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Siddhi Vinayak 11th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Siddhi and Vin consummate their wedding

Siddhi Vinayak 11th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gauri sprinkles water on Manjari’s face. What happened? Manjari stammers that she was here. I saw her with my own eyes. How can it be? Gauri asks her who she is talking about. Manjari goes quiet. Where did she go if she was indeed here? Gauri goes to bring juice for her. Manjari cries thinking it cannot go on like this or she will go crazy.

Gauri excitedly tells Siddhi everything. Chachi ji got so scared that she ended up looking scary. Will she confess everything this time? She has been quiet since too long. Siddhi knows it isn’t an easy task but they will be rewarded eventually. We have to be patient. She breaks the CD into pieces. She tells Gauri to make sure Ma never finds out what happened with her and who is behind this. She should only think as to why this is happening to

her. She will then live under the fear and end up confessing everything. Siddhi receives Vin’s call. I will leave with Rudra now. She hands over the broken pieces of the CD to Gauri. Make sure no one else finds it. Dispose it completely. I am going to find Bappa’s idol with Rudra. Gauri nods. Ganpati Bappa Morya.

Rudra follows Vin and Siddhi angrily. He keeps looking at their joined hands. Why do they have to walk so closely?

Vin and Siddhi are looking at the idols. She worries that he shouldn’t have come here without bodyguards. What if you get in any trouble? Vin is sure people wont pay any heed to him. He calls out to Rudra. Vendors get excited seeing Vin and pull him from all the sides. Some passer-bys also get excited and go to click selfies with superstar. Vin tries telling them to be careful as Siddhi looks tensed. Police sends them away safely. Vin refuses to leave without Rudra but Inspector agrees to bring him with them. Vin reluctantly agrees. Bring my brother home asap. Inspector nods. Rudra looks on upset. I cannot let them go together.

Manjari is at some Baba’s place to seek help. He chants some mantras. She says I first thought it is some prank but now I have seen her spirit with my own eyes. Help me get rid of her. Baba asks her why that spirit is after her. What have you done? She replies that she made a mistake. Just tell me the solution. He advises her to mark a line around her house at 3 am using the vibhut he hands over. Chant a mantra as you do so. No spirit will come to your house then. She nods.

It is raining. Siddhi and Vin talk happily about Ganpati puja. Siddhi hopes Ma’s truth is out in front of everyone in the next 11 days. She tells Vinu that all the wishes come true in these 11 days. He thinks he is asking for something since so many days but Bappa isn’t giving. The car breaks down. Vin is drenched while checking the problem. Siddhi fails in opening his side door. She happily steps out of the car and enjoys getting drenched. I also want to get wet. I will support you in everything. They share a hug. He kisses her on the forehead. You will fall ill if you will get drenched more. She denies. Where will we go now? Let’s enjoy the rain. He spots a shack nearby and suggests her to wait there.

Rudra paces in his room. It can be dangerous if they spend some time together. He tries Vin’s number but it is unreachable.

Vin’s checks his phone but it has no network.

Rudra paces restlessly.

Vin watches Siddhi as she tries to dry her saree. They both share a long eye lock. Vin removes his shirt. They walk towards each other without taking their eyes off each other. She hangs his shirt on a rope to dry. He walks closer from behind her and holds her by her waist. Ang Laga De plays in the background. They share some close moments. Vin lights fire seeing her shivering because of the cold. Vin and Siddhi come closer. They hold each other.

Precap: Rudra asks Vin and Siddhi how they took 5 hours in the way that only takes 10 minutes. Vin romances with Siddhi. Rudra looks at the lipstick marks on Vin’s shirt. It seems that they have consummated their marriage but I wont let it happen again!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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