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Bigg Boss OTT 11th September 2021 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss OTT 11th September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shamita says if there was no connection he would have gone to Divya. If I said anything both of them would have said I am bossy. Divya said it’s his nature. I have been with him why are you telling me? You can’t be confused if there’s a soul connection. I am hurt but strong.

5 PM
Neha says Pratik say sorry. You’re disgusting. He says don’t touch me with dirty hands. Nishant says to Moose now Pratik is doing the same with Shamita. Neha says I saw too. Shamita says I need to get a lot things out when I go out. Why am I hurt? Neha says it’s natural. Shamita says I was caught off guard. If you like someone you can’t just snap out of it so fast. Neha says yeah was it a drama? Shaimta says he blamed it on me.

5:30 PM
Moose asks Pratik why didn’t you name me in top 5? He says I am confused about myself. I took any random names. You can win this show. She says then why do you contradict? He says you can win. Moose hugs him.

7:15 PM
Divya reads this time is for the luxury budget challenge. Team A has Pratik, Nishant, and Moose. Team B is Raqesh. Shamita and Divya. Neha is the captain. Both teams have to get the bones outside in the box. The team that wins most rounds will get a luxury hamper. When buzzer blares Neha will say a word from the board. The people who have those numbers will come forward and try to get the bones. Until they cross the line the other team can try to get the bones. The winning team and captain will share the task.

7:30 PM
The task starts. Neha writes 1 on the board. Divya and Moose come forward. Nishant says to Neha you have to say it loud. Divya picks the bone. Neha says let me do it my way.

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