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Kundali Bhagya 11th August 2020 Written Episode Update: The police have come to arrest the kidnapper

Kundali Bhagya 11th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Dadi blames Preeta mentioning that she has come and shown what she is capable off, Karina also asks the police officer to never believe Preeta, The officer tries to explain but Ramona mentions that she is not trustworthy and he should not believe Preeta as she has only one agenda to stop the marriage of Maira and Karan. The police officer says that he has not come to arrest Karan when he mentions that he will surrender after the marriage, Preeta mentions that this is the problem with everyone as they themselves become the lawyer and judge and she has not called anyone, Karan asks her where she had left then earlier. Preeta thinks that she went and was crying but thought that If Karan was adamant in marrying then why should she cry.
Preeta explains that she has the reason and the means to stop the marriage, but did not as she have no interest in stopping them, she mentions that he doesnot trust her but she is not having any agenda. The police officer stops them mentioning that they have got the information that the kidnapper who was behind the entire plan has come to their house so which is why they have arrived to protect them, Rishab goes to them asking the police officer to tell him the entire situation and then all of them are in shock, after knowing that the kidnapper is in their house.
Prithvi exclaims that she has won against Preeta and he won against the Luthra brothers but it will only be a dream if she is not able to win against Preeta, Sherlin mentions that she has done everything according to a plan and has fulfilled them not like Prithvi who has always ruined everything, she even mentions that he has made a mistake by coming into their house as if anyone catches them they will start asking questions which he would not be able to provide.
Prithvi takes out his mask which angers Sherlin but Prithvi says that she should never say anything wrong against his mask because it is nothing worthwhile, he also mentions that he has done a lot of things with it, he says that she should not worry about Preeta because she has no intention of doing anything also they have mentioned that she is not doing anything wrong but Prithvi is not convinced as he explains that she is overconfident and doesnot know that Preeta has the ability to do anything, Sherlin gets mad at him demanding that he never say her name as she will not be able to stop the marriage because when she was coming they were starting the circles and it hardly takes 5 to 10 minutes to perform them, they both agree to go out and see who is telling the truth.
In the hall the inspector explains that after the kidnapping they had started to keep a close surveillance on the entire Luthra family and had even sent some of their officers to watch the house and they have seen the kidnapper enter the house wearing the same mask, Karan mentions that yhe is still in the house as his plan to kidnap Rishab has not completed, the entire family gets emotional assuring that they will not let anyone kidnap Rishab, both karan and Rishab go to search the house with the police.
Shrishti explains the plan to Sameer who is not able to believe it, he again tries to clarify the plan where they would mix a chemical in the drink of karan and he would get unconscious so the wedding would not happen in this day, she tries searching for something when Sameer asks what is she searching for but she is not able to explain it, they both get into a fight and she is about to leave he stops her mentioning that the pills are in his room and they both would make Karan drink it and the wedding would not happen ever. They are about to kiss but then stop and go to the room.
Maira is in the hall trying to call Sherlin however it is not able to connect which worries her as she and her friend would cause a lot of problem because she promised that nothing wrong would happen and now she would not be able to marry him because of Sherlin.
Rishab shows the inspector the rooms and they start searching when Karan sees Preeta and follows her when he calls out her name, both Sherlin and Prithvi hide in the room and they start quarrelling and Sherlin mentions that he has come up which means that he has gotten married and is now taunting Preeta, however they both are perplexed when he asks the inspector if they found anything, Prithvi says that she should not blame him saying that the police has come to search for him, he realizes that it might be true as he was the kidnapper then he gets restless asking for help from Sherlin as she is aware of the house and knows where he will be safe, Sherlin gets mad at him mentioning that she would not help him.
Karan is told to keep an eye on the exit by Rishab as the kidnapper would run from the hall, he is standing when Sameer and Shrishti arrive, they both hand him the glass of juice which he is about to drink but then mentions about the kidnapper which is like a shock to both Sameer and Shrishti, he realizes that the kidnapper might have gone to Rishab’s room, they immediately head for it, Sherlin makes Prithvi act as a table and is setting the cloth when Karan enters the room which makes her feel stunned, she is also not able to do anything.

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