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Breaking my ties with you…

Scene shows Riddhima working in her office
Recieving a call on her landline,
Riddhima:. hmm…
Oeprator: Mam…a girl has came to meet you ,she is telling her name Annika.
Riddhima: Hmm send her inside
After some moments she recieves the knock,
Within seconds Riddhima was given a lot of hugs,
Riddhima : Anikkaaa
Anikka held her hands and swirled with her
“Oh Riddhi I am so so so happy…”
Riddhima smiled seeing her happiness but within moments she was shocked seeing her laptop fallen,because Anikka had messed up with chargers.
Riddhima was calm,
She was day by day ,getting neutral,
Just giving a soft smile on the moment of huge happiness,and giving a normal look on painful things.
Anikka: I am so ..happy…I mean…sorry
Riddhima: I had prepared a file for 3 months ..that got crashed with it.
Anikka: I am sorry…Riddhima…vo..
Saying so Anikka rushed from there to call someone to collect all the broken pieces of lappy’s screen.
Riddhima was just staring at the pieces,when she saw the reflection of Vansh in it.
She didn’t raise her eyes up but was just staring his reflection.
What it is that everything in your life is breaking?,said Vansh.
“Not everything,just those things which catch your sight” said ,Riddhima.
She said it by straight staring in his eyes,fearless,emotion less eyes.
There were just sharing the eyelock when Anikka came with cleaner ,ordering him to clean up the mess.
Riddhima signed them to stop.
And herself started collecting the pieces,
Anikka: “Riddhima it will hurt you please
And one of the piece pierced her finger leaving the drops of blood falling and minute drops jumping back to floor.
“Let it be Anikka…(staring back up at Vansh)
It’s my thing. The pain of breaking should be mine .”
After some moments ,
Signing cleaner to leave.
“So what made you here”?
Riddhima asked.
She had known herself that Vansh might had come with Anikka so didn’t ask them seperately.
“Riddhima…it wedding card…oh so stupid of me him..Vansh Rai Singhania…my fiance This is the first card Riddhi…Just for you ,because I have no one than you to call my friend.”

Riddhima turned,
What a moment had come in her life,
Her childhood best friend,Anikka…
They had been together at every event of their life,
They were ,more than friends,they were family, supporting each other every moment,
And her wedding,
Was really a big thing for Riddhima,
At which she wished to jump of and hug Anikka tight
But she was marrying,
Her ex husband,the man whom Riddhima, proudly used to call,her love.
This thing was piercing her heart to the core.
But giving her friendship a higher weightage,
She held the card with her hands which were bleeding profusely.
And gave a tight hug to Anikka.
She was not in state of uttering anything,
But murmured,
“Congratulations sis…”
Anikka hugged her back.

…to be continued
And I assure you
I will definitely complete it
Not like my other posts which I had still left.
But don’t worry
Life is long
I will surely complete them too
I time will give a chance
Till then enjoy it
And ya
Again this is a sad one
But I assure you I will write a happy one for sure.
Till then happy reading.

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