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Vivah – Ek Vaibhav with SSK and Swaragini (Character Sketch)

Hi Everybody!!!!
This is my new ff.
The cover pic

This I’ll be starting at the end of this month.
This is just an intro.
Please do comment on this.
This is a combination of Sasural Simar Ka and Swaragini.
This series will have shades of Ramayan.
The Characters are:
Diwedi Family
Pankaj Dheer as Jamanlal Diwedi

Jaya Ojha as Meena Jamanlal Diwedi

Sachin Tyagi as Shekar Diwedi

Parineeta Bhoratkur as Sharmishta Shekar Diwedi

Dipika Karkar as Simar Diwedi

Avika Gor as Roli Diwedi

Helly Shah as Swara Diwedi

Tejaswii Prakash as Ragini Diwedi

Bharadwaj Family
Jayati Bhatia as Nirmala Bharadwaj

Adarsh Gautham as Rajendra Bharadwaj

Nishingandha Wad as Sujatha Rajendra Bharadwaj

Nagesh Salwan as Durgaprasad Bharadwaj

Shalini Kapoor Sagar as Annapoorna Bharadwaj

Shoaib Ibrahim as Prem Bharadwaj

Manish Raisinghan as Sidharath Bharadwaj

Varun Kapoor as Sanskar Bharadwaj

Namish Taneja as Laksh Bharadwaj

(Some supporting characters are there. I will reveal that in the episodes)
This is going to be a plot of modern people living in ancient era.
The Dress pattern of the cast resembles the story line. So only, I added pics with the cast.
Kindly comment on the selection of characters, pairs, story line. Please give a detailed comment. Yours comments will be a booster for me to write this ff. Few characters will be revealed in the episodes. These are the main cast.
Please do comment and show your love. Thanks in advance.

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