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DESTINY UNITES – Part 7 (I’ll motive)

hello friends!! Iam back with 7 th episode ☺. Hope you all like it..thank you for your support ☺.


Sirat and Rhea goes to auditorium and they give their in respective field and…

Sirat: I have given my name.. what about you?

Rhea: I also gave my name di.

Sirat: actually from tomorrow they will conduct qualifying matches and if I win in Atleast 7 qualifier matches only I can go to finals..

Rhea: ohh..but don’t worry di. Iam sure you will win. I will come to your match for supporting you.

Sirat smiles: thank you..and what about yours?

Rhea: even I have qualifier matches from tomorrow..I hope I will win all qualifier matches.

Sirat: iam sure you winn the matches..I will also come and support for you during your matches.

Rhea smiles and hugs sirat..

Rhea: thank you so much di..can you give some tips to win the matches?

Sirat: first you should concentrate on your strength and not others..when you see others strength then you will get scared and lose but if you see your strength yourself then your self confidence will increase and you will win

Rhea: ok..

Sirat: second should not see the opponents as enemies  as if you think them as enemies then you will try to hurt them..

Rhea: ok..

Sirat: third should keep reciting your aim in your heart so that your focus will be only on your aim and not anything else..

Rhea: ok..di. thank you so much for valuable advice.

Rhea hugs sirat happily..


reema practices boxing in a room while tanu enters..

Reema: hi tanu aunty..

Reema stops her practice and goes to tanu..

Tanu: hi reema..

Reema: finally my dad is going to get married and iam happy that you are going to be my mom.

Tanu smiles and..

Tanu: even iam happy that you are going to be my daughter.

They hug each other while tanu sees boxing gloves on reema’s hands and..

Tanu: are you practicing for your match?

Reema: yes aunty.. from tomorrow the qualifier matches will be started so I have started to practice.

Tanu: ohh..

Reema: can you give some tips to win the match..

Tanu: yeah..I will give. First sit with me..

Reena sits near tanu and..

Tanu: first thing..if you see someone more stronger than you then you should try to remove them from match so that you can qualify for matches.

Reema: but how?

Tanu: by making them false accusations with proof.

Reema: ok.

Tanu: should see every opponents as your enemies so that you will use your whole strength to defeat them.

Reema: ok.

Tanu: and the final thing is you should never think your matches as aim and you should just focus on your enemies to defeat them. And if you can’t then  you should cheat without anyone’s knowledge.. this is the main aspects in a sport.

Reema gets confused..

Reema: is cheating is not bad ?

Tanu: cheating is not bad in sports.. everything is fair in games. Cheating is better than losing so you should never lose okay?

Reema nods her head..


sirat: Rhea..then remember one thing.

Rhea: what’s it di?

Sirat: you should never cheat okay? Losing is better than cheating.. when you lose you can learn your faults but when you cheat then you will become more dumb.

Rhea: okay di..I will never cheat.


Tanu: when you will feel ashamed and the opponent will feel victorious so you should never allow this to happen okay? You have to win atleast by cheating understood?

Reema: ok aunty..I understood everything. Thank you so much.

Reema again hugs tanu..



Abi and purab were in office..

Purab: bhai.. did you select the best singer? Because a team must have two singers and we have Simar and what about other one?

Abhi: we should select the other one ..let us take rehersals from best singers and then we will select from one of them.

Purab: okay.then I’ll give that everyone come and sing.

Abhi: okay..



Sahana and Prachi goes to 1st MBA and sahana gets shocked seeing Aryan..

Sahana whispers: ohh my goddd..this mad is again here.

Prachi: what are you murmering?

Sahana sternly: nothing.. what to do it’s all my fate.

Prachi: you stupid..tell me clearly.

Sahana points towards Aryan and..

Sahana: see there.. this mad is in our class.

Prachi laughs..

Prachi: then it will be fun for me to watch a tom and jerry fight between you two.

Sahana stares Prachi..

Sahana: can you please shut up.. even you was fighting with that ranbir..

Prachi makes a face..

Prachi: ranbir? Who is ranbir and when did I fight with that guy?

Sahana: hey you recently fought with a man right..he is only ranbir.

Prachi: anyways he is not in this iam free but you are only locked.

Sahana: fine..stop teasing. Come let us find a place to sit.

They see everyone but every bench us full except near Aryan..

Prachi: there is no place except there (pointing towards aryan’s bench)

Sahana sees it and gets shocked..

Sahana: what! Are you mad? How can I sit with that mad?

Prachi: as per your’s your fate. If you don’t want to sit there then go and sit in the professor’s table because there is no other place other than that .

Sahana makes a face and..

Sahana: fine..I’ll sit there but you should sit near that mad in middle and I will sit in the corner okay?

Prachi: okay..

Prachi and sahana goes to aryan’s bench while Aryan gets shocked seeing sahana.

Aryan in mind: what.. again this irritating box. Ohh godd.. now I should share my bench with this irritating box too.

Suddenly Aryan smirks..

Aryan in mind: Aryan..use this opportunity to revenge that irritating box. You remember how she irritated you right? Then it’s now your turn…

Prachi and sahana sits on the bench while Prachi sits near Aryan and sahana on the corner..

Aryan: hey..hi (towards Prachi)

Sahana sees it and gets irritated..

Prachi: hi..

Sahana : stupid Prachi..why are you talking with that mad?

Aryan looks sahana: excuse me miss..i dint talk with you then why are getting irritated?

Sahana turns her face away while Aryan talks with Prachi..

Aryan: your friend have enemity with me and my friend have enemity with you..but that doesn’t mean we should be enemies right? So let us be friends.

Aryan forwards his hands towards Prachi while Prachi smiles and shakes hands with him…

Prachi: okay..

Aryan: then let us take some selfies..

Aryan looks sahana getting more irritated and smiles and he takes selfie with Prachi..

Sahana gets more irritated and blasts..

Sahana angrily: prachiiii.. nowadays you lost your sense.

Aryan smiles seeing her irritated while Prachi calms sahana..

Prachi: please calm down sahana..

Sahana: how can I calm down when you talk with that mad?

Aryan: excuse me..she is my friend too so she is talking with me.. then what’s your problem?

Sahana: did I talk with your friend then why are you talking with my friend?

Aryan: who told you to not talk with my friend? Go and talk with my friend and I will talk with your friend.

Sahana gets more irritated while Aryan enjoys seeing sahana getting irritated..

Sahana shouts: shut are talking too much.

Aryan: even you are showing attitude too much.

Sahana was about to shout again but before that proffesssor enters so they keep quiet.



It became evening..

Rhea too attended the college after her lovely talk with sirat and now everyone reached their house ..

Prachi: mumma..

Pragya comes to Prachi..

Pragya: you look excited.. what’s the matter Prachi?

Prachi: actually to sing in ROCK ‘N’ SING competition we should have teams along with team co ordinator.

Pragya: ohh noo..

Prachi: but don’t worry..there is a person named mr.mehra who is taking rehersals for joining his team so I can go and sing in his team and can get selected.

Pragya: but how you are sure that mr.mehra will select you? There are 1000 of best singers in delhi..

Rhea makes a face..

Rhea: you think that Prachi won’t get selected? Iam sure mr.mehra will select Prachi in his team as she is only the best singer..

Pragya: but still I feel scared..

Prachi hugs pragya and..

Prachi: don’t worry maa..iam sure that krishnaji will help me to get selected.

Pragya smiles and kisses prachi’s forehead..

Pragya: iam proud of you. And how do you know about mr.mehra?

Prachi: I saw in advertising notices in streets.

Pragya: ohh..ok. ok was your first day in college?

Sahana makes a face and..

Sahana: it was the worsest day ever..

Sahana goes Angrily while pragya looks confused..

Pragya: Prachi.. why is sahana so angry?

Prachi:’s a small issue only.. don’t worry.

Prachi too goes to her room while Rhea hugs pragya and..

Rhea: mom.. today I got something special.

Pragya smiles and..

Pragya: did you find any boyfriend for yourself?

Rhea: mom..don’t tease me.

Pragya: fine.tell me what did you get special?

Rhea: A cute sister.

Pragya: sister?

Rhea: yes..she is like my own elder sister. She is very good.. she have even advaised me like her own sister.

Pragya smiles and gets reminded of kiara but she controls her pain..

Pragya: then bring her to our house also.

Rhea: I will surely bring her one will be happy to see her.

Pragya: okay..go and change your dress and come.

Rhea: okay..

Rhea too goes while pragya smiles..


Sirat prepares herself to meet her coach while sheela and mukesh smirks seeing her..

Sheela whispers: mukesh.. today we can get rid of this sirat. I will make sirat a beggar soon..see today how Iam going to frame sirat.

Mukesh: even iam waiting for that moment.

Suddenly sirat comes and hugs sheela and..

Sirat: thank you for everything maa. Today iam so happy.. and it’s all because of you only. Now iam going to meet the coach which you have arranged and thanks for everything.

Sheela in mind: disgusting.. your not going to meet a coach but a womenizer. See what’s I’ll do now..

Sheela fakely smiles and..

Sheela: it’s okay a mother iam fulfilling your wishes.

Sirat smiles..

Sirat in mind: finally my mumma  accepted me..I don’t know what magic did lord do.

Sirat waves bye and goes to her coach in a old factory and she gets shocked seeing an old factory…

Sirat in mind: my mumma sent this adress only but why is this coach present in this old factory?

Sirat goes confusedly inside the old factory and sees a man practicing boxing and she goes to him..

Sirat: excuse me sir..

That man looks sirat and smiles evilly..

Man: yes..tell me. You are sirat right?

Sirat: yes..

Man: your mum told me about you and your dreams and iam sure I can make you win national’s.

Sirat gets happy..

Sirat: thank you so much sir.

Man: and iam richard so you can call me as richard atself instead of sir…

Sirat feels strange but agrees.

Sirat in mind: why do I feel something strange?..

Richard: come lets practice..

Sirat: ok..

Sirat goes and practices punching and suddenly Richard comes and holds her from back which shocks sirat…sirat shouts..

Sirat shouts: who the hell are you…move away from me orelse..

Richard gets tensed..

Richard: please calm down..I think you are misunderstanding me..I ..I just tried to proper your position and nothing other than that.

Sirat calms and..

Sirat: iam scared me.

Richard: it’s okay..I understand.

Sirat: now..I’ll do correctly.

Richard: you are so first drink glucose.

Sirat makes a face..

Sirat: no..iam fine..I will practice first and then I will drink.

Richard:no..I can’t help you unless you are full first drink glucose and come.

Sirat: okay..

Richard takes his bottle and gives it to sirat and sirat drinks it and feels dizzy..

Sirat: what is happening with me?

Suddenly sirat falls unconscious and Richard smirks seeing her unconscious..

Richard in mind: now everything is going according to my plan.. iam sorry alone we’ll have one night stand okay? Then I will help you in boxing..

Richard removes his shirt and he bends down near sirat and he comes close to her ..

While suddenly a guy enters there and hits richard’s head with rod..


PRECAP: sirat’s first match. Ranbir gets mesmerized hearing Prachi’s voice in singing. Rhea wins. Riya tries to burn kiara’s things in Sunny’s house.

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