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Naati Pinky Ki Lambi Love Story 11th August 2020 Written Episode Update

Naati Pinky Ki Lambi Love Story 11th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Sunny asking Pinky to let Imarti say. Arjun asks about her address. Nalini plays the recording in which Pinky tells the fake address and also keeps the condition that she will not stay here in night. Arjun says ok and gives the agreement paper to Imarti. Nalini thinks how to take it. She forwards her hand to take the paper. Arjun says how your hand got swollen in a day. Pinky says honeybee bit her. She says she will leave now. Arjun gives mobile phone with simcard and tells that it is for Imarti. Pinky gets touched. Arjun says she might like Pink and that’s why he brought her pink phone. Pinky recalls telling shraddha about her dream guy. Sunny asks Arjun to think if he has to stay with Imarti all life then? Arjun gets his mother’s call and asks Sunny not to have any contact with her. Seema calls Arjun. Kalyani calls Sunny and tells about Amma’s accident. Pinky comes to Nalini and appreciates her for her acting. Nalini asks her what Arjun was saying? Pinky thinks of their real marriage. Sunny calls Pinky on Imarti’s phone and informs her about Arjun’s mother meeting with an accident and insisting to meet her. Pinky says she will come there.

Arjun signs the papers. Seema says she had to call him for the signatures and asks him to give his phone for his marriage pics. Arjun is about to give his phone to her, makes it falls down and steps on it. His phone breaks. Seema asks him to send the pics to her by evening. Arjun says he will repair his phone and will send the pics. Sunny asks Imarti about her fast. Imarti tells that nothing is more than the fast. Arjun calls her and asks her to come. Imarti makes an excuse and ends the call. Sunny tells that Arjun’s mother must be somewhere here. Kalyani asks why did you do this? Arjun’s mom tells that she has to go to Arjun’s house and bring out his marriage truth before everyone. Kalyani appreciates her plan. Arjun’s Amma asks her to go. She sees them coming and pretends to be lying on the road. Sunny asks did you get hurt much? Arjun’s mother says yes. She sees Imarti, reacts and then asks if she is Arjun’s wife. Imarti greets her. Sunny asks shall I bring medicines for you. His Amma tells that if you had told Arjun then he wouldn’t have let you meet me. Imarti says your son is not bad. Arjun’s mother tells that she thought Arjun will change, but your love couldn’t work. Sunny says I will take you to hospital. Arjun’s mother taunts him and tells that she had come to meet Arjun’s wife. She asks her to apply besan on her face. Pinky tells that she is Imarti, takes care of her beauty and keeps fast too. Arjun’s mother tells that she is lonely. Imarti says she will take her to Arjun’s house.

Sunny tells Imarti that Arjun will not leave them. Imarti says Arjun will not do anything.

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