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Behir & Adiya FF : Chilling Visions Part 6


The boys wake up early not disturbing their wives sleep.

Aditya ; wow you all woke up so early

Mahir : yaar last night the girls were scared too much

Arjun ; I still could not understand whats going on I mean is there really something in that house

Aditya : I have no idea but we should confirm first

Phone rings

“Yea” Mahir talks on phone getting little surprised

Ajitabh : good morning my dear wifey

Vish : you are talking like every morning is your new day

Ajitabh : it should be for everyone

Vishaka : whatever, thank god Bela and Zoya are sleeping were they alright

Adi : yea last night I worked so hard even as pilot I didn’t work that hard

“Then get ready I will make you work, start from kitchen” Zoya comes from back

Adi : hayee I wish I could say that idiom but you are not devil for you my life is at stake whats with kitchen

Zpya : really? then here is my menu for today, egg and cheese sandwich, french toast and my black coffee

Bela : and take my order, potato stuffed bread I am tired of eating my own food

Vish : Ajitabh darling don’t worry you, Mahir and Arjun will also help him, you know my choices so need to tell you

Ajitabh : thats not fair yaar, we ruined our sleep last night for you all

Vish : so? you did big favor

Mahir : Bela my sweet pie you know if you eat my hand made food you won’t be able to stand from bed for one week

Bela : right but I am sorry Mr husband, rules are rules can’t help it

Arjun : and I am telling right now I am not doing anything for this fool

“Excuse me who did you call fool” Noor argues with him

Zoya : Arjun, back off and here is your all attire best of luck (gives them apron)

Vish ; take your time no rush bye

The boys goes into kitchen blaming each other funnily and starts cooking.

Noor shows something to Vishaka alone about the haunted house

Vish : what is this?

Noor : di, read this article, it clearly says this house belongs to a couple and their daughter died on same day when this house was build

Vish : I know the couple but how is this possible and we don’t know where they are

Noor : I honestly feel we will get the clue from the house itself

Vish : have you lost it? going inside that house is no less than inviting death

Noor : di, we have no choice either and my heart says there is some old connection of this haunted house and maybe one of us

Vish : but we cannot go like this without any safety, first I have to find a priest who can give us some amulet

Noor nods

Door bell rings

Vish ; Noor can you check who is it?

“Yea” she says and opens the door only to find a young couple standing with bags

“Hello gorgeous” guy lowers his glasses to nose

“I wish I could say same but you are not that bad actually” Noor gets sarcastic

The girls laughs loud

Boy : that was the worst laugh ever, even ghost would run away

Girl stamps bag on his foot hardly

“Oouch” he shouts

Noor : guys if you are done with fighting can you tell me who do you want to meet

Boy : I came to meet my bhai

“Bhai? whose bhai?” she asks confusingly

Vishaka : Noor who is it?

“Ah bhabhiji’s voice” he says and is about to go inside

Noor : wait wait, first at least give me your introduction how can I let you go

Boy : why? are you police officer

Noor : consider like that

“But I told you I came to see my brother” he starts arguing

“Stupid your bhai must have a name at least say that also” girl hits his shoulder

Boy sees Mahir talking on phone and runs inside pushing Noor towards Arjun who was standing behind

“Ah, stupid” Noor is about to fall but gets hold by Arjun sharing cute eye lock

Arjun : what yaar? if you don’t know how to walk you should have learned it

Noor (stands properly) : shut up, I was going to catch this thief, thief (runs after boy)

“Bhai save me from this wild cat please, she is going to attack your brother” boy hides behind Mahir like kid

Noor : Mahir ji you please move from way

“Stop wait, he is my brother Samar (Dheeraj dhoopar)r” Mahir reveals

Samar breathes relieved but feels another pain from back somebody hitting him with stick none other than Bela.

“Fool, from childhood you were making me dream higher that Bela when will I call you bhabhi, and in bhai’s marriage you were busy wooing girl” Bela runs behind him

Ajitabh : Bela ji please no violence in police officer’s house what will people say

Vish : nothing that you are bribe taker, who breaks his own rules (winks)

Zoya : great you all are mannerless, but nobody is welcoming the girl standing on door

Adi : you are enough na to teach us manners (teases her), our lecturer of values

Zoya makes O shaped and gets irritated

Mahir ; so sorry (tells the girl) you know now our family and friends group is full of zoo

“But you are ringmaster of zoo, include that too in speech” Bela shouts from back

Mahir (whispers) : don’t mind my wife is little bit cracked from childhood and after marriage she will fully be one

“Great way to welcome the guest” Bela says

Zoya and Vish brings the girl inside. She turns out to be girlfriend of Samar named Maya (Helly Shah). She is extremely modern raised in foreign country but still close to own culture.

Samar could not join Bela and Mahir’s marriage due to seminar.

Later everybody gathers during lunch time.

Samar : bhai this is not fair whole life you didn’t cut tomato for me and cooked directly for bhabhi

Maya : excuse me love, this basically means your brother is very loving to his wife, you talk about yourself

Samar ; I am very unique piece

“Oh hello unique creature, first tell me how was your seminar at least time don’t disappoint me” he asks

Samar : my dear brother, don’t worry this year topper will be the great Samar Sehgal with distinction

Noor laughs

The girls go out for walk near the forest area. Bela feels somebody behind but ignores

Vish : whats wrong?

“I don’t know why I feel like somebody is following us” she says nervously

Vish : nobody is there, you are again imagining things come lets go

Vishaka and Noor goes to a saint who can help them with problem.

Vish : baba we came with lot of hopes, please help us I feel something is wrong

The saint closes eyes having flashes of everything that happened in the house to Bela opening forbidden door.

“There is big problem in the house, a grave mistake done by somebody, you should not go inside the house” he warns them

Noor : but how will we solve problem then

Saint : fighting with ghost is not your thing, one needs unshakable faith and devotion to god

Vish : I will do anything so save my sister, I have already lost my family now I cannot afford to lose my sister

Saint : try to understand dear, you cannot fight with evil like this, if possible take your sister away far from here, today is full moon night that means spirit’s power increases

Noor : at least tells us some way we can protect ourself

Saint baba gives them leaf to hang outside the house in specific direction

“Make sure you hang on sun set only not before or after” Baba hands her the leaf

Vish : what will happen with this?

“This can prevent any bad power to harm you all and nobody should go out after 9 today” Saint tells them

Vish : thank you baba

Noor : di now what will we do

“Whatever happens I will open that door tonight itself and find clue” Vish says

Noor : but didn’t you hear what he said tonight is full moon night and we need strong faith

Vish : among us who can go

The girls stands near the well when Noor sees something in the forest

Vish : anyway come lets go everybody will be waiting

“Di you go I will just come” she says

Vish : alright come soon its not safe here to stay alone for long time

Noor : please di you go I will come

Vishaka leaves

Noor starts walking in the woods hearing weird noises of birds. Her hair are blowed from back

and legs are tied in rope. She is dragged backwards by strong force

“Ahhhhhh” she screams but nobody is able to hear her voice and is thrown in wall

Precap : Spirit attacks the youngsters inside house injuring them. Vish and Zoya uses their god chanting to stop spirit

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