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Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 11th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Guneet’s heart melts down for Amber

Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 11th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nia recalling her conversation with kabir. She comes to RB and tells that her professional life and personal life will not mix and she will prove that she is suitable for mentorship. RB asks her to drink coffee and tells that he has chosen her, as he can make her competent due to mentorship. He says your phone is ringing and asks her to return glass after drinking coffee. Nia calls Amber and asks where is he? Is he upset due to Maasi. Amber says I will come in the morning. Nia asks what happened? Amber says her mother met with an accident. Nia asks if Guneet’s mom? She asks how is Pammi aunty? Amber says Doctor asked us to take care of her. Nia asks did Guneet know about you being there? Amber says she has seen me. Nia tells that she can’t bear if Guneet insults him. Amber says he will return in morning. Nia recalls RB’s words. Guneet tries to make Pammi get up from the bed. Amber comes and helps her to make Pammi sit. Guneet looks at him and makes Pammi have medicine. Saathi song plays….Amber sits at Pammi’s side. Guneet looks at him.

Manjiri comes to Nia and asks if she is fine? Nia looks on. Manjiri asks if she is worried for her Papa and her. Nia says it is nothing like that and says what to tell you, I myself couldn’t understand. Manjiri asks her not to tell, says I don’t want to know anything. She says I am with you always and tells that if she needs her help, then she will be with her always. She kisses Nia’s hand. Nia hugs her. She spends time with Manjiri. Zindagi song plays….

Amber makes coffee and brings for Guneet and him. Guneet takes the cup and drinks. Pal pal dil ke pass plays….later in the morning, Guneet brings tea/coffee for Pammi and Amber. Amber wakes up sitting on the chair. Pammi says it seems that we are returning to our home, thanks God. Guneet looks on. Amber smiles. Guneet makes the breakfast and calls Amber to have breakfast. Amber sits on the chair to have breakfast. Oh mere dil ke chain…plays…He thanks her and says he will leave, will come later. Guneet nods her head. Guneet thanks him hesitantly. Amber asks what? She signs no.

Amber calls Pandey and rings his door bell. Dr. Pandey asks him to come to his house and comes down. Amber tells that he has set everything and tells that he will not move on in life. He tells that there is something in Guneet’s heart for me, feelings. Dr. Pandey says you are getting young. Amber tells that she made paratha just like I want. Dr. Pandey asks what about Nia? Amber says he has to think about her. He asks Pandey to think. Pandey says love and daughter are yours, and I shall think. Amber asks him to think well. Dr. Pandey gets thinking along with Amber.

Nia is in her home. Kabir comes there. Nia thinks RB came there and says these files. She sees Kabir there. Kabir asks where is RB sir? Nia says if they will not talk to each other. She says sorry. Kabir says its ok. Nia says you should be angry with me and asks him to ask why she did this? She says I can’t bear this. Kabir says who gave you right to mail RB about me. He says you have ended my chances of mentorship. Nia says I didn’t do this for Mentorship. Kabir says whenever you want, you can manipulate me, come closer to me, become my friend etc. He asks why you have done it. Nia says because I love you. Kabir looks on surprised.

Precap: Guneet tells that she has kept one flower from the flowers which he sent her. Amber is surprised.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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