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Ae dil hai mushkil fanfiction # riansh (episode 1)

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So it’s time to start today’s episode ….

In front of xyz college gate:

Riddhima is standing in front of college gate

Riddhima’s POV

Riddhima to herself : come on Riddhima,comedown,cool.( She is getting nervous ) it’s already last don’t waste time now ,let go…

She entered into the college she was soo beautiful .she was wearing a white top with blue jean and red head band with losse hair.

she started walking inside the college and she started observing surrounding while she going to towards the classroom suddenly a hand came from backward on her shoulder and that makes Riddhima a jerk she turned to see who is the person then ,

Riddhima: you !!??

Person : yeah darling , it’s me

Riddhima: you stupid , you scared me a lot Maya.

( Yeah it’s our Maya )

Maya: come on sweetheart ,who had guts to touch you ??

Riddhima: ohh!! Come on maya.stop it …by the way, What are doing here it’s already last na ??

Maya : ahh! Actually Riddhima iam sorry

Riddhima : for what ( in a confused tone)

Maya : actually Riddhima , today I have to submit some papers in the college office room so I came today early and….

Riddhima : I know that ,sooo??

Maya : you know na Riddhima without you it’s will be soo boring to me

Riddhima : soo…….come to the point now( in a commanding tone)

Maya: generally you don’t wake up early naa, sooo ( she closed her eyes 👁👁) and say I changed your clock time ,I kept it forward to the actual time .(then she started talking very fast like a jet )

Sorry Riddhima iam very sorry but you know na I don’t like to stay alone so I do that sorry sorry sorry sorry Riddu

( Then she stop and wait for Riddhima’s reaction and then she started opening her eyes slowly )

Riddhima was controlling her laugh but she bust out because of her cuteness

Maya : ohh yaar ,I scared that you might get angry

Riddhima : it’s ok , I thought it’s too late .

Maya : ok chal abhi ( let’s go )

Riddhima : haa let’s go to class room

Maya: ohh my rani , first let have breakfast vaise bhi bahut time hai hamare pass

Riddhima : ok let’s go

There are going to canteen ,in the way they are talking soo much ( they don’t know that a pair of eyes 👀 are keep watching them from the beginning of the conversation of both ) then suddenly Riddhima get something in her mind then …

Riddhima : ohh yaar I forgot that

Maya : what ??

Riddhima: even I have to submit some papers .ok do onething , you go to canteen and I will be there in 10 minutes ,ok ,byee.

They had a small hug

Maya is walking alone towards the canteen .



Two strong hands drag her from the behind the wall towards the person.

And this make her shock .one hand is holding her hand and another one closing her mouth and she close her eyes in a fear.she was struggling to get rid of the person , but she cannot do that .then she started opening her eyes slowly ,then she get a shock .

Maya : you !!??? Leave me

For now it’s over guys but next episode will be so interesting

Percap: flirting…….


1) who is that person spying on them??

2) why he is spying on them??

3) why did the person drag Maya ??

4) why did Maya get shock seeing the person ,did she know the person ??

Want to know the answers for that question??

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