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RadhaKrishn 11th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Kunti’s Stern Refusal

RadhaKrishn 11th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Yudistra tells Vidhur that he came on time and stopped the mishap. Vidhur says Bhisma Pitamaha sent him here. Bheem asks who informed Bhisma Pitamaha about their address. Vidhur says he told some special person. Arjun realizes its Krishna and looks at him. Bheem asks what is Bhisma Pitamaha’s proposal. Krishna says he wants them to return back to Hastinapur. Arjun says he misses Bhisma Pitamaha the most and wants to return to Hastinapur soon.

Duryodhan with Shakuni walks to Gandhari’s room and seeing lots of decorative items asks reason. She says her nephews Pandavs are coming, so she wants to decorate her room to greet them. Duryodhan gets angry, but Shakuni says don’t disobey his mother and let Pandavs come as their dead bodies would be coming. Duryodhan smiles and agrees to help Gandhari. A guard informs Duryodhan that Vidhur has gone to bring Pandavs here. Duryodhan angrily shouts who sent Vidhur. Bhisma Pitamaha says he sent Vidhur. Shakuni asks on whose’s order. Bhisma Pitamaha says even king Dhritarastra would do same and Shakuni cannot question him as he is a guest. Dhritarastra walks in and says even he is excited to meet his nephews Pandavs. Bhisma Pitamaha orders Duryodhan to get ready to greet his cousins. After sometime, Karn tells Duryodhan let Pandavs come, he will stop Arjun on the way itself and provoke him for war and will kill him right there.

Arjun tells Vidhur that he is eager to return to Hastinapur. Krishna says he is a great warrior and has gained immense knowledge, but he should ask what a mother wants. All Pandavs ask Kunti her opinion. Kunti says she doesn’t want her son to go back to Hastinapur after laksyagrah fire incident where Duryodhan tried to kill her sons. Vidhur says Bhisma Pitamaha has taken their responsibility. Kunti says she doesn’t trust anyone, not even Bhisma Pitamaha and walks in.

Krishna walks to Kunti and seeing her cooking says food wouldn’t be tasty today as mother is not happy and tries to convince her to send Pandavs to Hastinapur taking responsibility of their protection, but Kunti gets adamant and says he should get his army first or she will not permit him. He walks away. Arjun walks to Krishna and asks if he convinced Kunti. Krishna asks him to look via a mother’s view, how much she is worried about their safety, etc. Arjun requests him to somehow convince his mother and walks away. Krishna says he will convince aunt Kunti not only for Arjun’s sake, but also for Shakuni’s sake to teach him a lesson.

Precap: Kunti gets a dream that Pandavs are taking her blessings. Krishna says she should bless one more person. Kunti wakes up and walking to Krishna says she trusts him regarding her sons and will do whatever he says. Arjun tells Krishna that he realized KRsihna’s divinity and is his disciple for life. Balram says he wanted a charioteer but got a disciple for life. Krishna says this is not good.

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