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One For All….All For One!!?[Three Shot-TS] (Last Part)

The next day was the day their brother will come. They wanted to welcome him back with great pride, but their guilt and the fear of their brother’s reaction overcame it.

They were cruel in their anger. They never visited him. Will he accept him?

Soon after sometime, he came. Their brother…..But their fear gripped them. They looked at him and then went back to their room.

Each time they see him, their guilt increases.

This ignoring behaviour continued for few days. They were in guilt. Their brother was in guilt.

Few days later….

They never talked to each other. This literally made their wives sad. They know that their husbands want to talk to each other, but each other’s fear of others’ reaction is what holds them back.

Shivaay was literally in depression after he returned. They wanted to go and console him by telling him they are with him, but their guilt held them back.

Their wives knew something should be done to make them talk to each other. So they decided to escape to temple, the next morning and make sure that they return back that afternoon.

The Next Morning:

The O’Bahus made sure that no servant was there so that the O’bros will talk to each other.

The house was silent. Shivaay was sleeping. He woke up to find the room empty. Just then he found a letter for him on the floor beside him where she sleeps.

It is written that she went to the temple and he should eat his food and  medicine.

Om gets a message from Gauri from his mobile that she is with Anika and he should mend up with Shivaay before she returns. This is the best chance and not to lose it. “Fears should conquered and not allowed to be conquer oneself. “

But Rudra too gets the same message.

So as the O’Bahus are out, Dadi and Jhanvi has gone to a pilgrimage,and the servants are in leave, they were basically alone.

They includes their sister who came to know the truth that day morning. She regretted cursing her brother, but she has always supported her Anika Bhabhi.

Anyway, the siblings had to be reconcile.

Few hours later…

Omru and Prinku somehow got rid of their fear and was about to got Shivaay’s room.

Meanwhile, Shivaay was in his room since morning and he made sure his room was dark.

That’s when they entered. As they entered.

S: No…don’t open the door. I hate light. I killed my uncle. No one likes me.No…no…Aahhhh(screams) I did it…I am a murderer…

He falls unconscious. Om runs to his side.

O: Shivaay(pats his cheek)Get up….Rudy, check if he had his medicines. Prinku, call the doctor.

He pats his cheeks again and again. By the time, Rudy takes a glass of water and Prinku comes back with that tablets.

P: Bhaiyya, he is coming.

Shivaay stirs and slowly opens his eyes.

S: No…no….(but stops when he feels someone hugging him, a warm hug but a different one. He knew it was not Anika)

(A small request: Do imagine these scenes as sometimes english is not convenient to express some feelings. I don’t know hindi properly, so I can’t write in hindi)

All of them were hugging him.

O: Shivaay, you didn’t do anything wrong.

R: Bhaiyya, we were scared how you will react that’s why we didn’t come.

P: Bhaiyya, why didn’t you talk to us?

He didn’t reply. Tears were flowing, a sudden push on the positive energy has made the obstruction of fear helpless.

He couldn’t believe it. he thought they were hating him but in fact they supported him. They were scared how he will react.

S:(slowly)Om, Ru, Prinku……

He tightens his hold on them. He wants to hold them like this forever.

Even they understood what he wanted to say.

One hour later,

Now these reactions were seen by our O’Bahus and as you must have guessed how. By knowing Shivaay was in danger, Anika has ran from her hiding to the house.

But when they came, they saw all of them sleeping together hugging each other.

They never disturbed them as now they know they are together.


I know many of you are expecting a long entry on this with emotions expressed, etc. but here I want to tell that emotions can not only be expressed with words but some missing gaps. 

That’s the beauty of silence.

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