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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 11th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Rajat’s blunder gets known

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 11th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Dr. Munjal asks Ishita to relax, Raman isn’t annoyed, he cracked many jokes, I laughed so much. Raman says but my little complaint… Dr. Munjal says he said you don’t let him do any work, as a family, you have to make him feel independent, you have to encourage him, he is perfectly fine. She asks Raman not to give up. Raman thanks her. They leave. Raman and Ishita talk to Mrs. Bhalla on call. Ruhi drives the car. Raman says I want to have lemon chicken prepared by you. Ruhi says we will pack some food for us. Raman says take a u turn, we crossed the hotel, we will take some pastries for everyone. Rajat gets call from hospital and disconnects. He drinks.

Doctor calls again. Rajat scolds him. Doctor says its an emergency, that lady called, you did her

husband’s operation, there was complication during surgery, her husband died yesterday. Rajat says I will call you in some time. He calls and says tell her that I m not in city. Ishita stops and greets him. He says credit cards sellers trouble so much, so I made excuse. Waiter says your room is ready. Rajat says I have to leave for urgent work. She says weird, he was smelling of wine, why was he lying. Ishita goes to car and says I got late, Rajat was there, you can meet him later. Raman says fine. They leave. Ishita says Rajat was behaving strange. Raman says he maybe busy. Ruhi says I went to see my friend at hospital, Rajat behaved like he doesn’t know me. Raman asks them not to start this, let him live in peace. He says you are becoming Jagga jasoos like your mum. Ishita laughs and says so proud of you. Ruhi stops car and sees traffic.

Raman asks what happened. The man says that lady is getting mad and not letting her husband’s final rites take place. Ishita sees the lady and says I know her, she was in same hospital, she told me that her husband is getting fine. Raman says she has lost her husband. Ishita goes to lady and asks what happened, your husband got fine. The lady says help me, I took him home, he passed away, hospital did some mistake, family isn’t agreeing for post mortem. The man says I m his elder brother and won’t let this happen. Raman says she is wife, she has rights to decide. Ishita says we are here to support her, don’t worry, we will come with you. Raman says Ruhi and I are coming along. Ishita and Ruhi call Mani and Aaliya for help. Ruhi asks Aaliya to give discharge file to therapist. They ask Dr. Rastogi about the man’s death. Rastogi says detail report will come later. Ishita asks him what’s the cause of death. Aaliya comes to Dr. Munjal and says Raman didn’t come home, he was busy helping someone on the way. Dr. Munjal checks Raman’s file.

Ishita asks Raman to go home. He says let me be independent. Rastogi comes and asks who treated your husband. The lady says Dr. Rajat, he went after surgery, my husband was fine, when he came home, he got unwell, Rajat didn’t answer my calls. Raman looks on. Dr. Munjal asks did Rajat do Raman’s surgery. Aaliya says yes, he is one of the best surgeons.

Dr. Munjal says he can’t perform surgeries. Rastogi says Rajat has cut a wrong nerve during surgery, I m surprised that patient was alive for many days, maybe hospital gave steroids and patient collapsed. Dr. Munjal says Rajat is unstable, I can’t tell you. Aaliya insists. Dr. Munjal says Rajat is addicted to alcohol, he is doing surgeries under influence of alcohol. Ishita says how can Rajat do this.

Raman says did he make any mistake in my surgery and I got… Rastogi asks did he do your surgery. Raman says yes. Ishita says Raman is paralytic since surgery. Mani says this is ridiculous, how can Rajat do this. The lady says I was wrong. Rastogi says he didn’t say you anything after this blunder, does he know, or maybe everyone knows and hiding it. Raman says I don’t think I will get up from this wheelchair, don’t worry, I m not slipping in depression, I m getting angry, they made this a joke. Aaliya calls Ruhi. She says Dr. Rajat…. Ruhi puts on speaker. Aaliya says Rajat is alcoholic, his therapist told me, he changed his name to get treatment, Dr. Munjal said Rajat isn’t in condition to do surgery. Ruhi says it means Rajat did mistake, Rajat ignored me. Ishita says how can do any surgery in drunken state, we have to report. Raman says that man needs to be punished, we will meet our lawyer. Mani says I m with you, we will not leave him. She says we need to find him. She calls doctor to ask. He says Rajat is out of station. She says I know he is here, tell me truth. He disconnects. She says Rajat will be at hotel, come.

Rajat asks what are you saying, stop blaming me. Raman scolds him. Rajat asks what proof do you have. The lady gets post mortem report of her husband. Ishita says you thought evidence got burnt during final rites.

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