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Twinj: My Lifeline: Episode 49

Hello everyone! Thank you so much for all the love and affection that this story has been receiving, which was terrific for the previous episode especially, so I’m posting earlier than I originally intended to. I hope this isn’t just a temporary thing because of my recent outburst, because maybe, if the love persists, I might post the next one even sooner! Happy reading!

Twinj: My Lifeline: Episode 49

A quick recap: Twinkle demands Kunj to reveal his ‘big secret’ to her, but he chooses to keep that hidden until the time is right, and instead, discloses the reason for his excitement. In contrast to his expectations, he spends the rest of his evening trying to convince her.

Kunj shifted uncomfortably when the early streaks of sunlight streaming in through the window disturbed his sleep. He opened his eyes grudgingly to find the curtains open. That was weird, Twinkle always remembered to shut them before going to bed and never opened them until he had woken up, how had she forgotten that day? His thoughts were disrupted when he felt her snuggle closer to him; he turned his glance to the love of his life sleeping peacefully beside him, in his arms, to be precise. He smiled to himself and shook his head as he realised that they had probably fallen asleep midway through their work, they had been finalising the locations and scenes for his video although both of them were tired after a long day at work, since they knew they had very little time to decide them. He smiled down at her and turned down the air conditioner that was blowing cool air full blast. She sighed as he pulled up the blanket, making it more comfortable for her. He giggled softly as he realised that all through this time, there was something that had not changed even one bit, and that was how embarrassed she would be if she were to wake up right then and find him so close to her. He knew that she had been running to make sure she was available even when she was needed back home and at Chinki’s wedding preparations and decided to let her sleep for some more time. He mentally smacked himself when he realised that he had zoned off while watching her for longer than he knew, but then, he could watch her quietly like that for an entire day too. After a long debate within himself, he pushed away the loose strands of her hair from her forehead and placed a quick peck on her forehead, whispering a quiet “I love you!” before he gently freed her, ensuring she wasn’t woken up, and left.

Twinkle woke up when she heard her phone ringing for what must have been the fifth time, and sat up quickly when she realised that she had slept in. She frowned when she noticed that Kunj wasn’t around either, the scowl turning into a small smile when she found her mug and a flask on the bedside table, with a note under it. She opened the flask, not even having to think what this was about, since she was the one who had begun leaving Kunj his coffee in a flask on mornings when his night sessions had gone longer than expected. What surprised her though was that he had thought of doing the same for her. Who knew the ‘I’m not a morning person!’ Kunj Sarna could be so sweet? And how could she not be so hopelessly in love with him? She picked up the note, her day already made by his gesture, and began to read it. “Hey! Good morning! Can you believe this? I am up before you, and am greeting you so cheerfully! I know you can’t, but I’m Kunj Sarna, you see? I can do anything!” She giggled to herself and sighed deeply, even if she didn’t get anything else in life, she no longer had any regrets. She had for herself that which most of the world could only dream of having, she reminded herself and a blush crept on her face as countless memories flashed in front of her eyes. She shook her head and returned to his note. “I really need to get going now, if I don’t, I’ll miss many things that I need to get done today. Hold on, you don’t have to hurry, I’ll deal with things and you can take your time to get here. Just that you looked so serene in your sleep that I didn’t find it in me to wake you up. See you soon! XOXO” She strained her eyes to make sure she wasn’t imagining things. Was all this really happening? Could her heart be right about Kunj having developed feelings for her? She recalled the day of her birthday, the first time she had recognised a change in his attitude towards her. Although he had said nothing about it, his eyes had spoken volumes about it, and then there was the gentle peck on her cheek that had thrown her off guard, but had also conveyed a silent message to her soul. She heard her phone ringing yet again, snapping her out of her thoughts, reminding her how Alisha’s sudden reappearance had ruined things completely, refuting all her thoughts on the issue until he had given her a very similar welcome peck.

“What’s wrong?” Kunj asked as he entered the cabin where Twinkle worked and spotted her fiddling a pen nervously. She looked up at him and smiled brightly nevertheless, while he shut the door and sat down on the chair opposite to her across the table. “These came in for you.” She informed him, handing over a few papers and envelopes, not venturing to look up at him, knowing that he wasn’t convinced by her answer. He took them from her and placed it in front of him, still watching her carefully. “Did you listen to the final mix of the song?” He asked next, although he knew she already had it on loop right from the time he had sent it to her since it wasn’t released yet. He knew her enough to be able to figure out as much by now. “I did. It’s amazing! In fact, I’ve never heard anything else that comes even close!” She answered cheerfully, her smile disappearing when her eyes left his and landed on the papers in front of him. He scurried a glance through the documents, they contained the probable dates for the shoot. He looked back at her to find her eyeing him anxiously. It only took him one more glance at her to know that it wasn’t her fright of the shoot, but it definitely had something to do with it. “These dates clash with Chinki’s wedding.” She told him guiltily, her eyes holding so much sorrow that it made him hurt. “That’s it? You’re freaking out for that?” He asked, unable to believe what he was hearing. “What do we do now? I can’t miss the wedding!” She said, knowing that he was already aware she wouldn’t skip Chinki’s wedding for the world. “For real? Twinkle, these are the probable dates! We just need to inform them that we aren’t available during that period, and it’ll be rescheduled!” He answered with a warm, assuring look. “Wouldn’t it be easier for you to just find someone else to do it?” She voiced her hesitant thought, although she really hoped he would find a better way out. “Nope.” He shot back without as much as a blink and she sighed, what had she done to have the love of her life be so considerate towards her? ‘..and loving as well maybe?’ her mind prompted but she brushed off the thought quickly. She looked up at him, wanting to ask if he was sure, but he raised his hand and said, “Don’t. I’m sure, and there is no way you can make me change my mind. Also, I know I need to be at the wedding with you. What if Chinki steals my best friend?” She gave him an amused grin and returned to her work, unaware that her smile had struck him right in his heart, and now he couldn’t take his eyes off her. ‘Hopelessly in love, are you Kunj Sarna?’ his mind taunted him, and his heart seemed to leap excitedly at the thought. Not that he minded, but he didn’t want her to find out this way, did he?

“Twinkle, have you seen my…” Kunj’s words trailed off when his eyes landed on the breathtaking sight of Twinkle wearing the gown that Usha and Manohar had got her for her birthday, and he thought she looked unbelievably beautiful, so pretty that his jaw dropped and he suddenly felt the rest of the world just fade away. Usha, whom he hadn’t spotted sitting on the bed, turned to him and laughed at his reaction, breaking his trance and making Twinkle aware of his presence. He saw her cheeks turn a lovely shade of crimson when he continued staring at her, and she lowered her eyes, partially hoping Usha wasn’t present right then, for she wanted to know what he thought, although his gaze still fixed on her made things pretty clear. As if she had read Twinkle’s mind, Usha stood up, telling Kunj that she had asked Twinkle to try on the gown so that she could return it if there was any issue, and that she would leave now. She smiled to herself when she realised that neither of them were actually paying any attention to her and walked out, shutting the door behind her. Kunj smiled warmly at Twinkle and she smiled back hesitantly in response, quickly returning her glance to the ground. He then slowly walked towards her, recalling how much he had to pester her for her to take that gown back after she had returned home and how he had managed to convince her despite it all. He figured that Usha would have had a hard time convincing her to even try it on too and giggled, making her look up and she appeared annoyed. “I knew these fancy things don’t suit me!” She complained and he blurted out “What?”

“Twinkle!” Kunj called out as he grabbed her wrist to stop her from walking away. She had looked like she would cry and he definitely didn’t want that. “You just laughed at me Kunj!” She sobbed, leaving him in a shock. “No, wait!” He asserted, pulling her back and leading her to a mirror and standing close behind her with his arms on her waist, but she wouldn’t even look at her reflection. “You look terrific! In fact, I’m so baffled by how amazing you look that I can’t even find the right words! How could I laugh at you? You’ve left me spell bound, I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone prettier than you..” He blabbered, coming to a screeching halt when she raised her eyes and smiled at their reflection in the mirror. “Thanks then.” She replied shyly, making his heart thud wildly, worrying him that she might hear it. He had to literally battle his desire to lay open his feelings before her right away, as he undid the loose bun that she had tied her hair up in, smiling at her sharp intake of breath. “Please tell me you are not going to put this in some corner and forget it!” He pleaded in a whisper and she turned around, prepared with her rebuttal. “Please?” He repeated, earning a ‘You are impossible!’ look from her, and then added “I know when you could wear this! Remember to bring it to Greece! I promise I won’t make it uncomfortable or embarrassing to you!” She glanced at him suspiciously before giving him an almost non-existent nod. He smiled brightly at that, pulling her along and then bowing in front of her with his right hand held out. She chuckled as she placed her hand in his, and in a split second he had her up close against him as he swayed her around slowly. Twinkle felt a warm feeling in her heart that only got better when she heard him say, “Listen, my wife is the prettiest in the whole wide world! Don’t you dare pass your silly comments about her again!” She simply hummed in response and sighed as she finally gathered every ounce of courage and looked at him. He smiled and leaned towards her, resting his forehead on hers, unable to believe his luck.

That’s it for now, guys. Yes! The shoot is happening in Greece and I’m super excited! Hope you all liked it! Lots of love!!

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