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Ishq Subhan Allah 11th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Zara finally meets Salma

Ishq Subhan Allah 11th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Scene 1
Kabir tells Irfan that your daughter is here and soon she will accept that she is your daughter. Irfan smiles happily. Zara turns to them to see Irfan opening his arms. She tries to leave from there so Kabir says you can’t see your mom? Irfan says she has been crying for you for 2 years. When you were born, the doctor said that they can save only mother or daughter but she risked her life for you and you are leaving her? She hasn’t eaten anything for 2 days, she is dying slowly, she has moved her from her room. Zara says I am not what you think I am but I am here to heal a person in pain. I will play my music and she will come out of her room on her own. She takes her instruments and asks Kabir to take her instrument bag. He laughs and says me? Irfan pleads so Kabir angrily takes it.

Ruksaar is watching depressing news so Zeenat turns off the TV and says I don’t want to see you all this in pregnancy. Ruksaar gets a call from Sartaj and asks Zeenat to bring tea for her. Zeenat goes. Ruksaar takes the call. Sartaj says Zara is in Irfan’s house. Ruksaar says she is trapped now, I will not spare her now.

Scene 2
Zara washes her face and recalls Irfan hugging her and she trying to act indifferent. She cries and tries to control herself. She says God I have hurt my parents but you know my pain, I was away from my parents but I still love them that’s why I am here. You know my helplessness, I am not away from them, I am just closer to you God. Please give me the strength to face them.

Irfan is trying to make Salma eat but Salma says I will eat only when Zara comes here. When she tries to hug me then I will scold her for not meeting me earlier. Kabir messages Irfan that we have to mentally prepare Salma to meet Zara and not get shocked when she hears Nargis. Irfan nods and shows Salma an apple. Salma says it’s saib. Irfan says no it’s an apple. Kabir says what if Zara comes here and says she is not Zara but Nargis then what will Salma say? Salma says she is my Zara, my daughter so I will recognize her, I feel her presence closer to me today. Irfan is about to tell her but Kabir stops him.

Zara offers prayers and prays to God to give her strength to meet her mother.

Zara starts playing her music in her room. Salma hears it in her room and smiles. Zara recalls her moments with her mom and cries. Salma leaves her room and recalls her moments with toddler Zara. Salma cries and runs upstairs to Zara’s room. Irfan and Kabir look on. Salma enters Zara’s room and cries seeing her silhouette. She gets dizzy seeing her but Kabir doesn’t let Irfan go near them. Salma is about to fall down but Zara rushes and hugs her tightly. She cries silently and tries to compose her but Salma has fallen unconscious to Kabir comes there and holds Salma while touching Zara’s hand. She moves it away and moves Salma to bed. Zara can’t stop herself and hugs Salma. She cries hugging her. Kabir and Irfan smile.

PRECAP- Kabir tells Zara that I don’t know where you were for 2 years but you still cry like before. He mimics her crying. Irfan says no my daughter used to cry while screaming, he mimics her too. They both laugh at her while Zara looks on.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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