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Turning Pain into Power~ A RiAnsh/RiHaan OS

Back after soo long time , hope you all will enjoy this ….


At Cliff :-
Vansh is at the edge of the cliff ,  holding the edge point , if he moves even an inch , he could meet his death , just then riddima came crying and holded his hand , but he jerked it
”  Ishq ki shatranj mein…. , Mein apne aap ko kho gaya !!….. , Jis se pyaar kiya …. , Usne hi dhoka de diya !!…..”
He spoke while tear droplets are forming in his eyes ,
She wanted to embrace him , and make him calm , but he now hates , even her mere presence ..
” Jis se mohabbat kiya , jis ke liye sabsi badi qurbaan kiya , aaj voh hi mujhe dhoka diya ”
She spoke with words choking , while he is confused by her words ,
” Mein chal raha hun ….. Hamesha Hamesha ke liye , phir kabhi laut nahi aaunga ”
He spoke and faked a smiled ,
” Tere Ishq Mein Marjawaan ”
He mouthed and left permanently , leaving her in pain , tears , and in the clutches of cunning wolves ……
At VR Mansion :-
Riddima came back holding his watch , when she holded his hand , he jerked off , but , it left his watch , in her arms , she gone to their room , while angre has mixed emotions ,
1. Is that , the person who is the favourite person for him , in this family is her , but she only gave betrayal to his brother
2. That she will get the punishment for betraying his boss , as he is not dead
3. He doesn’t feel like hurting her , and his sixth sense is saying him to believe her
In RiAnsh Room :-
She was sitting pale and with a dull and expressionless face  , with swollen eyes , she is crying silently , her inside there is lot of pain , and lot of things to say , but no one cares or listens to her words
Aaram de dil ko mere …..,
Mere paas aa ……
Mar Mar ke jee raha hoon …
Meri , sun le sada…..
Mehsoos kar , tu bhi mujh ko zara …..
Hona Na Mujhse Judaa…….
Hoo…… Ishq mein marjawaan…….
Kuch bhi kasam se karjawaan…….
Oo….. Ishq mein marjawan…..
Kuch bhi kasam se karjawan……
Just then , vihaan makes his entry as vansh , while angre brushing off his thoughts smirks , they both enter into RiAnsh room , slowly and see her crying with a pale face
” Boss , yaha kya chal raha hai ?? , Mene socha aapki jaane se , yeh uss bastard kabir ki saath party kar lega , but yeh toh yaha pativrata savitri ki tarah apne pati ki jaane se roo raha hai ” angre spoke literally confused
” Kuch bhi hoo , ham iss par aur iski stupid partner par ek nazar rakhna chaahiye . ” Vansh spoke , and both VanGre see kabir coming towards the room , ” There you go … , The Black sheep arrived ” vansh spoke and both VanGre hid behind and started watching RidBir’s Talks and moves ,
” Oh my ….. My Baby doll is crying , like seriously riddima ?? , Tune toh khush hona chaahiye tha , par ek abalnaari ki tarah kyu roo raha hoo ?? , yaha mar gaya toh teri dushman , mai nahi . ” Kabir spoke
” Uff…. Hamari toh bhi yeh hi doubt hai stupid saab ” both vangre spoke
” Pata Nahi kab kaun dhoka de dega , koi anjaan varna koi dushman , yaa phir , teri apnon yaa teri kismat !!… ”
She spoke with fiery voice ,
” Boss , I think aapki saath reh ke , use aap ki tarah hi quotations aur dialogues aa gya ” angre spoke listening her words
” Par , yeh attitude toh isko pehle se hi hai aangre , infact , pehle yeh dialogues aur quotations , mujhe freely samarpan karti thi ” vansh spoke remembering their moments , indeed fights ,
” Oops….. Toh pata chal gya ??.. ”
Kabir spoke for which she added ,
Sab kuch ”
” Ab kis baat ki baare mein baat kar raha hai boss ?? , Mujhe toh kuch nahi samajh mein aaya . ” Angre spoke confused
” I am feeling pity on you riddima “
Kabir spoke with sympathy
” Ab yeh kis ke liye ?? ” Riddima spoke irritated
” Hamara toh bhi woh hi question tha” VanGre spoke
” Ab toh teri paas , aur teri saath , koi bhi , I repeat koi bhi nahi ” Kabir spoke to her , and his sympathy irritated her more
” I doesn’t need your so-called sympathy , indeed I am feeling pity for you , that now you have to face a different riddima ” Riddima spoke and smirked , which made KaVanGre shocked to the core
” Arreey….. Itni choti baat ke liye dar raha ho ?? , There is much more in store for you ” she spoke , and started leaving the room , she opened the room door and was about to leave , but before going , she craned her neck and turned towards him ,
” THE WAR JUST BEGUN ” She mouthed and left
In VR Mansion’s Garden :-
Riddima is sitting on a bench , and tears are endlessly rolling down from her eyes to cheeks , just then her mind reminded her of his last words ,
” Kya kar lu iss duniya mein ?? , agar tum iss duniya mein nahi hoo !! , Kyu hai yeh zindagi ?? Agar tum saath nahi ho !! , Tune toh khushi khushi ek bewakoof ki tarah chalagya , par kabhi apni yeh stupid idiotic wife ki baare mein socha hi nahin , atleast , revenge lene ke toh reh sakte ho na ”
She spoke with her words choking by each second
” Uff….. My Cry baby , kyu roo rahi hoo ?? , Agar tum rote toh woh phir waapas nahi aayega ” kabir spoke
” Ishq mein jaan gawaana dastoor hai !!, 
Ishq mein hue jo qurbaan mashoor hai !! ,
Par jo mere ishq mein keemat maangi hai , har dahleez laangi hai ”
She spoke with fury in her eyes
” Meine toh tumse pyaar kiya tha , sacha pyaar , kuch bhi karne ki tayaar hua tha , sirf aur sirf meri pyaar ki khaatir , tere liye toh mein apni pyaar ko bhi qurbaani diya tha , par tune , sirf mujhe istamaal kiya , mujhe ek pawn jaise use kiya tha tune ” she spoke while VanGre are shocked and confused too
” Meine toh ek stupid insaan hun , ek pagli deewani , jis ne uss ki pyaar mein pagalpan hoo gayi , ki maine ek saap par vishwaas rakha ke , ek golden-hearted person pe shaq kiya tha , ab aur nahi , aaj tak mein apni
Be-intehaan pyaar ko dikhaaya , ab beyhadh nafrat ko dikhati hun , tume toh jaanta nahi , ki meri pyaar kitni sundar hoti hai , meri nafrat utna hi khatarnak hoti hai , aur uss nafrat se koi nahi bach sakta , I repeat , koi nahi matlab koi nahi ” She spoke , while KaVanGre are literally scared and sweat beads formed on their foreheads . Kabir instantly left from there . ” THE GAME STARTS RIGHT NOW ” She mouthed and left to her room . While VanGre came out from the bushes , ” Boss , sab kuch confusing dikh raha hai , pata nahi chal kya raha hai ?? , I think jaan ne ki kahaani bahut kuch hai ”
Angre spoke for which vansh nodded
” I think , mei ab apni vihaan ki game shuru karna chaahiye ” vansh spoke and left to their room
In RiAnsh Room :-
He entered inside their room , to only see she is not present , while there is a pair of eyes observing him
Riddima’s POV :-
I was hell irritated listening to kabir’s words , I need something to cool myself , I went to kitchen , and took a cloth and add some ice cubes and wrapped it up , and tied it , now my ice pack is ready , I was going to my room when I stopped at the door step , I saw him, arrey , how could you see him darling ?? , Maybe my imagination !! , Uff…. Nowadays I am imagining him everywhere , when I am in troubles , he will help me by motivating me , now stop imagining riddima , Just go your way , I think I got some imagining phobia for sure ,I went inside , to see him staring at me mustering my courage , I spoke
” Look , just go away ”
POV ends
Vansh’s POV starts
I was searching for her , when she entered , not even caring about me , even not seeing me she said
” Look , just go away ” like seriously ?? , I was dumbstruck , I spoke ” But why ?? ”  , Then she spoke ” look , I know very well , that you are just my mere imagination , just go away from my sight , I doesn’t want to fall weak this time , just leave” oh gosh !! , What was she speaking ?? , I am her imagination ??
” For your kind information , I am not your imagination !! , And yah , why you will fall weak , that too once again ? , And why are you saying me imagination ? ” I spoke for which she replied ” if you are not my imagination , then atma or what ?? , And yah , of course I will imagine you always , how can’t this be imagination too ?? ” Oh mine , she will imagine me ?? , And why she is saying me atma , then only reality hit me hard , uff , I am dead in her point of view isn’t it ?? , Then I asked her ,
” Why you imagined me ?? , Can you give a specific example ? ” For which she answered ” when I was stuck in the room of coal , won’t I imagined you ? , And you helped me !! ” Mine , the room of coal ?? , I must find out about it , then I saw her covering herself with blanket and holding a white pillow , just a second , it’s my shirt indeed , why was she missing me that much ?? , I was left in confusion , but one thing I am sure that something I was missing for sure
I have gone to angre , and asked him to show me the CCTV , uff , like seriously ?? , I know very well , that ishani hates her , but not to this extent , that she will keep attempting to kill her , is she my sister or assassin or serial killer ?? , And this riddima , she said her legs got burnt while cooking , she even hid it ?? , Can’t she say the truth ,
Heart of mine :- then will you believe it ?? , Uff , of Course I won’t ” Boss , I observed one thing that in every plotting of ishani to kill riddima , there is even chachi , aryan and even anupriya mam is also involved ” angre spoke for which I am shocked , I later left to the guest room to sleep .
At Morning :-
All family members are present at the hall as vansh called them , riddima is shocked and confused  , is he alive ?? , Then he said that ” I heard that my enemies in business are trying to kill us all , I want you all to be safe , so , I want you all to leave to some other country , I will meet you all , when possible  he spoke and all agreed , later , everyone left while anupriya said she will stay back
Vansh’s POV :-
Now everyone left , if my family will be , I can’t act more , someday I will get caught , so better , they will be away , I saw kabir’s face , he is sweating which made me smirk , while riddima is confused , of course she thinks , I am not her so-called imagination anymore , hmm , let’s start our act …
Vansh’s POV ends
He later said that he is vansh’s secret bodyguard , he will use him in difficult situations , when he got to know that his boss is dead , he doesn’t want the family in tears , so acted as vansh ,
None knows the fact completely ,
” Uff… This vansh , he will always say right ?? , I am vansh raisinghania , I can do anything , vansh ki nazron se koi nahi bach sakta , then how can’t he figure out a black sheep ?? , a betrayer?? , a backstabber ?? , from these many years !! , I am just annoyed of her melodrama , he is such an idiot that , he is keeping a snake in his house , feeding it and treating it like a queen , he doesn’t knew that it will bite him someday , the poison is given by her , is very very sweet , but it’s dangerous for many lives ” she spoke , while VanGre
Are listening to her keenly ,
” Boss , of whom she is talking about ?? ”
” Even I doesn’t know angre , first I need to gain her trust , then we could know her plans easily ” he said and left to their room ,
” Hello …. Mrs Pretty Raisinghania he spoke in a flirtatious tone
” You said that , you will act like vansh isn’t it ?? ”
” Of course Mrs Pretty RaiSinghania
” Then you could never ever , not even in your sweet dreams or my worst nightmares ”
” Why so ?? “
” Because , VANSH RAISINGHANIA means , an arrogant and rude person , who will always be strict and serious , like a khadoos insaan , and values his work more , not even he , his workers will also be the same , but look at you , totally opposite of him , there is not even a bit which will match you both , rather than faces , you could never match , you know what ?? , All girls will flirt with him , but he doesn’t give a damn not even to his wife , he doesn’t even talked with me 5mins atleast , coz you see , he married me last , I am his 4rth wife , don’t know , atleast he kissed my hand once … ” She said arranging the clothes , while VanGre are listening to her words
Vansh’s POV :-
Uff…. Sweetheart , I can’t be , without praising you for sure , in these few days , you learnt about me completely , you see , not even my family could know about me this much you know ?? , Yupp , you are right in differentiating me and my real  identity’s character you know , I must say that you are absolutely right , and yah of course , I doesn’t even talked with you nicely , even you betrayed me also , I doesn’t feel so , there is something
Vansh’s POV :-
Just a Second , What did she just say ?? , 4rth Wife ?? , What the ….
” Mrs Pretty RaiSinghania ….. What did you just say ?? , 4RTH WIFE ?? ”
” Hain …. 1st wife is Business , 2nd wife Laptop , 3rd wife angre ji , 4rth I am ” only I know , how I stopped my laugh … , Later I and angre left to check on that chameleon , there you go he is ….
” How the hell he is alive ?? , I saw with my own eyes … When he jumped off the cliff , I must plan some other way to kill him , I need to kill him in the dark , before light falls on me …. , This time , riddima will not believe me for my fake words & proofs …. ” Again a new confusion , what to do man ?? , Fake words & proofs ?? , I am just fed up …
Author’s POV :-
While vansh/vihu is walking through the corridor of the mansion , he felt like someone following him , he ignored it & walked further .. , just then he felt like someone is behind him … , He turned to see riddima holding a knife , while it’s sharp grip made her blood ooze , he took a handkerchief from his pocket and tied it to her hand ….
” What the hell Mrs Pretty RaiSinghania , why did you holded this knife ?? ”
” Just leave it …. I am leaving , go to bed and sleep ”
” Good night Mrs Pretty Raisinghania” He said in a flirtatious tone
” Very Bad night Mr Pervert ”
” Why the hell it will be a bad night ??”
” When he is there , I used to sleep in his embrace , and when he will ask about it , I used to say , in sleep accidentally I did so …. But now he isn’t there ”
Ufff…… Did she really loved me that much ?? He thought to himself
” Then may I sleep with you ?? , You will feel like you are with your husband ”
” No thanks ….. I doesn’t loved him for his facial features and his money , I just loved his heart …. Which is gold , even if you have his face , you will never have his heart …. ”
Saying so , she left
” No one can ever understand you , you are different , unique , and a puzzle , which could never be solved,
I still doesn’t understand , why the hell did you betrayed me … ?? ”
He left to his study room , where angre is present , and asked him to show the CCTV …. He checked what happened at the corridor , and shocked to see someone trying to kill him by stabbing him with a knife, but riddima came at right time and gilded the knife to stop the killer , he even checked the CCTV ,before he faked his death ,and saw how all of his family members , plotted against riddima , and tried to kill her
” I came at the right time , or else ? , He may have been dead by now , I can’t keep someone’s life at risk , when they doesn’t have did a single mistake ” Riddima spoke and slept holding vansh’s shirt
The Next Morning :-
While vihaan is playing football , he saw her coming , he went near her , to see a glow in her face ….
” You are soo happy today ?? What’s the reason ?? ”
” Can’t I be ?? ”
” I doesn’t mean it ”
” Then what did you mean ?? ”
” I could never win in talking with you , can’t you share your happiness with me too ?? ”
” Yeah …. Very Soon , the black sheeps from this house will be out ”
Saying so she left ,
” What did she mean by BLACK SHEEPS , there is only 1 black sheep here isn’t it ?? , I am missing something ”
Days passed , 1 midnight …. Someone secretly sneaked into a room , and took a frame from the wall , and gone away ,
At the Poolside :-
” Finally , I got it with much difficulty”
Saying so she took a small spy camera from the frame ,
” Ab ismein , sab kuch jo mummy ji aur kabir ne baat kiya record hua
Hain , dekhti hi raho kabir aur mummy ji , mein tum dono ko kaise jail tak le chalti hun ”
Saying so she was about to go to her room , but her foot slips and the cam falls down into the pool
” Shit …. Bappa.. ”
” Ab kya karun ?? ”
The next morning :-
” What happened ?? , Why are you soo upset ?? ”
” I have gone till the end of the plan , even my plan worked too , but… All went in vain at the last ”
” Whoa….. So what , you better take tips from me ”
” No thanks ….
An intelligent person will think calmly for a plan in difficult situations
A Smart & Clever & Brilliant person , already be ready with a plan
But a mastermind , if Plan A fails too , they will still have a Plan B ”
” So you mean you have a Plan B ?? “
She smirks and leaves indicating YES
At night :-
While vihaan is working on his laptop , he sees riddima going to her room , he decides to talk with her , he enters her room ,
” Mrs Pretty RaiSinghania “
” Hmm … ”
” I want to talk to you ”
” But I don’t want to ” she said like a child
Is she drunk ?? He thought to himself
” Are you drunk ”
” Why will I drink haa ?? , I am not any drunkard ok ”
” Mrs Pretty RaiSinghania …. Sit down “
” No I won’t ”
” Why ?? ”
” Coz I don’t want to sit down ”
” Why ?? ”
” Why will I sit down ?? , I will sit on the bed ”
He laughs and makes her sit
” Why did you leave me ?? ” She asks
” When did I leave you ?? , I am with you na ”
” No …. You left me ”
” No I doesn’t ”
” No you did ”
” When & how ?? ”
” On the day you jumped off the cliff , by dying in front of my eyes ”
” What are you talking off …. I am VIHAAN ”
” Who knows you are vansh ?? ”
” And how will I be ?? Didn’t you say our characteristics doesn’t match  “
” I agree I said so …. But vansh has not only one , but soo many shades in himself …. Who knows you are acting like him ”
” Why will I act ?? ”
” First to end kabir , next to take revenge from me for betraying you ”
” If I am vansh ….. I am not any fool to act so ”
” You are not a fool , so what you acting ”
” What do you mean ”
” I mean …. If ever kabir gets to know that you are alive …. He will plot various methods against you , and you will end up in jail , falsely accused , so you planned smartly , and thought that I will believe you and trust you , and after gaining trust you will start executing your master plans ”
” Stop making theories riddima ”
” Look … Same anger & arrogance , you will never change vansh ”
” You have a misunderstanding , I am not vansh , I am vihaan ”
” Stop acting vansh …. Like others , you can’t fool me too , I doesn’t lived with you years , but I know very well about you , my vansh will never ever commit suicide for betrayals done to him , not even in his worst dreams , he will definitely take revenge , no matter who betrayed him , he will not even leave his family members , if they betray him , bcoz if the mistake is done , either friend or family or partner or love , whatever , whoever , they will get the punishment , not in a easy way , but a torturous way , that they will not beg for life , but for death , and in VANSH RAISINGHANIA’S world …. Betrayal punishment is death , don’t I know about you ….. You will definitely plan something , which is unexpected from all , my vansh won’t fall weak , whatever are the circumstances , I know him well ” she said and crying , she dozed off
Next Morning :-
” What happened to me ?? ”
” You got drunk ” he said handing over the glass of lemon juice to her
At Night :-
Someone mixed something in juice glasses ,
……………..MOMENTS LATER…………….
” Now say …. The CRIMES YOU COMMITED ” Riddima asked the two persons , who are tied to a chair with ropes , they are revealed to be kabir & anupriya
………………..MINUTES BACK…………….
The flashback is shown riddima mixing truth serum in the juice glasses which AnuBir drunk (PLAN B)
After recording , she left them in their rooms , while the next day , AnuBir arrested …..
At night :-
While both VanGre are thinking to get anupriya out of the jail ….
Riddima came near them (she doesn’t remember her drunken confession ) ,
” Angre ji ….. Woh…. I wanted to give you this ” she said handovering a pendrive
And left ….
At the Cliff :-
VanGre came to the cliff , after tracing riddima’s location …. ,
……………….HOURS BACK…………………
The pendrive which riddima gave , revealed the whole truth .
…………..Present …….
She saw them coming , she stood at the edge of the cliff , and craned her neck to see them
” Why did you come ?? ” she spoke
” Why are you here ” he spoke
Oh come on vihaan , why will I be here “
” It’s VANSH ”
” Whoa ….. It seems my doubt is right”
” Please riddima …. I am sorry ”
” Sorry vansh …. I don’t want to ”
Saying so , she jumped off the cliff , plastering a smile
…..The end …..

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