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Lost- #Fatejo #OS one shot

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None of y’all know me since I haven’t commented anytime on the updates for I am not a big fan of the show but had watched it for quite a few episodes when Fateh and Tejo had a good bonding but then the makers ruined it completely. I have written a few Fan Fictions on Ishq mein marjawan 2, when the show was on air and mostly active on Wattpad. Reading the updates and comments on Instagram of the show has pissed me to a great extent and I started to hate it, with my Mom tagging along. Sorry for speaking so much, let me start the OS.

This is completely my imagination and does not resemble the show by any manner.


His eyes landed on her and for the first time in the last three years, he felt relieved. His disturbed mind calmed down on seeing her, again. His lips formed into a beautiful smile on seeing her, again. His heart beats increased when he saw her and all he wanted to do was hold her in his arms and hug her.

There she stood with a bouquet of roses in her hand and a smile on her face, outside the Gurudwara. Her smile, her sweet smile which could lighten up his day, her smile which could make forget all his worries, her smile which increased his heart beats.

Should he go and initiate a conversation with her?

How could he face her after everything that had happened to her because of him and his wife?!

“How shameless can you be? Firstly, it’s because of you that I was thrown out of my house and now you came back here? Can’t you understand that Fateh isn’t yours? He never was! Fateh is just mine!”

Jasmine’s words echoed his mind as after that he never saw her. His Tejo had left him the same day after signing the divorce papers.

He never saw her. She felt him, his family, her family; only to live for herself and stable her life. Without telling anyone about her destination. He still doesn’t know where he is.

“Fateh, whom are you looking at?” asked Jasmine from behind and followed his gaze, “She came back. What had she thought that if she came back after three years everyone would forgive her? I still hate her!”

Fateh’s heart ached on hearing someone hating his love. His Tejo. How stupid was he to let go Tejo only to hold the hand of Jasmine, a selfish creature.

It’s because of Jasmine that he had to leave his family or to be precise his family disowned him. His Mom too. None tried to contact him, no one wanted to know about him.

His marriage with Jasmine is a loveless and hopeless marriage. She’s only with him because he provides her and nothing else. He doesn’t love her, maybe he never did. She lost her love for him, maybe she too didn’t love him.

His stupidity caused him something so big that he lost his Tejo.

Would she speak to him if he went to her?

Fateh took a step ahead when Jasmine held his wrist, turning his head and giving her a blank look, “Where are you going? Don’t tell me that you are going to Tejo, you aren’t allowed to go to her,” said Jasmine and added, “If you go to her now then don’t even think about speaking to me.”

All Fateh wanted to do was jerk his hand off of her and walk to Tejo. Unwrapping his wrist, Jasmine led herself to the car while Fateh turned around and his heart broke.

Never in his wildest dreams had he thought he would get to see this sight. His Tejo in the arms of another man, kissing him.

She moved on.

She really did.

They held hands and walked ahead together, it was visible she found love, again.

He lost her.

Maybe it wasn’t Jasmine’s fault for the amount he blames her. Maybe it was his fault for failing to have a successful life along with Tejo.

He watched until his love was out of sight with her lover while he had to go back to someone he doesn’t want to.


Wattpad:- @seanna_445

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