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Another beautiful day in VR Mansion. As usual Vansh was sleeping due to late night work of his new presentation. Ishani was at the gym. Anupriya had just returned from temple and Ajay was comfortably sitting on luxurious sofa reading newspaper with his spectacles and having his favourite black coffee.

Anupriya- I am getting tensed Ajay. She must have got informed by now.

Ajay(keeping newspaper on the table and took a sip of coffee)- Anu you must have listened “As you saw so shall you reap”.

Anupriya- It is of no use to talk to you.


After a big argument and difference of opinions the air was filled with silence and silence. Riddhima took car keys and went from there ignoring everyone. Neela made herself comfortable on lavish sofa with a tensed look while Riddhima’s dad tried to calm her down. Angre went to his room and got ready for office as if it was nothing new for him.

Riddhima parked her car in front of VR Mansion and went straight to Vansh’s room making a sound of her heels not before an angry glare to the two persons sitting on the sofa.

Riddhima put the whole jug of water on Vansh who was looking no less than a greek god sleeping on his stomach and sunlight enhancing his face features.

He woke with a jerk and glared Riddhima.

Vansh- What the hell was that Miss Malhotra?

Riddhima slammed something on his face from her purse- Will you please take a moment to explain me about this Mr Rai Singhania?

Vansh rubbed his eyes and was shocked to read:

He came out of bed- What is this now?

He took his wet t shirt out and threw on Riddhima and went to washroom.

Riddhima(shouting)- Vansh!!!!

Vansh laughed in bathroom and came out after sometime and found her sitting on bed checking something on phone.

Vansh – Let’s go and have talk with them. You can chat with your boyfriend later.

Riddhima- Shut up! See thus card is posted on social media too.

Vansh- Ohh Tumhare Us Kabutar ka kya hoga Riddhu?

He went downstairs while Riddhima banged her forehead and followed him.

Both Parents were chit chatting in the hall.

Vansh- Mom will you please explain it to us?

Anupriya- What should we explain? We are not criminals that we have to give justification.

Vansh- Mom you know we are not interested.

Anupriya – This is last warning for you both okay? Next week you both are getting married and that’s final.

Vansh- But mom we are not matched with each other. You can even see the difference in our heights and mind. She has lack of both.

Riddhima glared Vansh and hit him with her elbow.

Vansh- See!!

Neela- I agree she is a little immature but you are there na and its final.

Vansh and Riddhima gave WHAT’S THIS look to their dads and they in return gave a SORRY look.

And they got busy again ignoring them.

Riddhima got a call and the screen showed Kabir.

She went to garden while Vansh followed her.

She took a deep breath and received the call.

Riddhima- Hloo

Kabir- Ridz what’s this?

Riddhima- Kabir I am handling the situation.

Kabir- What the f**k you are handling? Just sought this out.

Before she could reply he hung the call.

Vansh- Why you are doing this Riddhima? You only found this Kabutar?He doesn’t even trust you!

Riddhima- It’s not like that Vansh! I am with him since college. I can’t leave him. Yaa he is a bit insecure.

Vansh- Insecure seriously?

Riddhima- Ab sab tumhari to hai nhi ki apni jaisi Aahna mil jaye.

Vansh- Aahna is not like him.

Riddhima- Ohh please Vansh I know you don’t love her. You are just committed to her.

Vansh- Mughe rishte smagh nhi aate.

Riddhima- I don’t know I love Kabir.

Vansh- If you say something hundred times your mind believes that only.

Riddhima simply ignored him

Riddhima- Achaa now how to handle this mess.

Vansh- I don’t know.

Riddhima- And what were you saying I am short and immature.

Vansh- Noo I was just saying that your height is short and you are not that mature.

Riddhima- That’s the same!!

Vansh- Noo see 0/5 is

Riddhima- 0

Vansh(smiling)- And 5/0?

Riddhima( Thinking)- That’s also zero.

Vansh(smirked)- See that’s why I said you are fool and you are too zero. Paagal.

He ran from there while Riddhima chased him..

Ishani came from gym and smiled to see both of them.

So that’s it hope you all liked it..

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