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Being with my so called kidnapper # episode 49 # Beach

Hello peepies aagyi me..

U guys made me confuse more..halk of u want riansh only some with angre and Maanyata..

So j decided i will give little bit focus on them along with riansh..

Ps : If u want riansh only then the ff will end soon as i have a limited story line..think wisely then let me know..

Epi ia thoda chotu h aaj jhel lo kl lamda dungi golden jublie jo h🙈

Let’s start

Scene 1

Vansh’s pov..

“Riddhu…jaan..stop don’t run..gir jaogi..” i shouted as she started running as soon as we entered the beach..

But my all anger vanished just by seeing her smile..

“I am coming here for first time vansh..its so amazing” my jaan shouted twirling around..

Me and angre along with Maanyata walked towards her..

Maanyata is still not fully open with us.. she is my responsibility and i will try my best to comfort her..

“Why the whole beach is empty otherwise when i used to come here it used to be so crowded..” Maanyata said scrunching her brows..

I am dead..u all are welcome on my funeral feast..#nonvegismust

Riddhu glared at me and angre and i gulped…

“Ab..ab..wo wo..boss..boss btayenge esa kyu hai..hena boss” angre said turning the tables towards me .


“Ab..ab wo.. everyone don’t have a ziddima like me.. that’s why the beach is empty” i said gathering some courage and thudddd!!

My riddhu’s purse hitted my face and she ran behind me..

Pov ends

Riddhima’s pov

“Vanshuuu ke bacche ruko tumm” i shouted running behind him..

“C’mon sweetheart I haven’t done anything yet and u are talking about kids” he teased me and i blushed more …

We came back to Maanyata and angre who were standing like a stranger with each other..

“What’s the plan sweetheart” vansh said hugging me from back..

Pervert!! Can’t he see we have two more people with us..

“I am going to feel the water” i said and  he nodded in no..

Before he could say anything i dragged Maanyata along me..

Finally i got a partner…yupppyyyy..

“Bhabhi..i am scared of water..i am not going plz” she retorted but i tagged her with me forcefully..

Pov ends

Vansh’s pov

Riddhu ran along with Maanyata towards the beach..

Maanyata was standing far away from water and my riddhu was dancing playing with the waves..

My heart fluttered seeing her badly i wanted to give her this happiness..

No matter how much irritate she makes me..but all i want is her happiness..

“angre!!angre” i shaked him but he didn’t even budge .

I was busy in admiring my lady love..without even blinking my eyes..

But what made him stiff at his place..

I followed his gaze and it landed on riddhu..

What the hell! Why on the earth he is admiring her that too in this way..!the same like me..

Riddhu is playing with some kids and Maanyata near the beach..

Wait!! He can’t admire riddhima..the kids are unknown..that means..he is …holy shit!!

“Earth Calling” i said shaking him last time..

“Yes..bos..boss” he said and i raised my brow

“What were u doing” i asked glaring him..

Pov ends..

Riddhima’s pov

I saw angre admiring Maanyata from far..and then vanshu asked something to him glaring..

Why god why..u gave me this dumbass boyfriend..

I ran towards them leaving Maanyata behind..

“Angre!! I wanna steal your boss from u for few minutes” i said looking at vansh romantically

He smiles and pulled me towards him..

Let angre go!!and then i will show u how romantic i am!!

“Ok i will take ur leave guys” angre said turning away

“Go and take care of Maanyata she is scared of water” i ordered angre and he left hesitantly..

As soon as he left i smashed my vanshu’s leg with my foot..

“Ouccchhh!! What was that for” he whinched in pain glaring me .

“Why were u threatening my poor brother” i said flaring my nose in anger..

He interwined our hands and we started walking..

I rested my head on his shoulder and he ruffled my hairs lovingly..

“Why was angre staring Maanyata that too in that way” he said and i facepalmed myself mentally

“The way he was looking at her called admiring not staring” i said and he rolled his eyes..

“Exactly why was he doing that” he again asked..

Yr…how can the god mafia be this much dumb..

“Why u keep admiring me” i asked hoping god have given him some sense .

“Because i love u ” he said casually and then realised what he said

” But how is it possible”he asked again..

Is this the same guy who proposed me .

“He is a human vansh….he can have feelings ..

He never pay heed to his own life..i am happy he is liking someone” i said trying to put some brain in my donkey boyfriend

“But how..i mean..he didn’t tell me” he said and i rolled my eyes

“Don’t be jealous..even u didn’t admitted to him that u started loving me at very first place..” i said chuckling

“Hmm..that makes a sense..but i am happy for him..

He did so much for it’s our turn to repay” he said and i pecked his cheeks

” Oho…bold riddhu” he said winking

“Do u see any other person except us here🙄..all thnx to u ” i said he averted his gaze trying to avoid me..

How dare he to ignore me..

I pulled him by his collar and smashed my Lips on his making him startled at his place..

Pov ends

Done done dana done ✅

Precap: kiss continue

Hope u all like it

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