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Late recognisation & regret ~ Riansh os (Part 2)

Hi guys so this is second part of os . In previous part of os I only 16 comments. Do comments . I thought this os need 2nd part so it is . Parita I see you said comments are less this problem is with me also. So don’t end His hostage in love ff 

Let’s start

After Vansh goes from there

Abhishek: Riddhu you did right he deserves this

Riya: Yes Riddhi you did right

Riddhima: I am not thinking about it I am thinking how he got to know. Well Riya , bhai I am going hospital I have many appointments today

( Here Riddhima is famous physiotherapist in America)

AT xyz hotel

Vansh: I know Riddhima you alot but don’t worry I will pacify you

Vansh calls to Angre

Vansh what happened in Malhotra Mansion

Vansh: tell me where is Riddhima working .

Angre: boss I will message you

Call ended

After few minutes Angre message Vansh

In message

Boss bhabi working in life care hospital she is famous physiotherapist in America

In life care hospital

Riddhima was walking in corridor suddenly someone pull her by wrist to her cabin .

In cabin

Riddhima: Vansh what are you doing here ?

Vansh: Riddhima I am your husband & you are questioning what I am doing here

Riddhima: if you’re my husband than  why didn’t you recognise me before

Vansh: I know I did mistake yaar but trust I won’t do this again

Riddhima: I will think now go from here I have many appointments today

Vansh goes

After completing work Riddhima was going home in her car

Suddenly someone come front of her car . Riddhima stops car she come out from car see

Riddhima: Vansh now what is this

Vansh: I will come with you

Riddhima: what

Vansh: till you will not forgive me I will stay with you

Riddhima: fine

Vansh & Riddhima sit car

Riddhima was driving slincely  Vansh click button songs are playing

je tu jatt malwai wang ghume sheran de

naam jaap de dubai aale shakhe mera ve je tu bor ghat milda

Mile na license nakhro dil da

hilda jamana chale thar jattiyan

suit paun lattiyan main shehri yakiyan

gaut sapnni parande nal bani hui aa buhat e  bande jo aakad main bhani hui a

mere nau ( name) bramten paain boliyan jithe pake jattan de dere ve

asi majhe ale majhe aale paide aa kedi lag ju nede tere ve kedi supne dekh ju tere ve

 assi majhe aale  majhe aale paida a assi majhe aale…

( My favourite song  , sorry if I hurt someones feeling)

Vansh: same as you

Riddhima glared him

They reach Malhotra Mansion

In hall

Abhishek: Riddhu why you bring him here

Riddhima:  bhai I am not bring him here he said I stay here till I forgive him

Abhishek: so mr  Vansh then you forgot about forgiveness

Vansh: don’t worry I will pacify her

Riddhima: bhai I am going my room

In room

Vansh also come behind her

Riddhima: now why are you following me .

Vansh: I am not following you . you are my wife , so this is mine room too

Riddhima was irritated by Vansh’s stupid talking

Riddhima: fine

At night

After dinner

In Riansh Room

Vansh: sweetheart please forgive me

Riddhima: no way

Vansh: Riddhu pls . I know I didn’t listen you at that but I promise I will not do this again . I know snatch your happiness  but trust me I will give every  happiness to you

Riddhima: why didn’t you tust at that time Vansh , I always try to save you  not to harm you . Vansh I  know  I behaved weird but it’s all for you

Vansh: I know I hurted you . I didn’t trust you but you also didn’t trust me you also didn’t try tell me about deal . If you tell me about then this  will not happen, your mistakes is also equal . Tell me

Riddhima stays silent

Vansh: sweetheart please forgive me

Riddhima: I know didn’t tell you  . But I try to save you

Vansh: I know, pls forgive me pls

Riddhima: ok. But you trust me always . You didn’t take your decision

Vansh:  I am so happy now .  But your really like that girl which is in song

Riddhima glared him

Vansh: just kidding

Riddhima: come sleep now

Vansh kissed on her forehead

They slept

The end

Hope you like it

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