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Kahat Hanuman Jai Shri Ram 12th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Maruti gets trapped in Shani dev’s ploy

Kahat Hanuman Jai Shri Ram 12th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Maruti greeting Shani Dev and asks if the crow talks. Shani Dev says yes, the crow talks. Maruti asks him to tell his future and asks him to tell if his mother will be with him always. Shani dev says your age is less, I have to read your mother’s destiny to answer you. Maruti says I will call my mother. Shani Dev says I can’t stay here anymore and asks him to give the mirror to his mother, so that they can see each other’s future in it. Maruti says ok and asks can I give you fruit. Shani Dev says I don’t take fruits, but give after the karma. Maruti thanks him and leaves.

Rishi Matang tells Kesari that a harmful thing is getting inside his palace and asks him not to look in the mirror. Anjani thinks even she had gone out and thinks if Maruti sees the mirror. Surili tells Anjani that maruti returned and went to her room. Anjani says I will check. Shani Dev thinks Kaal Darpan will be right infront of her. He thinks thanks to Maruti that his plan will be a success now. Anjani comes to her room and finds the mirror. She thinks it was with the astrologer. Surili comes and asks Anjani to have food. Maruti comes out and thinks to make Anjani see in the mirror. He shows her the mirror. Shani Dev is seen in the mirror and he controls Anjani with his eyes. Anjani faints. Maruti shocks and drops the mirror. It breaks and vanishes. Kesari hears his scream. Shani Dev thinks he will see which power of Maruti can treat her.

Anjani gains consciousness. Surili tells Kesari that Anjani got her heel fracture. Anjani says she is fine. Vaid ji comes and asks Anjani to move her feet. She couldn’t move her leg. Vaid ji tells about the foot has become lifeless and asks them to apply lep to her. Kesari says ok. Vaid ji goes. Surili applies lep to Anjani’s foot, but it vanishes off her foot. Kesari, Surili and Maruti are shocked. Kesari says how is this possible? Maruti asks what happened to you Mata? Anjani says I will become fine soon and couldn’t move her feet. Kesari feels bad and thinks she couldn’t see her pain. Maruti prays that he will take her pain and touches Anjani. Kesari finds movement in her foot and asks her to try again. Anjani tries to move and smiles. Kesari says you are getting fine. Surili says it is a miracle. Maruti thanks Mahadev. Anjani hugs Maruti and cries. Shani Dev thinks he couldn’t fail Maruti’s powers and thinks to take some other way. He says what will happen if your son and his powers can save you from his other attack. Anjani tells Maruti that she was teaching him to walk, and today he made her walk.

Maruti challenges her to eat laddoo. Kesari tells that nobody can eat laddoo like Maruti. Anjani says she is Maruti’s mother. They begin eating laddoo. Anjani feels suffocated and drinks water. She vomits and finds hard to breath. Kesari holds her and thinks what has happened to Anjani. Anjani tells that her stomach is paining badly as if someone made her lie down on the burning pyre. Maruti looks on. Sainik comes and tells that Vaid ji has gone from the Rajya insearch of roots. Maruti flies in air and thinks to take Vaid ji to Palace. He thinks he has to fly to climb the mountain and says jai shri ram. He becomes giant and looks at Vaid ji who is plucking the leaves.

No Precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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