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Vighnaharta Ganesh 11th August 2020 Written Episode Update – Bhanugopan’s brother gets killed in war.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 11th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The episode starts with mahadev & all watching huge great form of kartik brightening & asoors are getting wild & angry watching kartik. Ganesh appreciates kartik that all the people in this world will understand now this powerful & great form of yours.
Veerbhau’s brother falls in pain & gets unconscious while veerbhau holds him depressingly & runs towards battlefield to attack bhanugopan’s brother. Bhanugopan’s brother tells bhanugopan that I am helpless not to face him but bhanugopan tries to calm him while veerbhau also says you will get killed by my attack as bhanugopan’s brother tells his brother that I have to sacrifice myself in the depth of sea because i do not wish to get killed by his weapon & you have to take my revenge & yes replies bhanugopan as veerbhau throws his weapon but bhanugopan’s brother sacrifices his life & her mother shouts crying for him.
Bhanugopan is shocked too watching his brother disappearing in sea water sacrificing his life & becomes depressed. Soorapadaman & soorasahi are also shocked but soorasahi tells bhanugopan to be calm & perform smartly to win in this war & he is moving back while soorapadman says why he is running from the battlefield when he is having an ultimate strong weapon & bhanugopan stops & uses his powerful weapon to create beautiful surrounding to attract veerbhau & his brother while kartik & ganesh are watching what he is upto.
Bhanugopan’s mother & her sister in law are talking with each other pushing crows flying on bhawan & alos thinking of how to get released from this cruelty while gajamukhi comes to meet them while their father vishwakarma waits behind mahendrapuri’s backyard.
Devsena is watching the woman performing pooja for swami kartik while on other side bhanugopan is creating so attractive surrounding to make veerbhau & brothers to get attracted towards it & lose their anger towards their job while ganesh is trying to explain them to not to get attracted to it as bhanugopan is using his trick but finally kartik intervenes & uses his weapon to disturb his power to spread across but does not work & veerbhau & his brothers fall in the depth of sea getting attracted towards his powers.
Gajamukhi takes bhanugopan’s mother & sister in law to meet their father vishwakarma explaining them to let’s go soon or soorasahi will know about it & they proceed towards their father but in between gajamukhi stops & she shows herself as it’s soorasahi who had come to take them away in form of gajmukhi so they are shocked.
Devsena wishes to see her swami kartik with his wife by the mirror & she finds that unknown woman with him & gets very depressed so thinks to suicide watching this which she can’t bear & moves back from her towards the end of the mountain while the unknown woman watches devsena & runs to stop her bur she falls from the end of the mountain getting stuck on a tree while on other side veerbhau & army fall down in the depth of sea getting unconscious with the powers used by bhanugopan & he challenges kartik saying now you are without your army so your end is near but kartik replies him I do not wish to reply to your foolish talks & do try whatever you can.
Devsena is lifted by the unknown woman saving her from falling while she thinks inspite my swami seen with her she is saving me so why should I take her help but devsena falls unconscious getting fainted with such thoughts.
Vishwakarma & gajamukhi comes searching bhanugopan’s mother & sister in law & are wondering not finding them while soorasahi is cursing both of them you do not have any choice without me to get freed.
Veerbhau & army are all in the deep water while kartik is using his powers again to change his form in different way which is blessed by all gods & goddesses & ganesh feels this might be some reason behind this of kartik taking such a form.

Precap : Kartik is using his sword to attack asoors but finds wild mata immerging & showing her powers wildly lifting people & eating them throwing their blood from the mouth & kartik is shocked while ganesh too confused.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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