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Meri Hanikarak Biwi 11th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Vallabh learns Ganga’s truth

Meri Hanikarak Biwi 11th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Ira getting happy. Bhavik says Bhoomi has done all arrangements at home. Ira asks about the girl. Akhilesh says Chandu lied, I can’t marry anyone else. Devina looks on. Ira says we can’t unite till dad and Pushpa agree. He says don’t worry, I will convince Vallabh. Ira says just Ganga Maasi can convince dad. They laugh. He says I agree, go home with Bhavik, I will handle everything. Ira smiles and goes. Chandu asks why didn’t you say Akhilesh that you are Ganga. Akhilesh says I will tell them together. Chandu says Vallabh will be glad knowing how you protected them, he will give you Ira’s hand. Chandu teases him.

Bhoomi reminds Pushpa of Ira. She asks Pushpa to keep wearing glasses, Ira worries for you and Akhilesh a lot. Devina comes and asks like

seriously, you really think Ira cares for Pushpa. Bhoomi says yes. Devina says Ira is playing big game with Akhilesh. Pushpa asks what. Devina says Ira is a clever girl. She scolds Bhoomi. Devina says Ira wants to play with Akhilesh’s feelings, she has planned all this, come with me, that girl is at Ira’s house. Pushpa agrees and says if this is true, I won’t leave Ira. They leave. Ira calls Ganga. Vallabh says I want to tell you something about Ganga. Akhilesh comes here as Ganga. He gets Chandu along. Vallabh scolds Chandu. Akhilesh says I have to say something. Akhilesh removes the jewelry. Vallabh and Ira ask what are you doing. Akhilesh removes saree. Ira asks what are you doing. Akhilesh removes clothes. Ira asks Bhavik and Vallabh to turn away. Chandu says wait, see the truth. Ira asks don’t you have shame. Devina and Pushpa come. Devina removes Akhilesh’s wig. They all get shocked.

Vallabh gets angry and says it means you cheated me. Pushpa slaps him and asks him to go and change. Ira cries. Akhilesh changes and comes. Pushpa scolds him for shattering her heart by taking woman’s disguise. Don and his goons come and ask for diamonds. Don scolds Akhilesh. Ira asks what diamonds. Don says Vallabh made imitation jewelry of real diamonds, I attacked him thrice, Akhilesh became Ganga and saved him always. Ira recalls. She says it means Akhilesh took diamonds from clients as it were real. Chandu says yes, don threatened to kill Vallabh, Akhilesh decided to stay here as Ganga to protect you and Vallabh.

Vallabh apologizes to Akhilesh for everything. Akhilesh says I will give my life for you, I have seen father’s love after seeing you with Ira, my father is a coward, he left me and my mum and ran away, but I have seen a good father in you. Everyone gets emotional. Akhilesh says sorry, I just did this…. Don shoots in air. Devina worries and says I don’t know them. Don asks what’s this emotional drama in between action scene, I will become villain and kill you all.

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Update Credit to: Amena

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