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Santoshi Maa 11th August 2020 Written Episode Update – Swati is tortured while indresh’s father is making arrangements of indresh’s marriage.

Santoshi Maa 11th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The episode starts with swati praying mata santoshi for help while santoshi understands & dev rishi asks her are you still feeling uneasy about swati & she replies yes. The demons come to take away sanotshi & dev rishi for punishment but one of them is discussing with other person that my wife feels I should become a king & he advises him to explain her while santoshi intervenes saying you tell her to do should do pooja but the other person tells her to shut your mouth as nobody asked your advice & he leaves from there taking excuse form his counterpart & santoshi tries to explain that person how to perform this pooja so that you can explain your wife & he agrees to take knowledge from her & also praising her too.
Swati is praying for mata continuously & santoshi is giving knowledge to the person of pooja performance towards santoshi mata.
Indresh’s aunty is explaining his sister in law why doing crime & supporting your in-laws against swati but she refuses to listen to her & shouts indresh’s aunty & leaves from there.
Swati’s father is restless thinking about his son as where he has gone & not getting connected too but he arrives in injured conditions so they are shocked to see his condition but he tells all the truth about indresh trying to marry nidhi giving divorce to swati & they are shocked but tells his father this marriage has to be stopped anyhow.
Swati is chanting mata santoshi’s name while indresh’s aunty comes to release her & as they are moving out of the house they are caught by indresh’s father on the door & they are shocked. Indresh’s father is asking them where are you going while swati’s sister in law comes running cursing aunty & complaining indresh’s father about aunty. Swati is pleading with indresh’s father to only once allow to meet indresh but indresh mother interferes telling her to stop pleading & you won’t be allowed but his father says ok but tells his son to bring the divorce papers & to sign it then only you’ll be allowed & indresh’s aunty interferes telling indresh’s father this is not good to divide any wife from her husband but indresh’s uncle interferes & takes her away for not to interfere in this matter.
Indresh’s father tells swati now you have to make haldi arrangement for indresh’s marriage & he tells her to go in the kitchen & do the work.
Santoshi asks help from that demon who is taking knowledge for his wife from her that to bring some materials for pooja performance & gets for them accordingly.
Swati is tortured by indresh’s mother in kitchen to make haldi nicely & to not to make her tears fall in it while swati is pleading for only once to meet indresh but indresh’s mother shuts her mouth & leaves form there & swati is depressingly calling indresh & he gets up shockingly from the bed making a glass fall down & breaks so nidhi comes hearing it & calms him asking what happened & he says I felt somebody calling me & she is shocked but tells him I had only called you trying to divert his attention towards her. They both are discussing about marriage & she happily tries to hug him but he refuses telling her whatever will happen between us will be after marriage itself & she agrees making her plans otherwise saying only some hours are left for our marriage. Devi polomi is happy on nidhi performing her duties as per her wishes & also says here indresh’s marriage will happen here & there santoshi will keep doing pooja for swati but swati will get destroyed.

Precap : Mahadev becomes arrogant watching this marriage arrangements in process of indresh & getting up from his seat & playing his tambora in anger while all gods are watching this shockingly of mahadev’s anger. Swati is restless talking with indresh’s aunty about how this should be stopped while celebration is going on of pre-marriage in indresh’s house. Santoshi is performing pooja with help of dev rishi in the den for swati’s well-being.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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