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Bigg Boss 12 11th November 2018 Written Episode Update: No Elimination Week

Bigg Boss 12 11th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Elimination Special
Salman says to inmates tha Bigg Boss is on vacations so you will have to do what I say, I am Bigg Boss for a day. All inmates laugh. Salman asks them to dance on fast motion. They all start dancing funnily. Sree dances with Shiv. Salman laughs as they dance on baby ko bass pasand hai. Salman continues with his quirky orders, telling Karanvir and Shivashish to make the Bigg Boss eye on the floor. He then orders Somi to wax Deepak’s arm. Deepak is stunned. She does his wax and he screams. Deepak says its a sweet pain. Salman asks to wax his thighs too. All laugh. He asks all to dance like nagins. The housemates do the Naagin dance on dil mera. Salman asks Shiv to dance alone, he does. All dance at his silly moves. Salman says Sree and Shiv put all gym weights in store

room. They do. Salman says to Jasleen to put her make up in store room. Jasleen is ordered to store her make-up in the storeroom. Recalling her previous situation with Anup Jalota, housemates burst into fits of laughter. Salman later tells Jasleen to go back and give boxes of clothes to Deepak. The Bigg Boss of the day tells Deepak to dress up into something good as it would have an affect during this week’s eviction. Deepak thanks him.

On stage, Salman welcomes everyone to show. Salman says Preity gave a task to inmates, lets see what happened. Preity announces the rules of the task. The winner gets immunity from next week’s eviction. The first group, which includes Jasleen, Megha, Dipika, Srishty , Shivashish and Rohit, try their best to impress the actress. Jasleen and Srishty play the main female leads in the romantic scene, which Dipika is the narrator. Jasleen dances on yeh mera dil. Shiv and Sristy are dating, Shiv flirts with Jasleen so Sristy gets angry. Then Rohit enters, he is about to kiss her hand but Sristy moves away. Shiv and Sristy fights over Rohit. Shiv leaves with Jasleen. Rohit and Sristy dances on sooraj hua madham.. all clap for them.
Team 2 comes stage, Deepak and Sreesanth start off the scene, with the former serenading the audience. Somi plays Deepak’s love interest in the drama. Deepak says to Romil that I like her. Romil says one sided love is strong, take help from Sree. Somi says to Surbhi that I feel uncomfortable around Deepak. Surbhi acts like Sree’s sister, Surbhi says Deepak makes Somi uncomfortable. Sree shouts and fights with Romil and Deepak. Sree and Romil falls down and roll around. Sreesanth, with his witty dialogues, gets the audience laughing. Romil and Sree are seen sharing a romantic moment for the skit.
Preity loves Jasleen’s style and loved Sreesanth’s attitude in the skit, it was current topic. Group two (Sree’s team) wins the task and earns an opportunity to compete for immunity.

Sree is in washroom and crying as he remembers Preity being a part of his IPL team. Shiv consoles him.

On stage, Salman says Romil’s team won and they will get a chance to be saved. Salman connects call to house and congratulates them. Salman explains the rules of earning immunity. To win the task, the housemates have to give a value to medallion anything from Rs 1 lakh to Rs 5 lakh. The one who has the highest, most unique figure will get the immunity medallion. But there is a catch! The figure that the winner has written, that amount will be deducted from the final prize money. They all put down their prices. Sree has put price 499,999, Deepak has pust price 444,444. Somi has put 498,750. Surbhi has put 2lacs. Romil has put 5lacs. Salman says highest bid is of Romil and gains immunity from next week’s evictions. Salman ends call.

On stage, Salman says Deepak told his wish that his vilage is small and he is not sure if his people are watching him on TV so we went there to check it. They watch TV together, his mother sings for him. His grandmother cries and says he has made us proud. Salman connects with Deepak’s family and talks about how they recently got electricity in their village. Salman asks if they Deepak will win? They say we are confident. Deepak’s sister reveals that even though she could not talk to her brother, she has got the opportunity to talk to the host, who is like her brother. Salman ends call.

Salman connects call to house, Salman says you are from village where electricity came just now, I talked to your family, I told her to not worry about you, dont worry they are watching you. Deepak thanks him. Salman says they asked you to keep away from Somi, all laugh. Salman says all are proud to see you here. Deepak is in tears. Salman jokes with him. Salman says Sree and KV are coming in Sultani ring.

The Sultani Akhada begins! Karanvir and Sreesanth are called out on the ground. The first round consists of talking about each other’s faults. Karanvir calls Sreesanth untrustworthy, to which the latter defends himself by saying that if he was trustworthy, he would not be part of International cricket. KV says he dislike people, he eats away relation. KV says he might be a good player but very bad person. Sree says this round was about telling how you are better than me but you yourself said I am better. Salman laughs. KV also laughs. Salman says it was about who is better in show and you called him better. Only Sristy votes for KV. All vote for Sree except Sristy. Round two consists of who can push the opponent on his back. Sree pushes him down in first round. They start second round, Sree says he is injured. KV says I am fine, fight. Sree pushes him down and wins. Sreesanth also wins rounds two, winning the Sultani Akhada. Salman gives him meddle.

On stage, Salman connects call to house. Salman announces that Romil is safe. But he has a little surprise in store for the housemate for his touching gesture towards Somi, earlier this week. The show proceeds to screen videos of Romil’s eight-month-old son. He is then greeted by his wife and child. Romil sees his wife and child in confession room. He runs there and meets his wife. He takes his baby and asks his wife if she is fine? he says baby has grown. Romil brings his baby in house. All inmates are excited to see him. Baby cries. Romil takes him back to his wife, wife asks him to take care and leaves.

On stage, Salman connects call again. The host announces that Deepak is safe. Surbhi gives a heartfelt dedication to her friends. Salman reveals that Surbhi is safe, and calls Somi out. Surbhi begs him to cancel this week’s evictions. Surbhi says you have power, please cancel it. Salman asks Surbhi to come instead of her, Surbhi says no. Salman reveals that, like every year, there will be no evictions in celebration of Diwali. The Happy Club celebrate being safe and most importantly, together.
Bigg Boss asks KV to choose who he will send to jail. Karanvir nominates Sreesanth, Deepak and Rohit for the Kaalkothri. Sreesanth is furious and believes that Surbhi should be in jail instead of him and refuses to go in. He calls this an act of revenge. He leaves from garden. Sree says to Rohit that I am not going. Bigg Boss asks them to go in jail. Sree says I am injured, I told him that I dont want to beat him but he wanted to be beaten.

KV asks Sree to go in jail. Sree says I am not going. KV says its your call. Sree says I am not going. KV says you took my name too, its Bigg Boss’s orders. KV says he is not listening Bigg Boss. Sree says I left task on my own. KV says you cursed Deepak too. Sree says I didnt curse him, I called him ***. KV says we know what you are calling him. Karanvir and Sreesanth get into a fight.
Sristy says to Shiv that I dont trust Sree.
Romil says to Sree that if you become captain then I will not go then what can you do?
Sristy says to Shiv that Sree says things to people who love him.
Dipika says to KV that a lot of people destroyed peace, I dont find your reason right. Somi says Sree always go to jail so he might be angry that he is chosen everytime.

Later, Sree goes to jail. Rohit says to KV what is this? Deepak asks Somi to take care. Somi asks him to remain in jail. Rohit goes in jail too.
Sreesanth removes Megha’s name off the jail walls, to which the latter questions it. Sreesanth mentions that it was his wish. Megha tears up. Surbhi comes to comfort her, telling her that it is nothing to cry about. Sree makes elephant of Megha’s name. Rohit says she felt bad. Sree says Megha have decided to cry from today.

PRECAP- Deepak says to Somi that its a situation where one of us can be saved only. Somi says friendship one side and game is different from it. Two inmates have to sit on bike and one will have to get down and get nominated. Sree and Surbhi sits on bike, Surbhi says I want to be saved, he says me too. Megha and Dipika are on bike, Dipika says I dont want to go home so soon. Jasleen and Sristy are on bike, Jasleen says I am not giving up. Shiv and Rohit are on bike, Rohit says I want another chance, Shiv says you dont get another chance here. Sree says Bigg Boss is legend.

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