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Imlie 11th September 2021 Written Episode Update: Tripathis Take A Shocking Decision

Imlie 11th September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Malini starts crying seeing Aditya. Adi says he doesn’t know what is happening with him, he just remembers that he was with Imlie and nothing after that. He asks Malini
if she remembers anything. Malini says no, her head was spinning. Imlie shouts to stop her lies. Malini says Imlie is shocked, but she is also shocked as wrong happened to her and she just remembers.. Imlie shouts to she mixed a hypnotic pill in juice. Malini cries more. Imlie walks away fuming to family followed by Adi. Malini wipes her fake tears and walks to family. Aparna asks Imlie why were they all inebriated last night. Imlie says Malini mixed a hypnotic pill in juice and served them. Malini asks her to stop blaming her, asks why Adi brought her here to get humiliated by Imlie repeatedly, people will blame her now. Harish asks her to stop crying as its not her mistake. Aparna says only Imlie can feed them hypnotic like she did before many times. Imlie calls her maa and says she didn’t. Aparna warns her not to call her mother and says she can’t believe Imlie can stoop so low. Dulari rudely yells at her to shut her mouth and says she is not humiliating her as she is Imlie’s MIL, asks which sautan will send her husband to her sautan to humiliate her, she should question her son who did wrong. Adi says he doesn’t remember anything and only Malini can answer. Malini says how can she answer when she herself doesn’t know anything and asks Imlie what did she gain with this heinous act. Radha consoles her. Aparna asks Pankaj what will they answer Imlie’s parents. Harish says they need to bear humiliation and inform them, asks Aparna to call Anu.

Anu with Mithi rushes to T house and cries hugging Malini asking why god is punishing her daughter, she told her not to stay here, she has a stamp of divorcee and now this humiliation, they cannot face anyone now. She asks Adi why did he do this to her daughter; its not late now, if he held her hand for just 1 night or can he support her whole night; will he accept Malini as his wife or not. He says he doesn’t know what was mixed in his juice that he doesn’t remember anything except being with Imlie last, only Imlie is his wife. Malini cries more loudly. Adi walks to Imlie, and Imlie walks away to her room. He walks behind her and says

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