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Kahat Hanuman Jai Shri Ram 11th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Shani Dev arrives in Sumeru

Kahat Hanuman Jai Shri Ram 11th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Rishi Matang getting tensed seeing a big crow going towards Sumeru’s palace and thinks of danger. Maruti comes infront of Kesari and tells that he is searching his Mata. He asks where are you hiding? Anjani asks him to search her. Maruti asks where are you Mata? Kesari asks him to accept that he couldn’t search Anjani. Maruti acts to fall. Anjani comes out worriedly and tells that he didn’t do this to win, but have done this as he couldn’t bear distance with her. Anjani gets touched and says I thought your love as cheat. Shani Dev calls Kaal darpan and tells that he will snatch dear thing from Maruti. Bhringi tells Mahadev that this dosh is Shani Dev’s weapon and he called Kaal Darpan also. Nandi says Shani Dev’s dosh is in that darpan and Maruti will have 7.5 dosh of Shani Dev. Maruti hears someone calling him and looks at the water. He thinks nobody is here. He hears her voice again and looks at his image in the water who is smiling. He is about to touch his image, when Anjani comes there and asks him to go and sleep. Maruti goes. The evil power comes out and takes Anjani inside. Anjani shouts Maruti. It turns out to be Maruti’s dream. Maruti thinks it was a bad dream. He comes to Anjani and sees restlessness on her face. He gets worried.

Later in the morning, Anjani wakes up and finds her hand tied with rope. She gets up from her bed and walks holding the rope. She comes to Maruti’s rope and finds the other end of rope tied to his hand. She thinks so it is him. Maruti wakes up. Anjani asks Kesari to see his son’s mischievousness. Maruti tells that he had seen a bad dream yesterday, he did this so that she don’t go far from him. Anjani says even if all the world’s powers are united then also I will never go far from you.

Shani Dev comes to the Sumeru and a crow makes caw caw sound. A lady asks about her marriage. Shani Dev says she will get married. He asks them to keep their karma good. The villagers get impressed with him. Anjani comes out and gives jewellery and clothes to someone for his daughter’s marriage. The old man thanks her. Anjani sees crowd and asks Sainik. Sainik tells that an astrologer came to their palace. Surili says even she wants to know her future. Anjani says even I will come with you. Surili asks her to come. Shani Dev thinks just look at the kaal darpan once, then you couldn’t think of what will happen. He welcomes her and tells her name. She says she wants to know her future. Shani Dev says he can’t see her directly and asks her to look at the mirror just fro few seconds to know her future. Anjani is about to see in the mirror, when Rishi Matang comes there and calls Anjani. Anjani returns the mirror to Shani Dev and comes to Rishi Matang. Rishi Matang says he wants to talk to her and tells that there is something to worry about. Anjani says we shall go to Palace. Maruti is leaving from the palace and greets them. Anjani asks where is he going? Maruti says he is going to meet his friends.

He sees sainik talking about talking crow and gets surprised. The crow tells Shani Dev that their work is not done. Shani Dev sees Maruti coming towards him. Maruti greets him. Crow makes caw caw sound.

No Precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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