in this.twinkle come and sit.. she see kheer and look at Kunj.

Twinkle: who made this..

Kunj:your talented husband😛😝..

Twinkle: acha ji.. you should sleep you have office na.

Kunj:you don’t worry about me.kunj take the spoon of kheer take near twinkle lips she give smile and have it. Kunj feed her.

Twinkle:yummy kunj you are better than me at cooking..

Kunj:thanks..think if she fasting for my long live so I too wanted her.

Twinkle:where you lost it kunj.

Kunj:nope have you food okay.. see think again you are so big foodie how you’ll

Stay without food.

Twinkle:you go and sleep it’s good for you.
Yeh  nonsense baate us Alisha se nahi
Karte ho tum..

Kunj:na yeh sab Tere liye.. take his face near to her make puppy faces twinkle slap him on his cheeks playfully.hayee.🥰🥰..

Twinkle:stop your flirting Kunj..

Kunj:nope I’ll not early morning romance And flirting is good 😛😛.

Twinkle:who told you this how much you do early morning romance??

Kunj:not till now but now wanted with you 😜.Winkloo look at her.she just blushing like anything.. twinkle finished her food while kunj click her photos and send it to usha. Kunj got rishi call and went in balcony.
Hii saale..

Rishi: yes saale ji😂. So you wake up.

Kunj:yup today is my wife first karwa chauth na so.

Rishi: good. Bye sleep see you in meeting.

Kunj:yup. End the calls. I’ll not tell twinkle I too kept fast for her.. he went in room and see twinkle laying on bed. Kunj too come and lay down beside her.

Twinkle: with whom you were talking?

Kunj:Meri girlfriend se😝.

twinkle:very funny okay..

Kunj:sleep Meri sleeping queen. Kunj sleep while twinkle admiring him. She too sleep. Later in morning. Both twinkle and Kunj sleeping till late kunj phone keep ringing Yuvi calling  Kunj wake up with jerk. He see the time and get shocked run to washroom while twinkle wake up and see the time she understands kunj become late. She take out his clothes just than Kunj come out from washroom. Arey Twinkle you sleep na.

Twinkle:I sleep enough..Kunj get ready quickly. Kunj you wait I’ll make breakfast quickly.

Kunj:no twinkle I get late already I’ll have something in office if I wait for breakfast than I’ll not catch the meeting my job will be gone.he kissed on her forehead okay bye take care of yourself no need of do any work please at least today for me. She give him smile..

Twinkle:okay baba but have something please come early today..

Kunj:I’ll try my level best. Bye he left for office.. twinkle tell servant work. She get Leela call.

Twinkle: hello MAA.

Leela: how’s my daughter.

Twinkle: I’m fine MAA. What about others.

Leela: what about your karwa chauth??

Twinkle:MAA I kept karwa chauth fast for kunj. You know what he had done for me . She tell her Leela get so happy.

Leela: really kunj is the best.. take care of yourself.

Twinkle:yup MAA even you too I’ll call you.. they end the calls twinkle rest for sometimes.

Kunj went in conference room everyone waiting for him. He take seat and give look to his gang..

Rishi: saale I told you be on time.

Kunj: bas bas.. soon meeting starts all doze off in work. After meeting they all sitting..

Yuvi: so what you all decided for your wives..

Rishi:I didn’t 🤣😂. You both brothers take my wife after all she is your sister. Kyu Kunj ji..

(I’m doing some changes in story hope you all like it.Manohar and Usha is kunj Uncle and aunty.But kunj calling them MAA and papa only they treat maya and him like their own kids and Kunj and maya had good bond with them Manohar have one daughter Anjali only forget Priyanka and Kunj real sister is maya.They don’t have mother because she die due to health issues in childhood and about father who don’t have good terms with his kids that I’ll tell later why? sorry for this sudden changed but you all will enjoy lot. Twinkle don’t know about maya being kunj sister because she didn’t attend Their wedding.)

Kunj:my sister I know you think about yourself wife is yours. 😂. Peon come with coffee and keep it on table and went. They take their coffee mugs but kunj didn’t.

Naman: what happened coffee lover😂.

Kunj:nothing today no mood..

Yuvi: what happened yesterday did twinkle likes your surprise.

Kunj:yes she loved it infects and even she make dinner for me too.

Naman: waha😂😂. How’s her burned dinner 😛.

Kunj: kam bol battery😂😂😂.. for me toh awesome if she give me poison I’ll have it from her hands.

Rishi:bas bas mera pyaar me Dooba kunj😛.. hope this all things work out for her.

Kunj:hope so..

Twinkle wake up and get ready in beautiful Indian dress and get ready looking beautiful. Mahi come at her place both call heena girl and sit apply heena on their hands.

Mahi:don’t leave kunj take your gift..

Twinkle:hmm but he giving me so many things.They both done with heena.

Kunj thinking what he’ll give to his wife on her first karwa chauth gift. Than something click on his idea kunj in your love twinkle in becoming planner 😂😂..Kunj complete his work and than they all went for shopping for Their wives. Kunj see beautiful saree there.He buy for twinkle and something more too.

Rishi: kunj did you kept fast??he look at him.

Yuvi: haa you didn’t have anything..

Kunj:haa I kept fast for twinkle too if she can for me than why I’ll not. They three of them make awww 🥰 face..

Yuvi:impressive Kunj Sarna..

Kunj: I think even husbands too kept fast for Their wives..

Rishi: if you tell us before than we too kept it na..

Kunj:acha everything you do after take permission from Me 😂..

Rishi:that’s true😛😛. After sometimes later they went back to their house Their wives waiting for them.. Kunj reached his house and went inside see whole house decorated in a very good way. He give smile. He went in his room he didn’t find twinkle in room but one note.. he take the note and read.

Twinkle:Hi kunj Sarna ji please get ready your clothes is ready.come at Terrace okay.Kunj give smile.Kunj take his clothes and went in washroom. He get ready quickly. And look at himself in mirror looking handsome.

Kunj:great choice Kunj Sarna ji.. he went in terrace.waiting for twinkle when my chand

Will come babaji.. twinkle get ready looking beautiful she take her all things which she needed. She went in terrace and see kunj standing his back facing towards her. She give smile and taken step ahead..Kunj heard her chuda voice and turned and look at twinkle. He get freeze to see twinkle she looking breathtaking today. Fully get ready in a Traditional way.. she went to kunj and stop and look at who just lost in herself Which make Twinkle blush little bit.



Twinkle: where you lost..

Kunj: in you😛.. he come in sense. And look at her fully.. you looking beautiful twinkle I don’t have words for you.

Twinkle:acha.. even you too looking handsome she fixed his collar.. why you looking so dull did you have your meal na.


Twinkle: Kunj see my mehndi she show him her both hands with happiness.

Kunj: beautiful like you when did you apply this.

Twinkle:today only me and mahi together mummy ji and MAA told me so I applied mehndi I love it you know..Kunj hold her hand look at her mehndi kissed on her finger tips.. twinkle blushing.. you so don’t like na..

Kunj:But now I liking everything.. 😛.

Twinkle:when this moon will come kunj haa see na I’m so hungry kunj laugh out to see her childishness..

Kunj:than why you kept it.. twinkle looking here and there in irritation … my moon is come twinkle look at him.

Twinkle: haa kaha. Kunj hold her hand take her near pool which in side.

Kunj: here is my moon. Twinkle get confused.

twinkle:where?? Kunj. Kunj point his hand on pool water twinkle look at on water and see her face reflecting on water.

Kunj: here is my moon😍😍. She understands and blushed so hard and look at him.

Twinkle: yeh tumhara moon hai..

Kunj:yes my moon standing in front of my eyes I don’t wanted that moon.. moon bright up everyone life and my life you brighten up twinkle..

Twinkle:kunjj stop praising me 😛. What everyone think you become mad behind your wife.

Kunj:so what I’ll do let them think na.. she hugged him tightly Kunj caressing her back. She resting her head on his chest.

Twinkle: see this moon is so bad..

Kunj:why you waiting for this moon your moon is in front of you only she raise her face and look at him.

Twinkle:right my sadu Sarna moon😂😂..

Kunj: twinkle Tere Chand.

Twinkle:I’ll not comes in your trap..

Kunj:Arey I’m saying truth.. she look at sky and see really moon come. She give smile Kunj. So let’s break your first karwa Chauth.

Twinkle: yes Kunj ji.. she covered her head and take aarti tali in her hands and stand in front of Kunj. Twinkle did moon worship than she look at moon through Channi than look Kunj face with same Channi

she did Kunj pooja apply tikha on his head Kunj looking at her only twinkle pour some water for moon. Twinkle bend down touching Kunj feet’s.

Kunj:twinkle.. what is this why you touching my feet’s..

Twinkle: it’s a ritual Kunj.

Kunj:your place isn’t here but here he give her hug..and make her drink water with his hands.He feed her sweet too.Wait.Kunj too look twinkle face through channi twinkle keep smiling on this. Now perfect.

Twinkle: yes perfect. Both feed each other’s sweet.. where is my gift she forward her hand..

Kunj: he smiled you’ll get it don’t worry.

Twinkle: first let’s go and have something.

Kunj: you go and get ready first we are going for dinner out..


Kunj: why not twinkle lets go na..

Twinkle: okay my husband ji. They went downstairs goes in their room. Twinkle searching what she should wear. Kunj come from back. What I’ll wear Kunj..

Kunj:I have something for you.. she turned and look at Kunj. Kunj bring box from back.Twinkle I bring this for you please wear for me..

Twinkle:what is this..

Kunj: you itself see na. Kunj give her box while twinkle open it and see saree is there.

Twinkle: saree..

Kunj:yes saree I wanted to see you in this saree.

Twinkle: why only saree.

Kunj: when I saw you first you wearing saree looking so beautiful I can’t tell you. So please wear for me. If you fine not force.

Twinkle:why you saying this. You wanted to see me in this saree I’ll wear it.. Kunj.

Kunj:get ready fast okay.. I’ll get ready. He went in washroom while twinkle admiring saree.. just than she got Mahi call.

Mahi: hi twinkle finally your first karwa chauth complete.

Twinkle: yes finally Mahi.

Mahi: so what your husband hi did for you.

Twinkle: right now we are going for dinner.

Mahi: aww Kunj becoming romantic day by day. Yuvi tell me he too kept fast for you. Twinkle get surprised.

Twinkle: what fast??

Mahi: yes he too.. don’t you know.


Mahi: you are so lucky Twinkle here look at my husband eating in front of me😛.

Twinkle: hehe.

Mahi: you get ready and go enjoy your night. Twinkle keep the phone in side and thinking about Mahi what she told her about Kunj.

Twinkle: really he too kept fast for me.. tears falls down from her eyes. How can someone love this much here I’m not giving him back nothing he showering love on me Babaji what I’ll do I’m stuck between my heart and mind.She wear the saree and standing in front of mirror. Just than Kunj come out of the washroom and look at twinkle who struggled with saree Kunj went towards her.

Twinkle: she turned and look at him. She can’t believe on herself.

Kunj: what happened??

Twinkle: Kunj this pin..

Kunj: wait I’ll help you. Kunj take the pin and try to pin her saree palu. He used his teeth’s his lips touching twinkle bare skin she closed her eyes due to Kunj touch.She admiring him through mirror. Kunj tucked her palu properly.Twinkle hogaya.she look at Kunj.Kunj look at her head to top.she looking amazing. Twinkle went closer to him. And closed his buttons.

Twinkle Saree and look like this

twinkle: thanks Kunj. And why you didn’t tell me you too kept fast for me Kunj get surprised how she come to know.

Kunj: means..

Twinkle: I know each and everything why you do this..

Kunj: if you stay whole day without food and water just for me why not I even I too wanted you for my all births twinkle.

Twinkle:kunjjj sometimes I thought what I have done some good things that babaji give me husband like you.

Kunj:you don’t think this.. now where is my gift😜😜..

Twinkle:you wanted gift what I’ll give I don’t have anything. My gift would be less in front of your goodness.

Kunj: you can give me that no one can’t give.

Twinkle: what you tell me.

Kunj: promise whatever I’ll ask you’ll give me Didn’t back off.

Twinkle:promise today I’ll not back off give you what you wanted today is your day.

Kunj: think last time.

Twinkle: yes soch liya..

Kunj:okay so mrs twinkle Kunj Sarna. Twinkle till now I didn’t got kiss from any girls because I’m not interested in anyone so wanted kiss from you. Twinkle eyes pop out.

Twinkle: you wanted kiss.she blushed.

Kunj:yup I wanted kiss from you.. okay if you not than I’m okay. If I ask any other girl they can give me immediately 😛.

Twinkle: why other girl your wife is still alive. I’ll give you kiss.. she cupped Kunj face and give him tight kisses on his cheeks Kunj give smile. To see him twinkle blushing. She about to go Kunj held her hand.

Kunj: what is this?? Twinkle give me my kiss.

Twinkle: Arey I give you na your kiss.. Kunj. Kunj make irradiating face..

Kunj: twinkle I wanted kiss I’m not baby so you give me kiss on my cheeks and I’ll be happy.

Twinkle: than what will makes you happy ji.
Kunj: yeh bhi bata na padega kya😛. Both giving each other blushing smile.From kiss means I didn’t get lip kiss.This cheeks kisses I get daily from girls. Twinkle shocked and make angry face and looking at Kunj.

Twinkle: what did you said you get kisses from girls daily.. how dare you Kunj Sarna.

Kunj: what??😛😛teasing her.

Kunj: what I’ll do you didn’t give me anything. And after see you I can’t control on myself and you getting ready like this than what my mistake is this anyone can lose control after see you.. think about me twinkle 😂😂. Twinkle giggles.

Twinkle: you don’t have shame directly

Flirting with your wife..

Kunj:yes so what 😛😛.. okay I’ll not do with you. You didn’t like me..

Twinkle: who told you I didn’t like you..

Kunj:you’ll not give me kiss too. I’ll get from anyone. Arey Alisha is best..3 times she proposed me😂😂. Twinkle grab his collar.

Twinkle:stay away from Alisha only I have right on you Kunj that’s it if I saw you with her than you are gone.. she quickly give pecked on her lips. Now happy.

Kunj: twinkleeeeee In crying voice I wanted to taste your lips feel your lips on mine. She closed her eyes you promise me you give what I’ll wanted now you can’t back off huhu. For the very first you leave your hesitation now you can’t leave me..

Twinkle: only one kiss.

Kunj: yes only one.. afterwards I’ll don’t wanted anything else.

Twinkle:okay.. she cupped his face and Kunj hands went around her waist.Pulled her near to him. She look at his face while he too. Kunj tucked twinkle hairs and kissed on her forehead and on her both cheeks she clutch his shirt Kunj can see his touch effects on her.. Kunj went near twinkle face she closed her eyes and he too their lips is inch apart. Slowly slowly their lips coming near to each other’s. Now there is no place left.

Twinkle lock her lips with Kunj. First both paused it sprinkled passing inside their bodies. Than Kunj started nibbling twinkle upper lip while twinkle too his lower lips. Her hands went to his hairs and she caressing his hairs. While Kunj cupping her face and his both thumbs caressing twinkle cheeks. Both deepen the kiss by each steps. While doing kiss they went towards wall Kunj pinned her.Both didn’t open Their eyes. Kunj bite twinkle lips. She moaning his name while kissing him. She open her mouth Kunj take the advantage and entered in her mouth both playing each other’s tongue it’s totally amazing for them it was first time their lips meet.Kunj and twinkle kissing each other’s passionately. The sparkle in your eye,The warmth of your skin.Your breath on my neck,That quivers within.The touch of your hand,The smell of your hair.The kindness in your smile,That strength in your stare.

Your kiss on my lips,Your body near mine.

The stroke of your touch,That feeling inside.The sound of yourvoice,Compassion in your embrace.The serenity in your stride,The power in your face.The calming of your presence,The beating of your heart.The promise of tomorrow,That we may never part.The beauty of your kiss,

and that magic in your touch.It is for all these reasons and more,Why I love you so much.Due to lack of oxygen twinkle stop kissing Kunj but Kunj don’t care than she push him slightly both breathing like anything.Twinkle didn’t look at Kunj she looking down can’t face him now. Kunj look at twinkle. She turned and blushing like anything Kunj can see this though dressing table mirror her cheeks become so red. Little bit awkwardness.

Kunj: twinkle you get ready fast I’m waiting for you near car he said this and went from there twinkle look at herself in mirror touch her lips can see Kunj touch. She smiling just. She get ready and went downstairs. Kunj was waiting for twinkle at car.. she went and Kunj look at her she looking at him only he open the door for her she sit even Kunj too. Kunj starts the car.While driving he and Kunj sharing glares.. soon they reached hotel.they come out of the car and Kunj give his hand to twinkle she hold hand both went ahead. And take their place. It was romantic candal light dinner. Twinkle looking the ambiance..

Kunj: how’s it.

Twinkle:no words🥰🥰. Kunj hold her hand kiss on it.. she take back her hand kunjjj..

Kunj: kya hua😛. Today is my day so😂. Soon their food come. Twinkle see all her favorite dishes.. she get so happy that Kunj can see on her face. He served her. Let’s have dinner.They both having dinner

Feeding each other’s. Sharing eye contact. After dinner they talking with each other’s.

Twinkle: Kunjjj when you planned this all.

Kunj: when I’m free in office so..

Twinkle: you going office for work or this things.

Kunj: I’m multi talented man😂😂.. let’s have dance with me. Forwarded his hand twinkle give smile and give her hand to Kunj. And both stand for dance.

Twinkle:today you giving me so surprised.

Kunj: if I had in my hand every second I’ll give you surprises make your day amazing.

Twinkle: uff Kunjjjj..

Kunj: you Taste good twinkle winked at her she drenched in Shyness and hit on his chest.

twinkle:hatt shamless😛😛..

Kunj:please don’t be blushed this much I can’t control on myself 😛😛you will cause of my death😂😂😜😜.Twinkle laughing at Kunj.they dancing romantically. There Alisha saw them and she went towards Kunj..

Alisha: Kunj you are here.. Kunj see her.

Hi. Kunj and twinkle leave each other’s Alisha hug Kunj. Twinkle see this.

Kunj: Alisha you here.

Twinkle: so she is Alisha huhu🥵🥵..

Kunj: meet with my wife twinkle Kunj Sarna pulled her to him from his waist.. Alisha look at twinkle.

Alisha: hi Twinkle..

Twinkle: hi.. they talk for some seconds

Kunj: okay bye Alisha. She went from there..

Twinkle: so she is Alisha.

Kunj: hot n😛😛. Twinkle give him death glares. Her sister Aisha more cute 😂😂.

Twinkle: let’s go home I’ll tell you😛😛.. Kunj and twinkle sit in car but they didn’t went Their house but to Rishi house their Naman and Yuvi too there with their wives.

Rishi: finally our lover come back..

Kunj: what’s going on..

Naman: nothing we just had dinner what about you both.

Yuvi: they went for dinner date😂😂..

Mahi:looking gorgeous twinkle.. from where you got this saree..

Twinkle: Kunj gift me this. Maya look at Kunj.

Maya:this bander give you how he went for shopping that also for girly things 😛.

Kunj:yes I went did you have any problem dayaan hatt..

Maya:why I’ll have..

Mahi: you three of them should learn from Kunj he kept fast for twinkle but you people not.

Rishi:wait Mahi just 3months passed away from their wedding. Newly marriage magic

Sitting on his head let complete one year 😂😂 than you’ll see Kunj Sarna ji😂😂.


Kunj: he telling his experience 😂😂. Rishi you don’t worry I didn’t get sandals and all’s 😂😂😂.. maya throw cushion at him Kunj catch it and playing catch and catch with Rishi..

Twinkle: this boys are mad..

Maya: your one toh master😛..

Kunj: whatever 😏😏. He pulled her hairs.

Maya: ouch kunjjj..

Twinkle: kunjjj..

Kunj:ab bol🤪🤪.. mamaya😝😝.

Maya:I’ll not leave you.. Kunj and maya hitting each other’s with cushions..

Twinkle: think this maya and Kunj sharing so good bond both of the wild…

Kunj: Rishi tell your wife leave my hairs.

Maya:kyu now Rishi haa..

Kunj: leave me Nahi toh.. twinkle get Abeer call she went in side. Kunj look maya. Choodh na.. rolly Polly it’s maya pet name.

Maya:look this boy. I’m elder than him still calling me by maya..

Kunj: chudal 😛would be best..

Maya: call me didi get it.

Yuvi: he’ll called you 😂😂😂. But rolly Polly suits on you more. Maya leave Kunj hairs.

Kunj:kamini😛.. Kunj rest his head on her shoulder twinkle come and joint them.

Mahi:what twinkle who’s call

twinkle:Bhai and bhabhi..

Mahi:hooo.. later they went back to their place twinkle and Kunj reached and went in their room changed their clothes and twinkle standing in front of mirror and lost in her thoughts Kunj come and give her back hugged she come out of her dream world..

Kunj:what are you thinking.

Twinkle:nothing.. Kunj tie bracelet around twinkle hand wrist. She look at her hand and than Kunj. Kunj turned by her waist.

She see the bracelet. What is this.

Kunj: for you bracelet 😍😍. Today you give me kiss and our first kiss toh this is for you😛😛. Twinkle smiled out and joint her forehead with his.

Twinkle: thanks sadu. Now let’s sleep na. Kunj and twinkle lay down Kunj holding twinkle hand.

Kunj:you increase beauty of this bracelet.

Twinkle: 😍. Why you doing this enough I’ll get diabetes 😅.. Kunj kissed on her wrist. Twinkle clutch bedsheet and Kunj little went on her. Both looking at each other’s. Kunj caress her hairs.

Kunj:goodnight.. kiss on her forehead.

Twinkle:goodnight.. Kunj give her kiss on her cheeks 😂. And sleep immediately while twinkle admiring him she went near Kunj face and caressing his cheeks I have to reciprocate to Kunj feelings. She pecked on his lips and sleep in side Kunj open his eyes and touch his lips..

Kunj:Kunj just some more than you’ll get love from your twinkle..when I’m with you eternity is a step away my love continues to grow with each passing day. This treasure of love I cherish within my soul how much I love you you’ll never really know you bring a joy to my heart I’ve never felt before with each touch of your hand I love you more and more…!!!🥰🥰

Episode end..


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