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Mere Sai 11th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Kashinath Insults Mhalsapati

Mere Sai 11th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kashinath gets his payment after whole day’s work and sees Renu standing nearby, walks to her and asks what is she doing here. She says she had gone to neighbor’s house and thought of buying groceries with him. He asks him to go as he has some work. She asks what work, she needs to buy a lot of grocery. He says she can buy some today and some tomorrow, then agrees and walks along thinking how to escape. Sai in Dwarkamayi feeds grains to ants. Kashinath gets shortness of breath and his health deteriorates. Renu gets concerned, but reminisces Sai’s words that Kashinath doesn’t drink in front of her, so she shouldn’t leave him alone any cost. Kashinath asks water. Renu runs to get water, but when she returns doesn’t find Kashinath there. Sai in Dwarkamayi says if one doesn’t take care properly, accident is obvious. Balasaheb Merikar asks if he said something. Sai smiles. Shyama walks to Sai. Sai introduces him to his guests Balasaheb Merikar and Ramdasi Bua. Shyama sees Bua reading holy scriptures and asks if he reads them daily. Bua says yes. Shyama picks one book and tries to read. Bua angrily snatches book from him yelling how dare he is to touch his book, he looks like coming from field with dust on his body and shouldn’t have dared to touch holy scripture. He complains Sai. Sai apologizes on Shyama’s behalf. Shyama thinks what kind of a person Bua is, books are to share knowledge and not confined to one person.

At night, Baizamaa walks to Renu’s house and asks if Kashinath didn’t return home yet. Renu informs how he escaped and hopes he returns home soon. Bhola asks when will baba return home. Renu asks him to have food and sleep as Baba will come late as usual.

Inebriated Kashinath walks on street wobbling. He sees Mhalsapati near temple and greets him. Mhalsapati asks him why he drinks so much and risks his and his family’s life. Kashinath says temple’s annual pooja is coming and like every year, his father or elder brother performs pooja, this time he should be allowed to perform pooja. Mhalsapati says one should be clean both internally and externally and has to leave his habit of drinking first. Kashinath insists. Mhalsapati gets angry and warns him to leave. Kashinath yells at him and picks stone to hit him. Sai reaches and holds his hand. Mhalsapati complains. Sai says even Mhalsapati provoked Kashinath who had come with a request. Mhalsapti says if Kashinath leaves his drinking habit permanently, he can perform pooja. Kashinath leaves. Sai says if he doesn’t want to change, nobody can help him.

Kashinath reaches home and asks Renu to serve food. She serves him food and asks why did he leave without informing her, she was waiting to get grocery, now there is no food for tomorrow, she can be hungry, but can’t keep her son hungry. He angry throws food plate and pushes her away shouting she can leave with her son, he can live alone. Renu sits crying.

Precap: Ballal kaka scolds Kashinath for raising hand on elder brother. A man says he raised hand on Mhalsapati ji also. Ballal says he feels ashamed and doesn’t want his name to associated with Kashinath. Sai walks in asking what will happen with this.

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